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Arlington Republicans Call for Favola to Resign

by ARLnow.com November 14, 2011 at 9:15 am 2,777 32 Comments

Arlington Republicans are calling on state Senator-elect Barbara Favola to resign her County Board seat by Nov. 26, so that the seat can be filled in a special election in January.

From an Arlington County Republican Committee press release:

Ms. Favola was elected to the State Senate on Tuesday, and will take her Senate seat in Richmond on Jan. 11, 2012 . Under Virginia election law, if Senator-elect Favola does not resign from the County Board by Nov. 26, 2011, then the special election to fill her seat cannot take place until April 17, 2012.

“Leaving this County Board seat vacant for 100 days is simply not in the best interest of Arlingtonians,” said Mark Kelly, Chairman of the Arlington GOP. “We congratulate Barbara on her election to the State Senate and wish her well down in Richmond. Senator-elect Favola can demonstrate her commitment to the best interests of her constituents by ensuring that the people of Arlington will have a full complement of County Board Members during the upcoming Fiscal Year 2013 budget season.”

Aringtonians are encouraged to contact Senator-elect Favola and ask her to resign immediately in order to facilitate a County Board Special Election in January.

  • Kate

    There are Republicans in Arlington?

    • novasteve

      As soon as the silver line is finished there will be one less republican in arlington.

      • AllenB

        Don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya….

        • novasteve

          Enjoy your high taxes.

          • RosRes

            Actually novasteve Arlington has the lowest overall taxes in the DC met area. So I’ll continue to enjoy my low taxes. Go Silver!

          • AllenB

            I don’t mind the taxes. Of course I’d love to pay less but then I wouldn’t live in the heart of everything in R-B corridor, walking to most things I need.

            I love where I live. So enjoy Loudoun, Steve. We won’t miss ya.

        • Carl

          That is how I feel about Favola.

      • CourthouseChris

        Can I interest you in the Vienna, Dunn Loring, or West Falls Church stops on the Orange line until then?

  • Suburban Not Urban

    I will definitely consider – deliberately not serving her constituency – in my votes for her future campaigns and anyone she endorses in this special election.

  • Whitney Wilson

    Does anyone know how the Democratic candidate will be selected? Primary? Firehouse primary (as was done at Thomas Jefferson Middle School for the School Board endorsements several years ago when Emma Violand-Sanchez and Libby Garvey were elected in 2008)? Or some type of more closed caucus?

    • Captain Obvious

      The proposal is for a caucus (firehouse primary) on Feb 2 & 4.

  • Thes

    This letter is incorrect on the law. Under Virginia law the election could be held as early as March 12. However, the Registrar has recommended waiting until April 17.

    • bemused bystander

      Which gives the Republicans more time to decide which of the five of them is going to run.

      • FunnyMunny

        Maybe they can convince Rick Santorum to relocate and run. I’m gonna miss seeing his name/noun in the paper every day after about mid-January.

        • AllenB

          You mean Frothy Santorum?

        • jim

          Republicans make up 1/3 of arlington voters… stop being disrespectful to your neighbors

    • Wayne Kubicki

      Thes – I believe the registrar is correct on the April 17 date. The GOP Prez primary precludes any earlier date.

      • Thes

        Not by law. To be sure, there are important practical considerations for not holding the election on March 13 (my mistake in saying the 12th earlier) or any subsequent Tuesday before April 17. But they are merely practical considerations, not a legal command.

    • Steve

      Sorry Thes, there is a presidential primary on March 6th. In order to facilitate closing out the machines, absentee voting and printing of ballots, April 17th is really the only date if Favola waits till after November 26th to resign.

      • Thes

        No need to be sorry. Your point is not inconsistent with mine: “really the only date” is not the same thing as “under Virginia law”. The election cannot be held on March 6, or 55 days before March 6 by law. By law it can be held on March 13, although the Registrar rightly views that as impractical.

        • jim

          Thes – can you please just post under the name “arlington county board” — it would be accurate and help everyone understand where you are coming from.

          • Thes

            And now, with the date set on March 27 by the Court, we find that April 17 was not, in fact, required by law. BTW, I am not employed by the County.

  • BoredHouseWife

    I am too lazy to google, but why?

    is it legitimate or is it a desperate attempt to get their foot in the door in Arlington?

    • Carl

      In practical terms there is probably no difference in having 4 vs 5 board members, since they are rarely not unanimous on votes. But there is not a tie-breaking procedure in place at Arlington for a 2-2 board deadlock, so it is abstractly in the best interest of have a tie breaking vote available. Because of the primary schedule, I believe if Favola does not resign prior to Nov 26th, she will create a longer duration period of having 4 members, and it will be pushed later into the year which is when the critical budgeting process is happening.

      • charlie

        GOP would like someone in there to show the egregious violations in our budget and the shell games.
        nice try.

        • on the other hand…

          Pardon my cynicism, but I thought one big beef the GOP had was their accusation that board members were busy pushing vanity projects. If so, wouldn’t one fewer board member mean a 20% reduction in vanity projects?

          • Carl

            There is a quid pro quo in effect. Having one fewer on the board means 25% less of a chance for a dissenting voice.

          • charlie

            how cute and adorable!!

            well yes, but the others get to have 25%

            or they’ll vote in her 20% and talk about how they voted for projects that had no board support but were true representations of community input.

  • Whitney Wilson

    I think it would really be preferable not to not be missing a Board member for much of the winter/early spring which is when, as Carl notes above, most budget decisions are made by the Board.

    From a “democracy” standpoint, on the one hand it would be best to have the election as soon as possible. There is no reason why Ms. Favola can’t resign now. On the other hand, a very quick election would mean that “insiders” and other well known candidates will have an even more pronounced advantage. A later election would give outsider candidates (either in the primary or the special election itself), a better chance of making their cases to the voters.

    On balance, I’d prefer a quick process. The insiders are going to have a big advantage regardless, so I would rather have the primary and general elections be based on fiscal priorities for Arlington, which are better debated during budget season.

  • Steve
  • John Andre

    Typical GOP strategy!

    As a Dem I recommend that we wait for a firehouse primary in Feb. and hold the election in April. With five Democrats on the County Board it doesn’t hurt to have one vacancy on the Board for a while.

    However, we could consider switching to a fifteen member County Board with ten single-member districts and the current five at-large members including the Chair. That way the GOP and probably the Greens would be assured of minority representation on the Board [unless Arlington County somehow achieves a GOP population majority in the future!]

  • Anon

    Like they’re going to win anyway. Not like it really matters.

    And @novasteve, I’ve got no problem handing over my tax money to Arlington. In return, I get parks, great schools, great libraries, walkability, and well thought out urban planning. Just to name a few. Have fun in Car-Land.


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