In Shirlington, A Three Course Meal for Dogs

by ARLnow.com October 13, 2011 at 11:07 am 3,675 41 Comments

The inaugural Shirlington Restaurant Week is well underway, but humans aren’t the only ones who can enjoy a delicious fixed-price meal during week-long event.

Dogma Bakery (2772 S. Arlington Mill Drive) is offering a three-course meal for dogs as part of Restaurant Week. The meal consists of a house-made “gar-lick cheese bite” appetizer; a main course of fish, chicken, beef or venison kibble, with a side of vegetables; and a dog ice cream, cookie or muffin dessert.

The meal is available for dine-in or take-out. Owners choosing the sit-down option are invited to order human food from The Bungalow and dine with their dogs.

The meal costs $7.50, and 100 percent of the purchase price is going to benefit a rescue dog named Chief (pictured), who was abused and now needs a prosthetic leg and paw on either side of his body. Lucky Dog Animal Rescue, which is fostering Chief, needs about $800 for the prosthetics.

  • Flying Spaghetti Monster


  • kdub

    something dog friendly in shirlytown. shocking.

  • nauckneighbor

    I’m all for it. While I have two dogs who will probably eat it faster than I can put it down on the floor, the fact that it is helping another dog recover from an abusive life makes it worthwhile.

    • LP

      Complete agree! 2 more dogs here getting a nice gourmet meal.

  • I think I will stop by and pick up one to go for my dog. I hope they raise enough money for the needs of this dog and more. In fact, I’d love to raise enough money to track down the abuser and prosecute them (or at least beat them until they need a fake leg and hand).

    • LP


  • m

    And there’s also http://www.woundedwarriorproject.org/ if you care to assist or donate to a human being’s future.

    • Here we go…

    • Frank

      The Wounded Warrior Project is a great idea – thank you for making people aware of it!

      Isn’t it nice that we live in an area where there are so many people and businesses willing to donate their money and their time to help both humans and animals in need?

      • PL25rd


        • Arlingtonienne

          +1000 more

  • steve85

    How about we do the same thing for humans!! Humans need help as well doing the tought times some humans face.

    • m

      Thank you. A million thank yous. Simply ridiculous

      • Jen

        Seriously, what is wrong with you people? Wounded Warrior Project is a fantastic cause….so is the one raising money for an abused animal. Have some compassion, people have a choice to donate money were they see fit. Don’t make me feel guilty for trying to help a living, breathing animal.

        Oh, and I donate money to Wounded Warrior Project every year.

    • Frank

      Go for it! Talk to your favorite business and charitable organization and make it happen!

      Or, just sit at your computer and criticize others who make a difference in ways you’ll never understand.

      Your choice.

    • The Dude

      canine-ist comment

  • ?

    800bucks for dog prosthetics! Really?! And a fundraiser for this? Really?

    • Alex

      And your solution is what? Just kill the dog?

  • drax

    This is proof that taxes are too low.

    • Charity is prrof that taxes are too low? Let’s see… you think the money people budget for charity should go to the government as tax? Absurd.

      • CW

        I think his comment ended up in the wrong place. My guess is that he was saying that the need for the Wounded Warrior Project shows that our govt. does not do enough for its veterans.

        • Ah, that makes much more sense.

          • drax

            In a way, yes. We don’t have enough for veterans, charity or not, or alot of other really important things for people who really deserve them – yet we can afford bakeries and such for dogs.

          • Frank

            And you can afford a computer and an Internet connection. Neither of those are necessities; yet you have them (unless of course, you are at the Central Library using it for free).

            You spend your money your way, and let others spend their money their way – both choices ultimately contribute to the taxing entities of the local, state and federal governments.

          • He’s at the Central Library using it on your tax money. That’s why he wants more taxes.

          • We can afford places where people get massages, have their toe nails painted, etc. We can afford to ride around in expensive cars, live in big houses, buy nice clothes. There are people starving in the world! Why are we doing all these things???

            Charity is charity. It is a matter of personal preference and as long as it is doing good when you offer up your money then it is fine by me. I don’t judge what charities other people give to as being better than another. It is best for them.

      • drax

        No, three-course meals for dogs is.

  • CW

    I’m not trying to be trite here, because I really don’t know, but is “rescue dog” the new PC term for a dog that’s ended up at the pound? When I hear “rescue dog”, I’m thinking of a St. Bernard scouring the Alps or a working dog sniffing through rubble after an earthquake.

    • A dog can be rescued from the pound actually. Most publicly funded animal shelters euthanize for no other reason than space. “Rescue” groups will pull some of these animals who are going to be euthanized and place them without the fear of euthanization while waiting to do so. I think that is how “rescue” came about.

      • CW

        Ok, makes sense, thanks.

    • PlipPlop

      Terms like “pound” have gone by the wayside because they don’t massage people’s ego’s enough. Saying “rescue” makes you feel like a hero and that you’re better than most others.

      • “Pound” has been replaced by “shelter”. “Rescue” refers to a non-kill group housing and placing the animal.

        • Dudeler

          On that note, next time I’m in Maine, I’m going to the lobster shelter to get some lunch.

          • drax

            I’m going to Ray’s the Shelter to liberate a cow. Sort of.

          • Richard Cranium

            You Richard Cranium. Now I’ve got diet coke on my screen.

          • Dudeler

            Penny wise and shelter foolish!

          • CW

            Mmmm, maybe I’ll pick up a “rescue lobster” from the Red Hook truck tomorrow.

          • but

            just make sure it doesn’t have a prosthetic claw

  • Peter
  • Dogma Bakery

    Thank you arlnow.com for writing this article. Although the weather was bad, we had a very successful evening raising money due to your article. If people didn’t read this themselves, they were forwarded the link, and we heard from the customers that some apartment buildings posted the article in their buildings.

    We appreciate you doing this as it helped us raise over $250 this evening. We have two more nights to go and hope to raise as much each day if not more. We’ll let you know how it turns out!

    Maybe we can get a picture of Chief with his new leg and new paws!


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