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Trader Joe’s Hiring for Clarendon Store

by ARLnow.com October 20, 2011 at 2:11 pm 5,985 67 Comments

Trader Joe’s has been interviewing potential employees all week to help fill positions at its new Clarendon store.

A “now hiring” sign outside the store advises interested job seekers to apply at the Arlington Employment Center, at 2100 Washington Boulevard. The employment center’s blog indicates that hourly wages start at $10 per hour.

Interior construction on the store, located at 1109 N. Highland Street, seems to be progressing swiftly. The company’s signature blue walls and wood-accented aisles are visible through the large front windows.

Last we checked, Trader Joe’s is planning to open the store at some point next month.

  • Thes

    Woot! Jobs, jobs, jobs. And tasty groceries.

    • STee

      This is a great addition to our community – the blend of WFoods and Trader Joes will be less about competition and more about variety to Clarendonites.

  • GreaterClarendon

    In Before complaints about traffic in the area and why people won’t want to shop here.

    • UnlimitedCustoms

      Traffic will be terrible. I hope I’m proven wrong. CW, do you have any thoughts?

      • CW

        Well, the new light on garfield/washington is nice in that it lets cars get out from garfield onto washington. It’s not nice in that, when it does turn green, washington is already backed up to said light so said cars have nowhere to go. Thus cars block westbound washington, not so much fun. I imagine that that will be one bad spot and that the block between wilson and clarendon on garfield will not be so great either. If one person is turning left onto Clarendon, God help you all.

      • LuvDusty

        Once again–WHY OH WHY will anyone be driving to this Trader Joe’s? It’s ridiculous! Walk, walk, walk people. I suspect 90% of the clientele for this TJ will be the residents of the dozens of condos and homes that are within walking distance.

        Underground parking lots (like the one they are building) cause less of a back-up than above ground. For the other 10% who will drive, there are 2 or three of these kinds of underground lots already within 2-3 blocks of the site. In general, it’s pretty smooth sailing and there are many parking options (if you are willing to pay 1-3 dollars of course).

        As Clarendon (and Arlington) develop, of course there will be an increase in people and traffic, that can’t be helped no matter what they do. But I’d rather have that, than a neighborhood that nobody wants to come to or shop in or live in. As an owner (I’ve owned in Clarendon since 2001) I want Clarendon to continue to grow and develop and be one of the most vibrant places to live in the area.

        • CW

          The issue, as I state above, is that all it takes is a few people to clog up the area very badly. Only a single car turning left from garfield onto Clarendon backs it up onto Wilson. So I’m just saying that even a small increase in the number of cars in that area will cause issues. I won’t be driving, no. But I also think you’re vastly underestimating the number of people who will.

          • LuvDusty

            CW: Then the problem isn’t with the TJ’s..or the parking garage, it’s with people’s bad habits.

            I mean, either way, businesses are going to want to open their doors in Clarendon. So what are the options? If they didn’t build an underground garage, then there would be less parking spots for more demand.

            If they do build them, you complain it will increase traffic.

            It’s a lose-lose scenario in the way you set it up. What is the option? Have NO new businesses open up?

      • STee

        Traffic will increase to some level – the activity and business to Clarendon is more positive. Now we need some additional higher end stores — and an expansion of the Clarendon Metro station.

        • CW

          Now we’re talking! Two fare gates? I still can’t believe it every time I go through…

  • novasteve

    Finally there’s one thing I like about arlington.

    • TC

      Yeah Arlington is the worst. Well thought out smart-growth strategy to development, top-notch schools, high wages, high standard of living, consistently ranked among the best places in America to live. THE WORST!!!!!!

    • NorthArlingTim

      I can think of a whole bunch of reasons I hate living in Arlington.

      But when it really comes down to it, I love this place (bitching about Arlington is part of the fun). I’ve lived in Arlington since 1985 in both North and South – there are great things about both. I’ve seen everything going up and down and back up like so many of us here. And for all the combined headaches of living in Courthouse/Clarendon, it’s a great place to live, eat, walk, and live.

      Oh, what’s wrong with smoking outside? I don’t mind not polluting other’s air and not making others’ clothes and hair stink.

      • novasteve

        Becaues it’s the business owner’s right to make that decision, not the state. Why can’t you just drink at home instead of going to a bar? It’s okay for you to put everyone else’s life at risk? Who dies more? People who inhale second hand smoke or the victims of drunk drivers?

        And fon’t forget the same nanny state control freaks who force people to smoke outside then complain about smelling smoke outdoors and then start banning that too.

        • NorthArlingTim

          I DO drink @ home!

          I don’t know anyone who lives here who would rather drive than walk. Just moving my car after parking has become a royal pain.

          You do make a very good point, however, about drunk drivers. My car has been hit SO many times while parked on Key Boulevard, someone once even ripped my entire front bumper off overnight. My poor car looks like crap, and it has gotten much worse over the last ten years. I do attribute that to drunken drivers. I’ve complained to ACPD, but they won’t do anything…

    • Please

      Please leave then for the sake of the rest of us

  • Southeast Jerome

    I believe Traders consistently ranks high in employee satisfaction.

