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Arlington Latin-American Festival Planned — Arlington County is hosting a Latin-American festival on Sunday in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month. “Savor the best of Latino culture at this annual festival with fellow Arlingtonians of all backgrounds in this diverse community,” the county said of the event, which is being held outdoors from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. at Thomas Jefferson Middle School (125 S. Old Glebe Road). [Arlington County]

Lawmakers to Tour Housing Site — Four state legislators and three county board members are scheduled to tour permanent supportive housing facilities at the Gates of Ballston apatment complex (4108 N. 4th Street) today. “The tour will demonstrate how the increase in Permanent Support Housing is necessary to meet the Governor’s plan to reduce homelessness by 15% by 2013,” according to the Virginia Coalition to End Homelessness, a tour organizer.

Einstein Bagels Coming to Crystal City — An Einstein Bagel outlet is coming to the lobby of the Crystal Gateway Marriott (1700 Jefferson Davis Highway). The bagel eatery is replacing a former Starbucks location.

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  • GreaterClarendon

    Any news on development for that piece of land in Clarendon? It’s just past Liberty Tavern heading into the residetail area before 13th St. They tore everything down a few years ago, and they keep indicating there will be a massive development there – but nothing has been built yet. I think it’s the same company that is doing the large development where CVS and a Thai restaurant used to be on 10th & Highland?

    • CW

      Well, there’s still the sign on Washington Blvd with the rendering of what it would like like if built. Been there for years. My understanding is that this plot is in the same boat as the Taco Bell (RIP) location – the timing of the recession knocked their plans around a bit and they sat on them. Now why, when everyone else is building, building, building, those developers aren’t racing to throw something up and cash in on the seemingly infinite amount of money in the area, I don’t know. Maybe having trouble securing loans?

      • JamesE

        Dr. Dremos will be built there in 2037 when all funding is secured.

        • karzai

          LMFAO: Like you, I am still waiting for Stewart’s huge, huge new announcement that he is almost, about to, soon to, close to, very much on the edge of, signing an actual contract for space to open Dremo’s again. Like you, I am not exactly holding my breath for Dremo’s II.

      • UnlimitedCustoms

        Maybe the developers of this particular plot have a crystal ball, which says Arlington’s RE is a bubble? Who knows?

        In the short term, it sure looks like RE will be stable out here, but once the Fed bubble pops, all bets are off.

        Maybe they don’t have the equity to put into the project.

        • CW

          I’m feeling a little bearish myself…there’s definitely a gravy train in Arlington but it might be too late to hop on. We’ll see. I wouldn’t be crying, myself, if excess supply coming onto the market brought some prices down a wee bit.

    • According to the Lyon Village Newleyyer

      15. ZOM Site: We understand that construction on the
      150-unit apartment building may begin by the end of the year.
      The site has been cleared and is now overgrown, which we
      have discussed with county staff. LVCA plans to host a
      meeting with the developer and neighbors when construction
      is about to begin.

      • Clarendon
        • MC

          I read this as well. Sorry to disappoint the snarky naysayers. And one of the storefronts will be a bakery soon. Nice.

      • karzai

        It would be terrific if this beautiful project got under way. This lot is a major eyesore and a hole in the Clarendon skyline. This building will connect up Clarendon with the neighborhoods further south, and the strip of Washington Blvd that houses the Rocklands, the outdoor gear store, the Giant, the Chinese hot pot restaurant, G. Mason U, etc.

  • JimPB

    ??? — “Hat tip to Googla”

  • Skeptical

    Can’t we celebrate a day free of Hispanic culture instead? We have quite enough of it in Arlington as it is. I used to live next door to a Salvadoran family who would crank up the stereo on Christmas or any holiday and boogie all night — mom, dad and kids — and when I knocked on the door asking if they could let me sleep at midnight on Christmas Eve would scoff at me and say “This is our culture!” Now that I’ve moved, I’ve had to call the police repeatedly on two families living over a block away in different directions who do the same thing in their back yards, blasting amplified Latino music through my closed windows. I can’t get away from it if I try, so why do we need a special day for it?

    • UnlimitedCustoms

      Diversity is grand, isn’t it?

    • steve85

      Wow, are u crying about loud music. How old are you,70?. This is an urban area get use to hearing loud noises. If your from some farmland area just move back there where the chickens can wake you up with their irritating music.

      • Steve85: One of your comments was accidentally deleted, please feel free to repost.

        • SomeGuy

          I’ll bet some folks here wish you would accidentally delete Steve85’s posts more often.

          • Josh S


          • steve85

            We have a hater on the website. Sorry you can’t be like me. You’re just “some guy”. HaHaHaHa

    • RioG

      I once had a neighbor, typical white brown flip flop type in Arlington who was such a pain in the [email protected] He was always too busy to take care of his yard, he’d always park in front of my house, never shovel the sidewalks, his dog would crap on my lawn, he would look down at my family since we we’re not natives (we’re actuall illegal). He and his buddies would come home drunk on weekends shouting football slogans and screaming about mardi gras and St. Pats days. We always looked forward to the holidays so that we could play our cultural music at night with lots of bass just to annoy him and cops would not bust our balls on holidays. Finally he moved away – what a celebration, but as luck would have it, he moved into a house down the block from two of my friends. Now we maike a point of having a party at both houses just to continue to annoy him.

