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Arlington Tax Deadline Approaching

by ARLnow.com September 26, 2011 at 9:45 am 4,157 27 Comments

The payment deadline is fast approaching for Arlington’s vehicle personal property tax and for installment two of the county’s real estate tax.

Both tax bills are due next week on Wednesday, Oct. 5.

In addition, the Arlington County Treasurer’s office is reminding residents that the 2011-2012 vehicle decals must be displayed on windshields by Nov. 15.

“If residents would like more information (including payment options, information about the Taxpayer Assistance Program, etc.), they may visit www.arlingtonva.us/treas or call 703-228-4000,” a Treasurer’s office representative wrote. “Residents may also contact the Treasurer’s office by emailing [email protected].”

  • Elliot

    Thanks for the reminder, ARLnow. You won’t see that in the Post.

    It’s this kind of relevant news that keeps me coming back. Hopefully your advertisers appreciate this.

  • roquer

    1994.George Allen elected to VA.Gov & immediately suspends the car taxes. The next Gov recinded part of that, and the next & next, etc. till it was all back. Sure would be nice if Arlington decided not to whack the residents with the car tax. Probably too much to hope for with liberals running the show tho.

  • Steve

    It’s a shame that people like me actually pay it, unlike so many of the transients who keep their out of state plates, violate the law, etc…

    • CW

      I’m a “transient” and I signed up and paid my tax as soon as I moved here – VA license, plates, sticker, the whole deal. I didn’t see any part of “it’s the law” that wasn’t clear to me.

      Of all the pet issues, this is the one that really grinds my gears. Since each county sets its own tax rates, we really are subsidizing those garages full of brand new German cars with out of state plates. I bet tax rates could be lower by maybe 1/10th or so in order to generate the same revenue if everybody paid up.

  • Hikin’ the pike

    I paid my tax and put my sticker in the glove box. Let’s see if I actually remember to swap stickers.

    • CW

      Mine’s been on the table for 2 months now…

  • Ballstoninan

    Agreed, thanks for the reminder. Though the only thing that bugs me, is paying a property tax on a car that I have owned for close to 10 years, seems a bit ridculous to me. I miss the state’s with no state income tax, i.e. FL, TX, NH, etc. I guess VA just isn’t a great place to visit or have any major natural resources to exploit.

    • FedUp

      Therefore, at least Florida’s real estate tax and sales tax are a lot higher than Virginia’s. The funds to pay for services like schools, libraries, police, fire, parks, roads, etc. have to come from somewhere.

      • Hank

        “The funds to pay for services like schools, libraries, police, fire, parks, roads, etc. have to come from somewhere.”

        Let’s not forget how all that used to be covered solely by the “Property Taxes”

        When it wasn’t enough they decided to try a ‘personal property tax (PPT)’ when that still wasn’t enough they tried a ‘garbage fee’ because it’s much less painful than voting for a tax increase. When that still wasn’t enough we got a ‘PPT sticker fee’ because the population was driving older cars and the county wasn’t getting enough revenue from the PPT.

        All these new fees and taxes, but nobody on the county staff much less our elected officials questions $800,000 bus stops? http://www.arlnow.com/2011/09/08/county-to-install-deluxe-bus-stops-on-the-pike/ or the trolley folley.

      • CW

        Sales tax is a fair tax. Real estate tax hurts a little bit less when the real estate is actually affordable, and FL has high real estate taxes to take advantage of the rich northerners who just spend winters there.

        I guess it makes sense if you want to think of a car tax as a luxury tax. You know, because it is very American to punish people for wanting to drive something that isn’t a worthless piece of crap. But what if the policy worked and no one drove cars that were worth anything anymore? Then VA would just become the “piece of garbage car state” and out-of-staters would wonder why everyone drove worthless wrecks.

        Does Virginia have other annual luxury taxes? If you’re going to charge me 5% a year for my car, why not do it on somebody’s Rolex?

    • drax

      This isn’t an income tax.

      States that don’t have income taxes are even more likely to have all kinds of annoying, regressive taxes like this one to make up for the lack of income tax revenue.

  • R.Griffon

    One of the few times it’s actually nice to have a mortgage, as you never really have to see or worry about the real estate tax bill.

    • GreaterClarendon

      Of course, in this case you are givng a free loan to the government to use your money with no return. We set up our mortgage to pay real estate taxes ourselves twice a year. Granted, when we set that up, we were getting 6% in a high yield account and made financial sense, and it will again. But through CAPP, you can have it auto payed every year (or at least a reminder) and is very simple.

      • GreaterClarendon

        I misspoke, it would be the bank having free use of the money in this case. We manipulate our tax withholdings to keep our money until we have to pay it for federal taxes and likewise keep that in a high yield account – someday that will make more financial sense.

        • Hutch

          Typically Banks/loan service companies are required to hold your fund in escrow or interest bearing accounts. So, generally they should not be making anything by holding your money monthly.

          • R.Griffon

            Came to say this. Plus the paltry amount you could make per year in interest on it just isn’t worth the hassle (IMHO). I’d save more by curbing a few dinners out.

      • charlie

        don’t forget to read the SMALL PRINT on the CAPP program.
        Frank O’Leary will take money OUT of your bank account if a car registered to you has an outstanding ticket. CAPP allows TWO-WAY.

  • JamesE

    I’m not walking right after paying the car tax

  • Me

    I always question whether this fee can be deducted in your federal taxes. Anyone?

    • Tabby

      Yes, if you are itemizing.

      • UnlimitedCustoms

        Another -1 for the renters.

  • DSS10

    Can some one tell me why the treasurer FRANK O’LEARY has to have his name, FRANK O’LEARY in huge font on every piece of correspondence and envelope from the Tax office? When I got my first tax bill I thought it was junk mail. I have nothing against the guy, its just that I have never seen some ones name be larger than the office that he represents….

    • esmith69

      Agree completely, I had never heard of him the first time I got the notice in the mail and really didn’t think it was some government mail. I generally open up all of my mail even if it is a credit card ad just to make sure it’s legit and also to separate the plastic envelope window so I can shred/recycle the paper.

      On a separate note, yes the tax is definitely a negative for renters such as myself, but the money has to come from somewhere and I accept that as a part of life. Plus if you spread it out over 12 months, the fee is really not that much per month.

  • nota gain

    I have been told that out of state students do NOT PAY PERSONAL PROPERTY TAX yet I do think they can register to vote in Arlington. The Arlingtonians’ make up the difference. Whats wrong with that Babs/Jay, et. al.?
    Also, do car dealers pay taxes on the demos they us to drive home and back to work or the unsold new cars, etc. Just asking.

  • Beekay

    I just don’t understand how they can charge 5% on the residual value of my car (every year) that is clearly not worth as much as they say it is. For instance, when I want to sell my car, that value varies greatly depending on the condition of the vehicle. How can they get away with this? Over the life of the car, year over year, they are making much more than they should..

    • Sandy

      Each State has the right to impose the taxes it deems appropriate on it’s citizens to fund necessary public services. Virginia has the personal property tax that as applied to autos is based on some arbitrary, but economically efficient, method of determining the value of the auto.

      I don’t favor the personal property tax, and like many would like to see it eliminated. Others, God bless them, believe the tax on autos should be replaced by a more progressive tax, such as a 5% surcharge on all income over a million dollars.

      Rather than complaining about what is, look around, get informed, and decide what you want the world to be and go about being the change. Each person can make a difference, if they get their butt off the couch and in gear.


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