  • MC 703

    That is some naughty pine.

  • CW

    Looking forward to the store opening because it means the construction in the building will have stopped.

  • novasteve

    $10 is terrible though.. Isn’t minimum wage over $7? Then again there are college grads not even making that much.

    • Ben

      Key word is start. Not to mention they give pretty awesome benefits.

      Also, Trader Joe’s store managers make six figures…..

      • Global Cooling

        Ummm, yeah. Did you actually look on the site to see what kind of help they needed? Key word is ‘grunt’:

        * Process transactions on register
        * Have fun helping customers, suggest items
        * Bag groceries, build displays, unload stock

        Don’t think that requires six figures. Not even in drax’s world.

      • STee

        Don’t tell Mr Obama – he’ll include them in the “millionaires” tax…

    • J

      Min wage is $7.25/hr

    • KalashniKEV

      If stocking shelves isn’t a minimum wage job, what is????

      • ?!

        yours – given your demonstrated IQ

  • ClarendonDweller

    I can’t wait! Especially after making a few trips to Whole Foods lately – can someone explain to me how they can stand to shop their regularly? Or afford it? Between the people speed-shopping/weaving their way between everyone like they’re on Supermarket Sweep and the costs, I can’t do it. Very much looking forward to TJ’s (where I’m sure people will still weave rudely around people with a wild look in their eye, but at least the prices will be reasonable.)

    • Steamboat Willie

      I was surprised to learn that Whole Foods beats Safeway on certain premium beer prices.

      • Quoth the Raven

        But Westover Market is better than both when it comes to beer!

        • Steamboat Willie

          True, but I won’t shop there after getting hosed on large orders on separate occasions.

      • novasteve

        Unless something is on sale at safeway, safeway is outrageously expensive.

        About the only good thing with the arlington whole foods is that it has a good beer selection..

        • CW

          Total Wine FOR THE WIN

          • Ben

            Yes – but Total wine is more expensive then whole foods for premium beer – usually by a few dollars…..

          • CW

            Really? It never seemed that way to me. Hmm…

          • Ben

            Maybe it was just for the Belgium beer I spot checked – but it was a noticeable difference.

            Granted they have a much, much larger selection. So there’s that.

          • Quoth the Raven

            Support your neighborhood spot! That’s why I like Westover. Too bad you had a poor experience there, Steamboat.

          • Steamboat Willie


            Experiences, plural. Tried really hard to be a customer, because the Great Wall of Beer is outstanding. And I really believe in supporting independent neighborhood businesses. But I couldn’t get stuck another time with no recourse.


            Total Wine does seem to be the cheapest option, at least based on a few quick label comparisons that I have done. But it’s Total Wine. In McLean. And the customer service there occasionally borders on antagonistic.

            The little cigar store across from Koon’s Toyota at the 5 Points intersections is actually fairly reasonable with an ever improving selection. Super nice mom and pop running the place.

          • Larchmont

            @ SW Yeah, I got burned a few times when ordering kegs. Luckily they were just to re-stock a kegerator and not for a party or I’d be shopping elsewhere too.

          • Chris Slatt

            I had the same experience – tried to make them my regular beer supplier, but apparently keeping the entire keg business in one guy’s head isn’t a reliable operating practice. Showed up on party day to pickup the keg and he’d forgotten to order it. Thankfully Total Wine has a decent in-stock selection, though they didn’t have what I’d tried to special order from Westover.

      • GreaterClarendon

        But Intenational Wine and Beverage has the best prices for cases of beers in the area – and usually a pretty good selection of Dogfish Head and others. On Lee Hwy and Quincy.

      • KalashniKEV

        Love me some RANGER IPA from Whole Foods…

        (everything else but the girls, meh…)

    • Arlingtonienne

      Whole Foods has good prices on about three things (beer, milk, and…I don’t know, maybe there isn’t a third thing)…and other than that it’s crazy, both for the prices and the clientele (in Clarendon anyway). That said, I am glad they’re around when there is something special I need that I can’t seem to get at Trader Joes.

      But I agree about Safeway…in recent years they have become absurdly expensive! We do better at Harris Teeter most of the time (which I find surprising, since my initial impression was that HT was on the pricey side).

      • CW

        The third thing is custom-baked pizzas on tuesdays! Yum!! And don’t bother to say you don’t like how they taste; I like them.

      • Michael

        I think the key to shopping at Harris Teeter is to use the “VIC” card to get discounts. I also tend to buy the Harris Teeter version of name brand items, but we generally don’t buy too much processed food anyway. I’ve compared shopping at Safeway and the Teeter, and I think HT has much better quality for the price, and of course much better prices than Whole Foods.

      • LuvDusty

        I shop at Whole Foods every week—mostly because Giant and Safeway are too far to walk and am trying not to drive places as much.

