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by ARLnow.com October 12, 2011 at 8:14 am 2,734 12 Comments

Star Wars Event at Library — Arlington Central Library hosted a Star Wars costuming event over the weekend, as the above photo (uploaded to the library’s Facebook page) demonstrates.

School Stats Released — The class of 2011 at Arlington Public Schools had an on-time graduation rate of more than 87 percent, just above the state average of 86.6 percent. Arlington’s drop-out rate is declining, meanwhile. The rate was 9.8 percent in 2011, compared to 12.5 percent in 2008. [Arlington Public Schools]

Alexandria Gets Bikeshare — The Alexandria City Council voted yesterday night to join the Capital Bikeshare program. For Bikeshare members in Arlington, that means point-to-point trips to Old Town will be possible, from CaBi stations in Crystal City, Pentagon City and along the Rosslyn-Ballston Corridor. [Washington Post]

N. Va., Military Contractor Mecca –Why have military contractors been moving their headquarters to Northern Virginia? Because they want “to be where the action is,” writes Forbes. In general: “Whether they generate sizable revenues from the government or not, big companies seem to like northern Virginia a lot, despite being surrounded by some of the worst traffic jams in the nation.” [Forbes]

Last Day for ABBIE Nominations — Today is the last day to nominate local businesses for the annual Arlington’s Best Business Awards. The 15 categories include “Best Brunch,” “Best Customer Service,” and “Best New Business.” (Disclosure: The ABBIE Awards are an ARLnow.com advertiser.) [ABBIE Awards]

Photo via Arlington Public Library

  • Mike

    Wait a minute… Wakefield on-time graduation rate is over 90%? Are you telling me that the graduation rate cited a few weeks ago (that some used to justify their opinions of Wakefield as having bad students and teachers) was just a fiction based on misleading aggregate numbers?

    By the way– APS knew those earlier numbers were not Wakefield’s true rate, but reflected students from Wakefield’s geographic zone who attended other programs. They should have been out in front of this.

  • JamesE

    These aren’t the books you’re looking for.

    • Smilla

      LOL, good one!

      I love this picture!

  • chihuahua

    I was one of the hundreds of people stuck in the lower platform at Rosslyn yesterday at around 5:50 pm. I can now say that Metro is truly abominable!!!

    Trains kept forcing people to offload on the platform when everyone can see that there was NO ROOM for anyone. A man in a wheelchair was teetering on the edge among the crush of people. No one can move up the stairs. If there was a panic or a fire, a lot of people would have been killed last night at Rosslyn. None of the news outlet is reporting on this. Yes, the story was the escalator outage, but the other story was that there was NO EXIT on the lower platform, no one could move and the platform can only hold a limited number of people. There was no metro personnel around to help anyone. This was chaos, and will one day end up in a huge tragedy if Metro does not shape up.

    The problem was the decision to offload everyone at Rosslyn. There is no capacity at Rosslyn and no personnel. And guess what, metro still collected fares from everyone trying to escape.

    • Larchmont

      Hope the bad guys weren’t taking notes.

    • Homunculus

      This is why I drive to work.

    • PHD

      By the time I was headed that way, at around 6, the outbound blue line trains were not stopping at Rosslyn at all due to platform overcrowding. I had to take a blue line train out to Arlington cemetery and then come back in order to get off at Rosslyn on the other side. I exited the metro thinking I was going to have to catch a shuttle bus from Rosslyn to Ballston, but then was told that the orange line train had resumed service. I was not charged when I re-entered. Only took about 2 – 2 1/2 hours to get home.

  • North A-Town Snob

    I’m so glad that I reject the “Car-Free Diet” and drive to work as metro issues seem to be the norm.

    • Smilla

      Problems on Metro are *not* the norm — at least for me, and I’ve been commuting from Arlington into the District for 20+ years. I own a car, I could drive if I wanted to, but, even with the breakdowns, it’s still cheaper, faster, and less aggravating for me to take Metro than to drive.

  • JMB

    Why have military contractors been moving their headquarters to Northern Virginia?

    Because if you want a turn at the trough, you gotta go where they’re serving the slops.

    • KalashniKEV

      Because we own guns.

  • Metro deserter

    This is why I embrace the “car free diet” and bike to work.


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