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by ARLnow.com November 8, 2011 at 8:36 am 3,478 19 Comments

Problems at PBS NewsHour — The PBS NewsHour is facing serious challenges. The hour-long news program, which is produced at the WETA facilities in Shirlington, has been shedding staff and viewers. A number of top news and business personnel have left recently, while viewership is down 11 percent year-over-year. Meanwhile, a top sponsor is pulling out at the end of the year, leaving a $2 million hole in the NewsHour’s budget. [New York Times]

Elementary School Goes Solar — A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held at Glebe Elementary School yesterday to mark the installation of a 1.1 kilowatt solar panel system. The solar panels will not only generate enough clean energy to power one classroom, but will also serve as an educational tool. Students, parents and teachers will be able to monitor the system’s electricity output using any web-enabled device or smartphone. [Arlington Public Schools]

Park Gives Marymount New Athletic FacilitiesLong Bridge Park is more than an attractive new green space to Arlington’s only four-year university. Marymount University paid about $2 million toward the cost of one of the three multi-use synthetic-turf fields at the park. In exchange, the school’s Division III soccer and lacrosse teams will utilize the field as their “home base.” When the field is not in use by the school, it will be available for use by the public. [Sun Gazette]

Ballston BID Director Hired — The newly-created Ballston Business Improvement District has a new executive director. Tina Leone is leaving her post as president of the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce to run the BID. [Alexandria Times]

Flickr pool photo by Mark C. White

  • Wilbur

    Where is that a picture of?

    • GMo

      Bridge to Roosevelt Park

    • Lou

      Roosevelt Island

    • The Beaver Pond

      The bridge links Roosevelt Island to Arlington.

      • GTL

        The trees are meant to represent Teddy’s magnificent ‘stache. The bridge is supposed to be his cigar. A couple of fire rings are his pince-nez.

  • Shell Box Carton

    Obliviously, it’s Zimmy’s fault. Or maybe Walter T’s fault.

    PS: Had not seen the rant yet, so I thought I would start it off.

  • Aaron

    A corporation, an oil company no less, chooses to stop subsidizing its own demonization? That kind of cause-and-effect relationship sounds suspiciously like science.

  • NrNy2ArlVa

    UPDATE to yesterday’s Morning Notes story: Arlington Man Charged With Murder. Special Agent Christopher Deedy has been released from police custody after posting $250,000 bail. Now he’s on paid administrative leave as an investigation of the off-duty shooting proceeds.

  • yequalsy

    Does the Marymount deal with Long Branch park mean they’re now out of the O’Connell fight?

    • cj

      The Long Bridge (not “Branch”) Park field was opened Saturday as the new home field for Marymount men’s and women’s soccer and lacrosse. Perhaps they will also use it for field hockey. The new park is not designed for track or baseball, which were also involved in the O’Connell proposal.

      • yequalsy

        Thanks. RE: Long Branch. I’ve been listening to too many Gunsmoke radio shows.

  • Gun Toting Liberal

    Not too surprised about NewsHour. Combine the archaic, old-news nature of network TV news with the boring delivery of NPR, and that’s NewsHour. I love Independent Lens for in-depth analysis, but network news has to either be late-breaking (which it can’t be anymore, given the internets), in-depth, or feature arguments among a group of people.

    • PBSfan

      Couldn’t disagree more about NewsHour. It continues to provide intelligent and insightful news coverage. It’s the only TV news show I regularly watch.

    • Josh S

      Actually, I believe it was NewsHour’s attempts over the last year or two to go more 21st century in their production that probably cost it viewers. Multiple hosts, multiple desks, the gradual withdrawal of Lehrer from the program, etc. It’s not the program it used to be, which was solid, trustworthy, sober, thorough (far more thorough than any other t.v. news shows), etc. And the new people are not good replacements. Judy Woodruff, for example, is painful to watch – she constantly looks like she just sucked on a bunch of lemons, or is constipated or something.

      • GTL

        OK, fair enough. Havne’t watched it in forever. I get all my news online and maybe a little CNN.

      • Lou

        Judy Woodruff was on Macneil Lehrer for years. She is only “new” because she went to CNN for a while and then came back. She was part of that original “solid, trushworthy” time you mentioned.

  • Steve

    Public broadcasting is dying a slow and painful death. I wish they would just hurry up.

  • Michael H.

    TV news except for the “24-hr” news channels is dying in general. The news channels provide updates throughout the day, and of course there’s the Internet too.

    It’s true that those without cable/satellite/Internet don’t have access to those sources. But the number of homes without cable, satellite or Internet is getting smaller and smaller. At some point, there might be a Universal Access program to help ensure that everyone has Internet access, especially with the improvement in wireless Internet options. That makes it much easier to cover rural and inner city areas without building expensive last-mile facilities.

  • N.A.OB

    Judy Woodruff is human??? All this time I thought she was a Muppet.


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