Rock ’em Sock ’em Bike Commute

by ARLnow.com November 8, 2011 at 10:35 am 3,418 26 Comments

A local bike commuter decided to spice up his ride to work by bringing along his favorite plastic robot boxing game.

A YouTube video shows the anonymous cyclist riding down the Custis Trail with the Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots game placed in his bike’s cargo basket. As one point, the cyclist even starts playing the game.

Hat tip to @rcannon100

  • buckles

    I don’t care about this.

    • GMB

      It’s fine if this isn’t your cup of tea.

      However, this is a commuter having fun on his commute. He’s not posing a danger to anyone — the game set is in a basket in front of his handlebars in front of a mounted camera. It’s like the hula girl I have on the dashboard of my car. At one point, on a part of the trail that is straight, has no intersections and was free of traffic, he took one hand off of his handlebars to push a few buttons. He probably didn’t even have to take his eyes off the trail. That’s not even in the same league of dangerous as changing the radio station in a car (not to mention texting, talking on a phone, putting on makeup, etc).

      I see this video and am reminded how much FUN bike commuting is, especially on a trail. Beautiful scenery, no cars, (mostly) friendly people. You’re all invited every morning to experience it. It will change your outlook on the day.

  • Josh S


  • Joe

    People are getting run over left and right as the Custis Trail crosses N. Lynn Street, yet this doofus posts a YouTube showing him playing rock ’em sock ’em while commuting. So when you ask the ACPD why they can’t do some, you know, policing at Custis and North Lynn–they can point to this and say “why should I cut short my complimentary coffee and pastries @ Corner Bakery? Clearly it’s not THAT dangerous there”.

    • Josh S

      In case you hadn’t noticed, Joe, the video is nowhere near N Lynn, or any other intersection with a road, for that matter. In addition, we don’t see any other bikes or pedestrians.

      In short, take a chill pill.

      • Lou

        That same logic can apply when people whine about cars speeding and rolling stop signs. If nobody is around to be endangered by the actions, everyone should just chill out.

  • Courthouse Res

    Thanks. Another fool giving cyclists a bad rep. Ugh, so many idiots in this place.

  • CW

    That section of the trail is dangerous enough as it is; no cars needed. One time I came out of the last turn at the bottom going pretty quickly, only to find a homeless man passed out with all of his belongings strewn across the entire width of the trail. Nearly ran over him.

  • MB

    This is one of the safest cyclists I know. There isn’t a thing he’s doing in the video that demonstrates any unsafe behavior to other trail users. It’s someone having a bit of fun. Some of you should try that, sometime.

  • D’oh

    Dumb? Yes, despite that this video is clearly a gag. But in no way is it worse than texting, putting on makeup, picking up fallen french fries, or any number of other dumb things I see people doing in their cars. At least there’s no one around and no traffic. And the cyclist isn’t encased in a two ton steel box, so the danger to others is considerabely less. I guarantee this guy is paying more attention to where he’s going than drivers in these situations.

    For the record, I bike to work but drive pretty frequently too (as do most people around here who own bikes). It’s not the means of transportation that makes a person a moron, it’s the person. And yes, I’m a bit sensitive today because I nearly got run over in DC because a lady “didn’t see” me. I love how not paying attention seems to be an excuse for nearly killing/maiming someone.

    • CarsSuck

      FTW! None of you haters probably take issue to fiddling around on your cellphones or ipods while driving. I highly doubt this guy is dumb enough to roll across Lynn St mashing the buttons on that thing. Get off your soap boxes and your pathetic excuses of the lives you people live and have a little laugh for once.

  • As a cyclist, do not approve.

    • CarsSuck

      I don’t think this particular rider gives a damn about YOUR approval.

  • Hope

    Maybe this was in response of how the cyclist feels about his commute to work, because of the unsafe intersections…?

  • OX4

    I don’t think that’s a dangerous thing to do…I think it’s a stupid thing today. Why is this here?

  • Johnny Utah

    that is by far the worst video ever.

  • Dirt

    Y’all are silly. This isn’t dangerous at all. There isn’t a single other trail users in site and no interactions with traffic. Heaven forbid someone do something mildly entertaining and share it with others.

    • Tabby


      Love those robots

      • MashiMashi

        Love how they fight when the bike bounces. The rider should connect the bike bell to the robot button to make it functional art. But keep your eyes on the road, dude/dudette.

    • Aaron

      “Heaven forbid someone do something mildly entertaining and share it with others.”

      Speaking of which, isn’t it about time for the weekly Crime Report?

    • Rick

      Well unless he lives on one side of the forest and works on the other, he’s going to see someone/something at some point, don’t ya think?

  • jack

    Just as long as no one whines about my dash mounted Connect 4!

  • charlie

    the point is that the trails are in crap condition. look at all that bouncing. and think of it being directed at your gentle nether areas.

    well if you were in a car bouncing around like that you’d be all up in arms. the custis trail is wonderful but it is a ball buster.

  • Silly.

  • Tuba

    seriously? there is controversy here? really? an empty stretch of trail at 7mph isolated away from motorways. and somehow this is juxtaposed on cyclists getting hit on Lynn Street?

    really? really? some people are just too conservative to smile.


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