Candidates Schmooze at Kiwani Oyster Feast

by ARLnow.com November 7, 2011 at 11:57 am 2,301 6 Comments

Candidates for local and state office in Arlington did some last-minute glad-handing at the 40th annual Kiwanis Club of Arlington Oyster Feast and BBQ on Saturday night.

Held at the American Service Center garage in Ballston, the feast attracted dozens (perhaps hundreds) of diners who paid $40 per head for unlimited oysters, burgers, hot dogs, barbeque and beer. Money raised at the event “helps to fund community youth projects and grants for other educational and non-profit organizations focusing on children in Arlington.”

The pre-Election Day event always attracts a large contingent of political candidates, who take the time to individually greet members of the civic-minded crowd — in between chowing down on fried food. Among the attendees was County Board member and state Senate candidate Barbara Favola, who’s facing off against Republican Caren Merrick in one of the most closely-watched local races in Northern Virginia.

Favola said she’s feeling optimistic heading into Tuesday, thanks to some unspecified internal statistics her campaign has been observing as of late. Merrick also attended the oyster feast, but we were unable to catch up with her for comment.

  • charlie

    can’t believe i missed out on eating raw food served in the repair bay of an automobile dealership.
    but the hair net and plastic gloves do look fetching.
    this and the New Years morning meeting have got to be the weirdest and dumbest and most anti-cool events I have ever heard of in political arenas. Proves we are the sticks.

    • CW

      I saw the flyer for the oyster feast; seemed like an interesting event. Then I saw the location, and was like WTH? Still, I’d pay $40 for unlimited food and beer just about anywhere. Does that make me low-class? 🙂

      • Soarlslacker

        I wish I had known about it! I grew up shucking oysters and could eat a few dozen. Is this a yearly event? Can I mark my calendar for next year?

        • Ali

          “40th annual Kiwanis Club of Arlington Oyster Feast and BBQ”

          • CW

            To be fair, I’m not sure what avenues they promote the event through. I happened so see an flyer on the bulletin board at Panera. I guess because the event is so long-running they mostly think that word of mouth will get the job done?

  • JamesE

    Tejada has a three button jacket, not voting for him now.


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