County to Install Wayfinding Signs Along R-B Corridor

by ARLnow.com September 30, 2011 at 2:30 pm 2,847 28 Comments

Arlington County is planning to install more than 250 wayfinding signs along the R-B corridor, starting this fall.

The signs will be placed “along bicycle and pedestrian routes throughout the Rosslyn-Ballston corridor.” The first phase of the multi-phase project will include the installation of about 50 signs.

“These wayfinding, or directional, signs will help cyclists and pedestrians more easily navigate Arlington’s 100 miles of multi-use trails, on-street bike lines and designated bike routes, and its commercial districts,” the county said on the project’s web page.

While “frequent spacing of signs” is expected to “increase cyclist and pedestrian confidence” along the busy corridor, the county is being careful to no “over-sign” the area.

“To minimize sign clutter and maintenance costs, only the most popular or useful destinations have been chosen as to not ‘over-sign’ or contribute to sign clutter,” according to the county.

  • meh..

    Aren’t you supposed to spell out the word in full at the head of the document and use the abbreviation/acronym in the remainder?

    Had no clue what the “R-B” Corridor was until half way through the read….

    Stuff like that just irks me. 🙂

    • LP

      You obviously don’t frequent this site enough.


    • charlie

      are you serious meh? you are on here enough i would think by now you’d know what RB Corridor stands for.

      • CW

        He’s just referring to a longstanding journalistic rule, which is that you write a story in a fully-encapsulated manner so that is needs no outside knowledge (or as close as possible). So he’s technically right (at least in a traditional print-media sense).

        • charlie

          don’t disagree with the old school journalism.
          a blog isn’t old school
          and it is a targeted audience and targeted topic area. should be getting close to being common knowledge.

          • drax

            A blog isn’t old school, but it should be. Old school rules have good reasons. Being a blog doesn’t mean you should break them just because you can.

  • LP

    Kinda hope that they’ll include directions to Bars on those signs. Getting tired of drunk people asking where X bar is.

    (sarcasm, obviously)

  • bobco85

    The first phase of the project seems to be centered around the Custis Trail between Ballston and Courthouse. I like this idea, especially for the Fairfax Dr./Custis Trail/Bluemont Junction Trail area because I have seen people get confused there. I am curious as to how this project will turn out.

  • Michael H.

    This is a good idea, especially along the Custis Trail and Four Mile Run Trail. FMR intersects the W&OD Trail frequently.

  • Rosslynite

    Why does the YMCA get a pointer?

    • Didn’t you realize it’s fun to stay at the Y-M-C-A?

  • Rosslynite

    I think a more practical idea is too renumber all of the streets in a logical order. Whoever laid out these street names must have been seriously drunk at the time or had a perverse sense of humor.

    • Lou

      You’re kidding, right?

      • GreaterClarendon
        • Rosslynite

          Have you been to the corner of Glebe and Glebe? Have you traveled on N. 31st Street when it magically transforms into N. 26th Street? If someone asked you for directions to N. Quebec Street, where would you send them?

          • Tater Salad

            My favorite is the intersection of N. 10th and N 11th Sts just off of Rte. 50.

          • TMM

            I just took a picture of this the other day because it cracked me up.

            The worst problem with street names/numbers is the mail delivery. I received the mail from the mailman one day and pointed out the package was supposed to go to a identical address, except it was the “Rd” not the “St”. The mail man made a comment to the effect of,

            “These streets are so crazy, how can you expect a person to get it right?”

          • b

            love it! you can tell a real arlingtonian by his/her mastery of the street grid

          • charlie

            your mail issue is because the USPS is absurd and stupid. the mailmen know the streets. the problem is that the mail is automatically sorted. The mailmen don’t even look at the mail anymore. plop plop fizz fizz into the mailbox it goes.

    • drax

      You need to learn some history of Arlington (see link below).

  • Suburban Not Urban

    Can’t we make them something other than green so they are easier to distinguish from auto wayfinding signs – otherwise they’ll just create confusion for the majority of actual transportation users.

  • recommendations?

    Can we make recommendations for signs that will actually help rather than just be informative?

    Sorry about the quality but I don’t have access to photoshop and paint/powerpoint just sux when you’re trying to work quickly.

    • MC 703


    • Aaron

      Wow, with mad signage skills like that, you should be able to get a big six-figure consultant gig with the County. Unless, of course, you don’t know anyone on the Board.

    • drax

      Nice sign, but you forgot to put “Cyclist will be found to be at fault.”

  • Rick

    Was probably running a red light

    • Dan

      …..but it can’t be from the last month or so…….it hasn’t flipped onto to its side.

  • Charles

    Since when is “wayfinding” a word? And what’s the non-gerund form and how is it used?


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