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Morning Notes

by ARLnow.com November 10, 2011 at 8:40 am 2,676 16 Comments

Water Main Break in Fairlington — A large water main break shut down the intersection of 31st and S. Abingdon Streets in Fairlington last night. [WUSA 9]

Joe Paterno Hires Clarendon Firm — Before he was fired by university trustees last night, Penn State football coach Joe Paterno hired Clarendon-based TMG Strategies to handle media inquiries. TMG specializes in crisis communications. [Washington Business Journal]

Arlington Green Party’s Fortunes Tied to GOP — Green Party candidates in Arlington seem to do significantly better on election day when there’s no Republican in the race. [Sun Gazette]

New Art on ART Buses — There are a few new whimsical illustrations on the county’s ART buses. The art was created by Nigerian-born and Alexandria, Va.-based artist Victor Ekpuk, as a joint venture between Arlington Transit and the Artisphere. [CommuterPage Blog]

Deal on Romeo and Juliet Tix — The Washington Post is offering $55 tickets to Synetic Theater’s Crystal City performance of Romeo and Juliet for $25. Synetic, which only recently established its home base in Crystal City, is a physical theater company — its shows substitute intense physical acting for dialogue. The deal expires at midnight tonight. Romeo and Juliet opens on Nov. 25. [The Capitol Deal]

  • Disgruntled Democrats won’t vote Green when there is a Republican in the race. They’d rather have a poorly performing Democrat in office than a Republican. But when no Republican is running, they feel a Green candidate may do a better job or better supports the issues important to them. It’s called “blinded by blue” or “resistant to red”. Green seems neutral somewhat.

    Who’s up for forming a Black Party; one void of all color?

    • Josh S

      A perfect example of how instant runoff voting would allow people to more accurately express their wishes.

      You cast more than one vote, but they are ranked. So in this case, these people would be able to vote for the Green candidate first, the Dem second and anyone else (or no one else) third. There are different ways to handle what happens next, but essentially the candidate with the highest weighted votes wins.

      People can vote their conscience without fear that they are “throwing away” their vote.

      Especially when there are multiple slots open, like with a county board, third party candidates would finally have a realistic shot at getting elected. 17% for the Green Party candidate on Tuesday was actually pretty high and may indicate willingness among Arlington voters to get some variety on the Board. They just aren’t willing to go all the way to Republican.

      Instant runoff voting, in one of its many variations, is used around the world and in many US cities, including San Francisco. Those who believe that breaking the duopoly of Dems and Republicans is one way to start reforming our system should be in favor of instant runoff voting.

      • NoVapologist
      • drax

        Yes, there are many voting schemes that would make our system better and more reflective of the will of the people. That’s why our current reps haven’t adopted them.

  • novasteve

    I’m going to form the Anti Nanny Stater League. No color in that.

    • drax

      So you’re pro-choice?

      • R. Griffon

        AND pro gay marriage too.

    • SJA

      novasteve, you have claimed numerous times within comments sections of articles as well as in the forums that you are going to form your own party. you also seem to truly believe that you should replace the candidates who you hold little regard for. so put your money where your mouth is – run.

  • Stoneridge

    As of last night, Joe Pa no longer needs your CYA services.

  • BoredHouseWife

    Pardon me for being lazy, but what is Arlington doing about the aging water pipes and gas pipes?

    • Josh S

      Probably no more or no less than the rest of the country. It’s an enormous sort of hidden issue. Report after report have come out over the last ten plus years warning about our aging infrastructure – most people think roads and bridges when they hear that but water pipes are a critical issue.

      They’re also very expensive to replace.

      • Plunkitt of Clarendon Blvd

        “They’re also very expensive to replace.”

        It might cause the county to cut back funding for Artisphere and we couldn’t have that !!!

    • Chris

      I live right there and it was a hell of a show. Now I’m wishing I had taken pictures. Mud everywhere. I couldn’t tell what caused it to break. Anybody know what happened?

    • novasteve

      You can’t fix pipes and gas lines when you’re bringing in democrats for life with section 8 housing. Not enough money for both.

      • CW

        And you REALLY can’t fix them when the Senate GOP blocks the President’s infrastructure plan…

        • Garden City



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