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Most Elaborate Halloween Decorations in Arlington?

by ARLnow.com November 1, 2011 at 10:20 am 11,679 18 Comments

Some Arlington residents went all-out when it came to dressing up their homes for Halloween. Just before the kids started trick-or-treating last night, we stopped by two local streets that were said to have some of the best decorations around.

On the 700 block of N. Illinois Street in Bluemont, two homeowners were duking it out for the title of scariest house. One home was not only spook-ified on the outside, but the creepy decorations and frightful lighting continued well inside the front door as well.

The 700 block of N. Jackson Street in Ashton Heights was even more festive. One otherwise charming home was converted into a yard of horrors, with freshly-dug graves, cobwebs, leering ghouls and a menacing coffin. Just down the street, neighbors were out taking photos of the N. Jackson Street Cemetery — a house-turned-haunted-house featuring a real, rusted-out hearse, more freshly-dug graves and a small army of free-standing witches, ghosts and skeletons.

How do these compare to the best-decorated homes in your neighborhood?

  • LP

    The N. Jackson house pictured is by far the best! I’ve walked by it for the past few weeks and have seen the transformation take place and walked by it yesterday afternoon to see the final outcome and it’s incredible.

    The owner really took a ton of time to do so, along with a lot of other houses on N. Jackson St. as well. Great to see a whole street/community go all out!

  • JTF

    The photo is a typical house in South Arlington. Where’s the Halloween photo?

    • OX4


    • Arlingtoon

      It’s in the 700 block of North Jackson Street — they’ve done wonderful Halloween decorations for years. We used to live down the street from them and each year enjoyed their display.

      • LP

        The comment about S. Arlington was a joke…plus, the article clearly states it’s the 700 block of N. Jackson.

      • John

        Just the usual jonin on So Arlington. But when the trolley gets built and the Wakefield Rec Center opens, the jokes will cease.

  • Hikin’ the pike

    That car does not have its tax sticker on it. And that appears to be improper signage. Where’s the code enforcement people when you need them?

  • Wiz

    Any yard decorated with a Cadillac hearse is an automatic winner.

    • CrystalMikey


    • Woody Hair

      I think it was actually a Pontiac. Apparently there were some horrific things going on in the back yard of that Jackson Street house, but the line to see it was always too long.

  • JimPB

    I’ll get a cross, a mirrow and of course garlic in abundace in hand before going to view.

    Could be THE place for collecting blood donations (to a medical facility).

  • clarendon

    The house pictured is a cool house even without the decorations. There were many houses on Jackson that could have been in the running for contest winner this year. And, many of the people handing out treats were all into the spirit as well. I liked the house with the live witch on the roof. I thought that showed real dedication.

  • Alexandrian

    All this Halloween decoration confused Mother Nature with Christmas; she ended up dumping inches of snow.

    • YTK

      Yep– Tis the season to say “Merry Halloween!!”

  • Casper

    Seeing the pictures is one thing but walking down N. Jackson on Halloween with your kids trick-or-treating is something else. I walked N. Jackson Street several time prior to last night and it was impressive but last night was pretty special. Their were several houses on N. Jackson that were well done. The house that was turned into a pirate ship was fantastic too. Must be a lot of peer pressure to live on N. Jackson around thistime of the year..

  • John Snyder

    Don’t overlook the Halloween House on South 18th near Quincy. Ghosts driving and riding in an old Cadillac, full graveyard, giant spiders, vampires, and various ghosts floating about the porch on the way to trick or treat candy. But the best is the flamingo skeletons–these folks are all in!

  • arlington resident

    The best Halloween house is at the corner of 25th and S. Hayes St. in the Aurora Hills neighborhood. It’s an institution, the family there does an amazing job. The road was even blocked off on Halloween night this year because so many people know and visit it.

  • Mastermind

    The hearse is a 1958 Cadillac. It’s the same model used as the Echo 1 in the Ghostbusters films. This is the 22nd year the family has been hosting haunted tours through their back yard. If you’ve never experienced the walk through; It is certainly worth the wait. This year there were 34 cast members in the back yard to provide guests a 5 minute walk through that was one of the best yet. Every year is something different. And the best part: it’s absolutely free!! You may want to mark this street on your calender for next Halloween; as there is talk that this will be the last year they will be hosting the tours.


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