Video: Pupatella Neapolitan Pizzeria

by ARLnow.com October 14, 2011 at 1:35 pm 3,710 34 Comments

The county-run Arlington Virginia Network’s “Food For Thought” program recently visited Pupatella Neapolitan Pizzeria (5104 Wilson Blvd), in the Bluemont neighborhood (just west of Ballston).

Owner Enzo Algarme, donning sunglasses and a bright orange fedora, explained to host Katie Greenan how Pupatella make pizza that tastes like it came straight from Naples, Italy.

  • CW

    I’d go to this place if it was ever open…

    • JamesE

      parking is also scarce, I am not messing around with the towing nazis.

  • Markus

    I’ve never had a problem hitting them when they’re open. FYI, closed Sunday/Monday. Open til 10 (as far as I know) all other days. One of my absolute favorite places in Arlington (DC area, really).

  • Ballstonian

    I got carry out once and was not impressed. It may have been an off pie, but it was like soup. All the toppings sloughed off and it simply was not good.

    • CW

      No, that’s just how pizza napoletana is. Why it has been such a big craze, I’ll never understand.

    • FrenchyB

      The Neapolitan pizza style doesn’t travel well because it’s so moist – it’s much better when eaten immediately.

      Pupatella even says so on their website – Eating-in vs. Carry-out: We understand that our space is small or sometimes you just must get your pizza to go. But we recommend that you you eat-in whenever you can, as our pizza is much better straight out of the oven.

      • Ballstonian

        I probably wont give it another try then. If it needs to be eaten immediately otherwise it degrades, thats not a great selling point, particularly since I can’t/don’t want to eat an entire pizza in 10 minutes.

    • drax

      That’s how Neapolitan is supposed to be. It’s not for everyone. (Not my favorite either).

      FYI when it’s crowded, try the big patio in the back. Nobody seems to know about it.

    • porkchop_milkshake

      Yeah, it degrades fast if it sits around after it comes out of the oven before you eat it. Try it fresh before you write it off, though. Theirs is my current favorite pizza in the area.

    • Set the Controls

      Everything sloughing off is a trademark of real New Haven pizza (something Pete’s got wrong). I don’t *love* Pupatella’s pies, they’re good, but I need oregano and more garlic, and most of all bacon-a ubiquitous topping in New Haven that is conspicuously absent from Pete’s and ‘the Pupe,’ and the Italian Store for that matter. The Italian Store comes closest to New Haven pizza. But there is always room for purists-more power to the folks at Pupatella.

  • Amanda

    Love Pupatella – used to eat from the cart all the time. Was in love with the new fig gelato also. Have learned that it doesn’t travel well – so definitely a eat in type of thing. So glad they are doing so well!

  • Cardinal Fan

    Go Cards!

  • JimPB

    Whack “Food for Thought” from the ArlCo government budget. Merchants can and should do their own advertising, individually or collectively — e.g., in ArlNow.Com.

    • CW

      Every county in the country with some sort of civilization in it has a public access TV station that has segments like this. It’s in the county’s own interest (and the interest of its citizens) to have its businesses succeed – thus attracting more businesses to move here.

  • Quoth the Raven

    I love this place – we lived in Naples for years and this is as close as you can get to the real thing. But folks are right – not everyone is crazy about this style of pizza. Maybe they’ll be able to buy out the Halal butcher next door and expand the seating….

  • b-e-n

    all you guys are whack. pizza is official. on a side note, i love you Anastasyia

  • CarsSuck

    the pizza is pretty damn good. Eat it there, fresh, and quit bitching about parking lots in every article on this site, you people are tools.

    • yes


  • Bluemontsince1961

    My neighbors ate there last spring and said it was great. They ate in so they didn’t have any issues about the pizza degrading.

  • TJ

    I walk there, but I do understand that the parking situation isn’t ideal.

    You could probably get away with using the over-sized Safeway parking lot across the street.

    • CarsSuck

      what would be ideal? the whole world covered in asphalt? look at the mess called Tysons Corner, that’s got more parking then you can shake a stick at, yet it’s no easier to get around and actually find a close space.

      • TJ

        Woah! Calm down there…I said I walk there (from Ballston).

        But. if each store in that shopping center used its allotment of spaces directly in front, I’m pretty sure Pupatella only has 3 spaces, certainly inadequate for a restaurant with seating for over 30.

        I was simply recommending that those wishing to drive try the Safeway lot across the street, since half of it used to be occupied by a Thai restaurant and Safeway really has more parking than it needs

  • Pizza

    It looks really good, I’ll have to give it a try. One question though, is it really really bright in there? I see he’s wearing sunglasses indoors so I assume there is some sort of problem with brightness in there. I’ll make sure to bring my sunglasses.

  • DudeGuy

    Anyone else think it is SUPER douche that he kept his hat (can look past that) and his sunglasses on (douchey) during the whole interview?

    • Quoth the Raven

      Maybe the hat doubles as sort of a hair net. So maybe that’s OK. For the sunglasses, I’ve got nothing. Douchey.

      • CW

        Well, to be fair, the guy’s life consists of staring into a roaring fire. Ever think of that?

  • Flacker

    But why, exactly, do we need a county cable channel to do a shameless puff piece on a restaurant? We already have ArlNOW for that 🙂

  • Slick

    While the pizza and food is fine (but unextraordinary in my opinion) , that guy is a wannabe rock star. He looks like such a tool with the glasses on all the time it’s hard for me to go in there. Last time I was there, I ordered a panini which literally took 25 minutes while the place was virtually empty. Of course, Stud Muffin was holding court with a young Arlingtonian so he had to prioritize.

    If they spent as much time focusing on the food and service as they do on the PR circuit, they might have themselves a good place. The quest for fame is hard to watch.

  • MC

    Pupatella rocks — best pizza in Arlington hands down. It’s real pizza. I love the pluck of the owners, starting with their cart, importing the oven from Italy.

  • Jesus

    Pupatella rocks!! Best pizza. Save your trip to Italy money and just eat here. It’s the same thing but better because you dont have to fly.

  • TJLinBallston

    Pupatella is Arlington’s “2 Amys” only better still. Been to Naples myself and Pupatella’s is 100% the real thing.

    • porkchop_milkshake

      The pizza at Pupatella is much better than 2 Amys. Last time I tried 2 Amys, I’d have put it behind Vapiano, Fire works and Comet Ping Pong. (from worst to best, IMO.)

      I think Pupatella is head and shoulders above all 4.

  • RSR

    I lived in Naples for 3 years in high school and this is the closest to Neapolitan Pizza that I’ve had. Beats Two Amy’s and Pizzeria Orso hands down.

  • Tyrone

    Katie Greenan is fine…post more vids of her doing her thang


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