Power Outage Hits Ballston Area

by ARLnow.com October 14, 2011 at 12:34 pm 3,325 18 Comments

Power is out in parts of Ballston this afternoon.

Ballston Common Mall is currently without power and several traffic lights in the area are dark. Police are directing traffic at some of the intersections.

Nearly 1,700 Dominion customers in the area are reported to be without power.

  • G Clifford Prout

    How will people find the stores that aren’t there?

    • kdub

      agreed! Ballston mall is such a waste, it’s a shame.

  • Jeff

    I’m sure there will be many shoppers disappointed by the fact that Fellas Fashions isn’t open.

    • JamesE

      I get all my clothes from wet seal

      • Joe

        I actually feel bad for the food court … lunch is when they make their money. The other lunch places (non-mall) were packed, so happy for them. So many mixed emotions, ha.

        • drax

          Thank you for not saying you feel “badly.”

  • Calabria


  • NrNy2ArlVa

    KARMA Strikes, Ballston would not be in the dark if those 2 guys were not arrested for stealing cooking oil.

  • Andy

    The power went out at Super Chicken while I was eating. They kept on serving. Cash register was on battery backup apparently. They must have served 20 more customers while I was there. Jimmy Johns next door closed down as soon as the power went out, on the other hand.

    • JamesE

      Is Jimmy Johns any good?

      • Andy

        Not bad. When they have power, they serve pretty darn fast, and the sandwidches are pretty good.

      • Johnny Utah

        yeah man, Jimmy Johns is all over the midwest. Nice to see them on the easy coast now too. try it out.

      • Piedmonter

        Big fan of Jimmy Johns. Although Potbelly is still top dog in my book.

    • Jessica

      Andy – we actually stayed open during the power outage as well! Cash only, but we served customers. If it happens again (and with all the obnoxious construction I’m sure it will), be sure to swing on by for a sandwich!

  • zzzzz

    Apparently my office was not affected by this. We’re all working from home today anyway, because Verizon mistakenly turned off all our phone/internet service on Monday night and it’s still off while they try to deal with the fact that the person who submitted the order to turn it off has since retired.

    • Skeptical

      This sounds like a practical joke of epic proportions.

  • ArlWoman

    Why / how did the power outtage occur? I thought the squirrel died.

  • John Andre

    I was there at 3:45 pm & power was back on…though I wonder how my former employer, NRECA, is doing with all these recurrent power outages. This seems to have happened a week or so ago as well.


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