Arlington, VA

A new neighborhood eatery called Billy’s Cheesesteaks (3907 Lee Highway) opened this week in Cherrydale.

The restaurant replaces the four-year-old Cherrydale Deli, but remains under the same ownership. Though some of the same deli items remain on the menu, Billy’s will focus specifically on — you guessed it — cheesesteaks.

The menu includes an “authentic” Philly cheesesteak, with steak, onions and Cheez Whiz. Other offerings include the smoky-sweet Arlington cheesesteak (steak, onions, provolone and Billy’s steak sauce), the Bacon Steak (steak, ham, onions, provolone and bacon) and the Pizza Steak (steak, marinara, provolone). Lettuce, tomatoes and mayo are available, but only on request.

Owner Bill Hamrock says North Arlington needed a decent cheesesteak place.

“I think there’s a need for it in the area,” he said. “I don’t think there’s any place close by that does them well.”

Customers can substitute chicken in any of the cheesesteaks, and a vegetarian option will be coming soon, according to Hamrock. Other offerings at Billy’s range from homemade pizzas, sandwiches, pitas, subs, sides, salads and chili.

Next week, Billy’s will be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Hamrock said. Also coming soon: a delivery service for Billy’s and the next-door Mediterranean restaurant Pasha Cafe, which Hamrock also owns.


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