        I used to shop at Giant every week and stopped about a year ago. I always feared switching to Whole Foods and felt it might be too expensive for my budget.

        Well, now it’s been 1 year and I’ve noticed that on average, if I stick to the basic staples, eggs, milk, cereal, oj, and fruits and veggies, I pay only about 10% more every month than I did when I shopped at Giant before. But if you factor in that I don’t spend any gas (I walk, don’t drive) and I don’t use my car (maintenance, etc..), and I get better quality fruit/veggies (organic sometimes–although not always), and the convenience of it being so close…honestly, I decided the 10% uptic was worth it.

        I realize other folks may not have that luxury–especially if they have a family of 4 or kids or whatever, but for me a youngish guy–just shopping for myself—it’s not a big deal.

        I look forward to TJs opening, cause now I’ll have yet another option for certain “unique” items and at a slightly lower cost even than WH.

  • UnlimitedCustoms

    Why is a government organization handling the hiring for a private company?

    Is this to ensure only the “favored” groups get the jobs?

    • KalashniKEV

      It’s probably free help with staffing… and protected classes probably move to the head of the line.

      • zzzzz

        Or perhaps they would just like to hire as many people from Arlington as possible, since that’s where the store is located.

  • novasteve

    You know what sucks? In virginia a clerk needs to be 21 to ring up alcohol, so if t hey have an 18 year old checker in your line, you’ll get delayed..

    • LVGuy

      Probably Barbara Favola’s doing.

    • madisonmanor

      Why does that suck (other than the delay part)? If it weren’t in place, what’s to stop an 18-year old checker from selling beer or wine to her other 18-year old friends?

      But given your post, you only care about YOU being delayed and nothing else. Despite what you think, it’s NOT all about you. . .
      You could always get into another checker’s line. Or wait 30 seconds. Neither is the end of the world.

      • LuvDusty

        What really “sucks” is that this country has a stupid 21 year old drinking age. Really? Really? The rest of the world is 18–for everything…you are an adult at 18. Grow up.

        But alas, am sure will get bashed but folks for thinking that. The problem has nothing to do with age, but rather, with the excessive obsessive behavior of parents and total prohibition of alcohol for young people.

        The Europeans drink at the table with their family as early as 15 or 16…in moderation and under parental supervision.

        Which then means they are less likely to become binge alcoholics when they hit 21.

      • novasteve

        So it’s okay to generalize about people via age despite them being a leagal adult who is old enough to vote and be drafted into the military? But suddenly they aren’t old enough to be trusted to sell alcohol?

      • Wiz

        “What’s to stop an 18-year old checker from selling beer or wine to her other 18-year old friends?”

        1. The law.
        2. Store policy.
        3. The store manager.

  • Michelle

    I’m not sure why people compare Whole Foods to Trader Joe’s. To me, there are completely different entities. Whole Foods is all about organic free range, blah blah blah as a requirement for the stuff they sell. Versus TJ’s which have both organic and other misc items that are not organic. Both are nice, though, but TJ’s is more of a basement baby compared to WF.

    Whole Foods has cheaper wines than Giant Foods, as an FYI and I agree with Steve in their beer selection.

    • Tabby

      Absolutely agree about the wine prices at Whole Foods (and good selection). Great prepared foods, fig jam, bread, coffee, beer, etc.

  • Steve

    Does anyone know if Westover or Total Wine sells Boulevard (Kansas City beer) there?

    • Larchmont

      Never heard of it. If it is distributed here (VA/DC/MD) then they should be able to get it.

    • LVGuy

      If you call up Westover they might be able to order it for you. I know I’ve been successful in the past doing so.

    • amb007

      I would kill for some Boulevard Wheat, but I’ve heard that they have no desire to begin distribution this far from KC. It’s one of the few things that I really look forward to when I make it back home to the Midwest.

      • Steamboat Willie

        I drank gallons of Boulevard Wheat when I briefly lived in Iowa, but the best brewery out of Missouri is Schlafly, and it’s not even close. Of course, that’s just my opinion, so I could be wrong.

        • Southeast Jerome

          Schlafly is awesome………their Pumpkin Ale is awesome. I think they have it at Eventide.

        • CW

          Mmmmm…Schlafly Pumpkin…they had it at Best Cellars before it closed. I’ve seen it on draft at numerous places in D.C. But it tastes like dirt compared to Southern Tier Pumking.

      • novasteve

        I haven’t been to KC in a while but when I do go I bring back a six pack. Kinda of hard to bring back more on an airplane, and of course you can’t bring it at all unless you check your bag. thanks terrorists!

  • Jason S.

    Ugh, another corporate chain putting profits first.

    • LuvDusty

      Umm..don’t all private companies that want to stay in business have to put profit first?

      Isn’t this what distinguishes them from not-for-profit companies?

      Jason S>what would you suggest then? Is there a not-for-profit grocery store that we can lobby for? Never heard of one.

  • Tom Smart

    I own a nice home with a swimming pool in Lyon Park, walking distance to TJ’s etc. Would like to sell or rent it.


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