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by ARLnow.com November 11, 2011 at 9:02 am 3,216 8 Comments

It’s 11-11-11 — Today’s Veterans Day holiday falls on a uniquely symmetrical date: 11-11-11. In addition to ties to doomsday myths, the 11-11-11 date has produced some actual trends, including increased sales of lottery tickets and a crush of wedding ceremonies.

Bikeshare Expands in Courthouse, Clarendon — A new Capital Bikeshare station was installed near the Courthouse Metro at the intersection of Wilson Boulevard and N. Uhle Street yesterday. Another station is expected to be installed at Wilson Boulevard and N. Edgewood Street in Clarendon by the end of the day today. [Bike Arlington]

Bondi Announces County Board Candidacy — Democrat Melissa Bondi has formally announced her candidacy to replace state Senator-elect Barbara Favola on the Arlington County Board. In a press release yesterday, Bondi touted her civic leadership experience and said she would bring  a “fresh approach” to the Board. “I am prepared to lead important community conversations about what will make Arlington a stronger, more competitive and desirable place to live in the next 30 years,” she said.

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  • Thes

    Pretty soon, bikeshare may be so close I can use it…

  • R. Griffon

    Also symmetrical was Wed. the 2nd. Which in MMDDYYYY format would read 11022011.

    MM-DD-YY matching will happen again next year (but never again in our lifetimes), and the 4-digit-year symmetry won’t happen for another 9 (on 02022020).

    The more ya know.

    • seejaygee

      In other countries where they list the day before the month, they’ll have a symmetrical palindrome date next February: 21022012. But not again in 2013 because 31 days hath not February.

  • Alex

    Not sure what symetical is. Did you mean symmetrical?

    • Chris

      Uselessly pendantic. Of course symmetrical was meant.

      • Chris

        *pedantic, lol

  • OX4

    Great…now I can finally ask this question after 10 years: How do you pronounce “Uhle”??

  • Riddley

    Shouldn’t this headline be “Mourning Notes”?


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