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Student Film Nominated for Award

by ARLnow.com October 11, 2011 at 2:27 pm 3,273 20 Comments

A film made by a group of students from Yorktown High School and the Arlington Career Center was nominated for an award at a local film festival over the weekend.

The film, “Not Yet,” examines an important decision some high school students face: whether to apply to college or stay home and help one’s family.

It was nominated for a Best Student Film award at the 72 Hour Film Festival in Frederick, Md. The festival challenges filmmakers to write, record and edit an original film in only 72 hours.

Directed by students Jeremy Cannon and Charlotte Pence, and starring Maddie Richhart, Steven Duffy, Nick McNulty and Ariel Cadby-Spicer, the film was shot in an Arlington home and at Yorktown High School and Tuckahoe Park.

In the end, “Not Yet” was a runner-up; a film by a group of college students won the award.

  • JimPB

    Way to go!!!!

    There’s a third post-high school choice — to work and learn also in various ways — from selected courses, from reading, from discussions and from experiences.

    The rate of increase in the cost of illness prevention and care is widely viewed as unsustainable. But the rate of increase in the cost of higher education is DOUBLE that of illness prevention and care, and higher education has NONE of the ongoing improvements in outcomes that illness prevention and care; indeed, a key mediator of educational learning, study time, has decreased significantly. Pay a lot more and get less, possibly a lot less. For this and other reasons, pursuing an alternative in which college/university courses are used selectively is a route to consider seriously.

    Poll question: What college/university courses “paid off” for you in amount and significance of learning? What proportion of all the courses you took were these high “pay off” courses?

    • speonjosh

      I actually was one of the few of my friends to go straight to college (graduated high school 1985). Some of them have never received a college degree. In fact, the one who is arguably the most “successful” of us does not have a degree.

      The point is, though, that the assumption around here is that kids will go to college and I think that is not the only viable path and others should be accepted.

  • PeterOfArlington

    Great job guys! Keep it up!

    • Thank you sir, Thanks for taking the time to check out our work!

  • ry guy

    Nice Job!

    How bout adding a soundtrack?

    A lil background music would help this go along way….

    • This short was made entirely in 72 hours, and as a result of that, all music has to be original, which is rather difficult to do unless you’re a professional. Thanks for checking this out!

  • Are adults really that absent?

    • No sir, in total 47 teams registered, and 12 were student teams. We won our category. The best of the fest video may be viewed here. http://www.vimeo.com/30263696

      • Geoff Davidson

        I Think he meant in the film, thats there are no parents.

  • I hate this film.

    A fat girl buys new boots and think she looks hot. She is still fat, even in her ‘coo’l boots.

    Abuses her parents with her dumb friends.

    Why did she sell out her parents for her 15 minutes of fame? What a jerk.

    • Arlington Resident

      I could not agree with you less, Did you watch the movie, or just the first 30 seconds. I think this is a great Showcase of arlington high school kids’ talents.

      • Thank you sir. It is also worth noting that 3 of the members of this team (my self included) made this video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHZUi4zxmBs) that won first place in the state of Virginia in two different categories, along with a thousand dollar prize.

    • Geoff Davidson

      Dude really? What is your problem man? Great film guys, Go Yorktown!!

    • You my friend live up to your name, and in fact I have a tough time even relating your comment to the short. If you have anything serious to say feel free, and I will respond to the best of my ability.

  • Wilbur

    Excellent job. This is a great reflection of the wonderful Arlington Public School program operating over at the Career Center, and the support received from their home high school, Yorktown.

    • The programs over there really are top notch. I was a member of the team that produced this short, and also teach Saturday enrichment classes at the ACC as well, you can check those out. Yorktown does very little in reality, and the TV classes there are a joke. While at the Career Center I have earned a NOCTI Job-Ready certification and multiple awards in various fields. The Career Center is definitely an underrated facility.

  • jeremy Cannon (co-director)

    This film would not be posible without Ryan Williams, Tom McNulty, Tim Russel, Edward Meese and Robi Rahman.

  • jeremy Cannon (co-director)
  • haycaramba

    I’m going to have to try this again in the morning with cofee cause the first 2 minutes were SOOOo boring and failed to grab my attention..

    congrats though! i’m sure the movie buffs know what they are watching and have a better appreciation… i’m more of a “give me or get me a point”.

  • JMB

    I’m going to have to try this again in the morning with cofee cause the first 2 minutes were SOOOo boring and failed to grab my attention..

    You stopped watching just before the zombie apocalypes scene in Donaldson Run.


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