Six Candidates Now Running for County Board

by ARLnow.com November 18, 2011 at 1:59 pm 4,791 26 Comments

(Updated at 2:15 p.m.) Health care advocate and Democratic activist Kim Klingler (right) announced her candidacy for County Board this afternoon, bringing the already-crowded field of Democrats candidates hoping to replace state Senator-elect Barbara Favola to six.

In her announcement, Klingler said she’s running because she wants to “serve and represent our community.”

“I want to continue to work on putting people first,” she wrote. “I want to do this in a fiscally responsible way, promoting efficiency, transparency, and our values.”

Klingler also posted a YouTube video to accompany the campaign announcement.

The field of announced County Board candidates now includes Klingler, nonprofit project manager Melissa Bondi, Arlington County Planning Commission member Peter Fallon, Iraq war vet Terron Sims II, Arlington NAACP president Elmer Lowe, and — as of last night — school board member Libby Garvey.

The candidates will face off in a special election next year. The exact timing of the special election depends on when Favola formally resigns her County Board seat.

  • Captain Obvious

    Scott, are you sure that Elmer Lowe is running as a Democrat?

    • No, that was phrased incorrectly. We’ve updated the article, thanks.

    • Captain Obvious

      And, have you reached out to Lowe to find out if he’s actually running?

      • He was quoted by the Sun Gazette (linked to in the article) as saying, directly, that he’s running.

        • Captain Obvious

          But that was before he knew there was a seat.


    teh u-tube video … eww.

    • Josh S

      Yeah, not exactly an auspicious start.

    • Ricky Bobby Hands

      Based on her hand-i-work, I’m guessing, what, Brown Belt in Slow-Motion Karate?


      First prognostication, purely for entertainment value:

      Garvey 35%
      Sims 20
      Bondi 20
      Fallon 15
      Lowe 5
      Klingler 5

      • charlie

        well done.
        Garvey changes the equation. in a very good way.

        • OMG OMG OMG

          Thanks. I come here often.

  • as they say…

    “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

  • charlie

    why is she talking about compassionate stuff but all her “first things” are transportation, planning, capital improvements and…. oh i forgot. but nothing in there about joining the OCCUPY DC people on Key Bridge; or affordable housing; or spending more on schools.

    • Suburban Not Urban

      Because the bulk of the party that she’s trying to run for – are willing to accept lots of lip service and spin and she want to touch base on all the hot button issues – rather than representing how she really will act after being elected.

  • TDP

    Oooooh, a young woman running for office. That’s great news. Good for you!

  • Bob

    Still all true. A little snow, a little earthquake, a little hurricane. We’re not prepared.


  • Arl Voter

    I only see white people on Kim Klingler’s website. What kind of message is that? That’s not very cool. She should make more of an effort to include diversity in her photos.

    • Cheapshot

      Yeah, we should totally read more into the stock photos used on the web site than is really there, in part because race is definitely the only way to display diversity. And I also agree with Arl Voter that rather than trying to be race-blind (which might prevent us from even noticing the racial breakdown in the pictures and/or from attempting to categorize the photo subjects’ races without any actual knowledge of their backgrounds), we should make sure we view all media through a lens that seeks to be offended. Furthermore, I think every piece of media everywhere should feature an exact proportion of photo subjects relative to the racial makeup statistics published by the Census Bureau. Or else it’s “not very cool.”

      • Josh S


      • Bluemontsince1961

        Seconding the +1.

  • Burger

    Doesn’t the fact there are at least 6 Democrats running for a short term position set off any alarm bells that the current board has stayed too long in their positions?

    Was Ferguson the last person to leave the board – not surprising to move to another government position? That was what – 2003?

    If that doesn’t demonstrate the need for a breaking of the democrat’s county board’s power not sure what else does.

    • TCE

      …funny I feel that way about the Republican’s in the House in Richmond.

      • Wow

        Yet it took the GOP 200 years to get full control from the Dems who had held on to some or all of it since the begining of the Commonwealth….

        • drax

          Just goes to show why equating party with ideology, and therefore this entire thread of the discussion, is pointless in the first place.

    • bemused bystander


      • Burger

        Thanks. Sees like longer on Ferguson”


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