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Morning Notes

by ARLnow.com November 4, 2011 at 8:34 am 2,456 13 Comments

W-L Softball Field Improvements in the Works — At last night’s Arlington County School Board meeting, officials said they were moving forward “at quite a good pace” with plans to improve the softball facilities at Quincy Park used by Washington-Lee High School. Parents loudly complained over the summer about what they felt were inferior, dangerous playing conditions at the team’s home field. [Sun Gazette]

County Offers Free Leadership Course — From a County press release: “Want to learn more about how to make change happen in your neighborhood and County? County government’s Neighborhood College is offering a free, eight-week course — open to all residents — aimed at giving you the inside scoop on how County government works and helping you hone your civic leadership skills.” [Arlington County]

Alexandria Brewery Visits Crystal City — Staff from Alexandria’s Port City Brewing Company will be holding an event at a Crystal City hotel bar over the weekend. On Saturday, starting at 6:00 p.m., Port City will “take over the taps” at BELL20 at the Crystal City Marriott (1999 Jefferson Davis Hwy). The brewery’s IPA, pale ale, wheat bear and porter will be available on draft for $4.20, and will include free take-home pint glasses.

Flickr pool photo by Maryva2

  • Budget Hawk

    The County-funded leadership course: How much is this costing the taxpayers? Free dinners and free childcare for the participants, along with staff salaries, and yet there are countless other things we could be spending the money on.

    • drax

      Lots of leaders in Arlington go out and do things on a volunteer basis, and organize other volunteers, that the County then doesn’t have to spend money on. It probably more than pays for itself.

      • Budget Hawk

        How would free dinner and free childcare pay for themselves? I doubt that anyone from this program will end up filling potholes for free, teaching for free, or picking up garbage for free.

        • Hrmmm

          Yes, God forbid you’d want your residents to take a proactive role in making each neighborhood a better place to live. What’s your issue with giving people the tools and contacts to get a jumpstart on the process? I’d much rather they spent money on programs like this versus putting up no smoking signs in the parks.

          • Budget Hawk

            I don’t object to their taking a more proactive role; I just don’t see 1. why they need a course on how to do it, and 2. why any such course should be provided at the expense of the rest of us.

            Getting involved isn’t brain surgery–and it shouldn’t cost like it is.

          • One better than you

            Standard Democratic Party precinct captain recruiting. Nothing to see here, move along.

            “Strategy Areas”? LOL.

  • CrystalMikey

    Free pint glass you say? 😀

  • j

    I’d like to smush that picture up and drink it!

  • Aaron

    If you’re an Arlingtonian who’s not yet savored the goodness that is Port City, there’s no time like the present to give it a try. I wouldn’t normally suggest drinking something just because it’s local, and I still won’t, because PCBC (and DC Brau for that matter) really are making craftybrews that are actually enjoyable in their own right.

  • Anne

    I’m a parent of a softball player at WL. none of us “loudly complained” about the Quincy park field. Rather, in very moderate tones we entered into a discussion about the girls being able to play their sport – fastpitch softball – on an appropriate fastpitch field, something Quincy park does not offer. No loud noises were heard

    • “Loud” is of course metaphorical. But setting up a blog and threatening a Title IX suit seems to fit the bill.

      • Anne

        and, by the way, your choice of words continues to be interesting. LOUD…COMPLAINED…THREATENING. Nice journalistic standards there.

  • Anne

    That is what Title IX is about!! Equity.


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