‘Perfect Pita’ Coming Soon to Rosslyn

by ARLnow.com September 16, 2011 at 3:55 pm 3,514 8 Comments

A Perfect Pita restaurant is coming to Rosslyn, according to a building permit application filed with the county.

The restaurant will be built on the ground floor of 1735 N. Lynn Street, which is also home to Chipotle, Starbucks and Chop’t. It’s not clear where exactly Perfect Pita will be located, but one possibility is the recently-cleared space along Wilson Boulevard that was once Tomo Sushi.

Perfect Pita’s menu includes homemade hummus and homemade meat and vegetarian pitas, as well as salads, appetizers and pizzas.

  • charlie


  • Aaron

    FYI, there’s also a vacant space on the other side of Chipotle (Lynn Street-side), where the newsstand next to the florist used to be. Either way, it’ll be a great new option for the ‘hood.

  • kr

    wish it was a pita pit!

    • Melissa

      me too! i love pita pit!

  • steve85

    Wow!!! They really know how to pick some horrible restaurant for Rosslyn. Come on…… they can do better than this. Bring something that will actually make people want to eat in Rosslyn

  • Tyrone

    PLEASE do not make this another yuppified place with Rachel Ray fused dishes! I want real hummus..not some spinach/pesto/garlic spread! And certainly not some Sabra kind either… And get me the real pita bread that they make in Dearborn, not the douchey kind you get at Whole Foods.

    • OX4

      I <3 Perfect Pita

  • ArlForester

    Their hummus and pita are the best in the area. I like the sandwiches even if they’re a little overpriced. This is the same family that used to own Attila’s.


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