      • I got that PMA

        I think I’ve seen that guy.. Grand Wizard in brown flip flops

    • nauckneighbor

      Just out of curiousity, did the police provide any assistance at all? In my neighborhood people often throw BBQs and gatherings and I think it is great. They usually last 2 hours, and I typically refrain from yard work while they’re partying as to not disturb them. There is one house in particular that will start on the weekends in the early morning to the late evenings with the Salsa Music. I want to be a good neighbor and to each his own, but the sound is so horrificly loud that it makes it unpleasant for everyone else on the block to be in their backyards.

      What type of assistance if any did the police provide?

      • Skeptical

        Since you ask, while the police really have better things to do than shut down people who have been inflicting loud noise and disruption on people in their homes for hours on end, I try to put up with it too, until I can’t any more. Or until the perpetrators, of whatever ethnicity, respond to a civil request for some peace and quiet at midnight by laughing in my face, claiming a right related to their “culture.” and threatening to complain about my “trespassing.” I did and do call, and the police come, but sometimes I have to even argue with the dispatcher and cite the part of the county’s noise ordinance that prohibits noise which is disruptive inside another person’s dwelling. When my windows vibrate, I call that disruptive.

        I don’t live in an “urban area” — I am not someone who moved foe choice close to the Orange Line or Shirlington. I live in a residential part of the county, blocks away from “main drags,” and have lived here since the 1950’s. I don’t expect everything to remain as it was in the 1950’s, but I do expect common civility from my neighbors, and I don’t care to be told I have to endure incivility because complaining would be intolerant of other people’s “culture.” But in Arlington, that is the message I get.

        • drax

          There is a noise ordinance. It applies to everyone regardless of culture. I doubt the police ever told you they had an exemption due to their “culture.” If they police aren’t enforcing it, they’re being lazy. Complain above their heads.

    • V Dizzle

      Funny, I can’t get away from intolerant D-bags. They write silly little things on the internet at all hours. I feel for you. 🙂

    • Answer Man

      Here are three items to help your situation:

      1. Iron Maiden
      2. Black Sabbath
      3. Motorhead

      Directions: Three hours of Item 1 shall be played at volume 11. Follow this by 30 minutes of silence, and then go on to Item 2 for 1.5 hours at volume 9.5. Then, open the windows and move to Item 3 at volume 12.

      • Clarendon

        For some reason that reminds me. A year after graduating college I was living in a group house in a red-necky part of the town. One morning some lady comes banging on the door and berates us for being so loud the night before. Nobody knew what she was talking about. She declared that she heard “Jethro Tull” blasting at 3 AM. We proclaimed our innocence (we don’t have any Tull, and we were all asleep). Anyway, a couple days later, I discovered that sugar had been introduced into my cars gas tank which had been parked in the street in front of our house. I was really pissed, although the car was only worth about $200. We reported it but he cops really couldn’t do much.

        • LVGuy

          Red-necky part of Arlington? I’ve gottta admit, I’m confused.

          • Clarendon

            I never said it was Arlington. It was central Virginia.

        • Jethro Tull

          Once I used to join in
          every boy and girl was my friend.
          Now there’s revolution, but they don’t know
          what they’re fighting.
          Let us close out eyes;
          outside their lives go on much faster.
          Oh, we won’t give in,
          we’ll keep living in the past.

      • NorthArlingTim

        I love this! This is what I learned to do also from growing up in South America – the “chucu chucu” NEVER ends. On holidays, everybody puts their boom box / stereo outside @ full volume to out-blast everybody else. On regular days, every bus driver, store, restaurant, etc., is still blasting it. You can’t get away from it. One time in a smaller town I asked that the music please be turned down – we were the only people in the restaurant – and the waiter yelled “what? turn it up?”
        The only thing that will flatten this lively racket is heavy metal. And I did so whenever I could. And I enjoyed the dirty looks.

    • drax

      Good thing white people are never loud.

      • Skeptical

        They can be. It’s just that we don’t get regular messages telling us how we should love it.

        • drax

          What regular messages is anyone actually receiving saying that though?

  • CrystalMikey

    That Einstein Bagel sign in the Marriott has been up for what seems like 2 months already.

    • Crystal Dykie

      I think longer than that.

    • Michael H.

      They had a small display case with an Einstein Brothers sign, over by the open restaurant/bar area. I think they were selling bagels there for a few weeks. But of course, they didn’t have space to make the bagels on location.

      Then the temporary walls went up as they finally started construction on the “permanent” store.

      I think that sign near the pedestrian tunnel has been up for almost a year now.

  • Allthatglimmersisnotgold

    I had some problem neighbors constantly having loud parties. After months of calling police I was told that police could no longer enforce noise violations unless it was at a business. Essentially, all they can do is go over and ask to turn it down. My neighbor would laugh at the cops and slam the door in their faces. Finally took the condo association to evict them for multiple rule infractions on the property.

  • The Dope of South Arlington

    I hope ICE will be setting up a booth at Thomas Jefferson Middle School (125 S. Old Glebe Road) that Sunday.


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