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Thanksgiving Cooking Safety Tips from ACFD

by ARLnow.com November 22, 2011 at 1:47 pm 3,494 13 Comments

The Arlington County Fire Department has issued a list of six simple tips for keeping safe while cooking your Thanksgiving dinner.

Spokesman Lt. Gregg Karl says these tips are in response to calls the department receives on a regular basis around this time of year.

Thanksgiving Cooking Safety Tips

  1. Be alert when cooking. Do not allow yourself to be distracted or walk away from food on the stove. Stove top fires can spread quickly to cabinets and areas surrounding the stove.
  2. Turn pot and pan handles inward so children and pets cannot pull these items from the stove.
  3. Wear clothing that has fitted or short sleeves. Loose fitting sleeves can contact hot surfaces and begin to burn.
  4. Use caution with open flame cooking devices. Follow manufacturer’s recommendations for use of the device. Check county and state fire codes for safe distances and areas the devices can be used.
  5. Have a UL (Underwriters Laboratories) listed fire extinguisher and be familiar with the operation of the extinguisher in the event of a fire.
  6. Be certain all smoke alarms are tested and functioning properly.

The Arlington County Fire Department wishes everyone a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

  • 7. When making beer can turkey, do not attempt to drink the beer at the same time the turkey is cooking.

  • arlcyclist

    8. When frying your turkey, be sure to do so inside a covered enclosure (preferably wooden), use too much peanut oil, and drop your turkey while still frozen.

    • Tim

      Don’t forget to keep the flame on while you drop the turkey in, and stand really close to the fryer while doing so.

    • drax

      Don’t forget to fill the fryer to the brim with oil before adding the turkey.

      • Skeeter

        May’n I be nay-kuhd while doin’ so?

  • ArlingtonChick

    9. When hosting family and friends, don’t kill them. No matter how strong the urge is to do so. Wait until Boxing Day, so you will at least get some presents to remember them by.

  • UnlimitedCustoms

    Don’t forget the DHS warning as well:

  • rays the turkey

    Like a juicy steak, most people prefer their Turkey cooked Rare – Medium to keep it nice and moist,

  • Truthi

    Well in Arlington last year we had one rocket scientist who lined his oven with newspaper to catch the grease. We had another winner in Alexandria who cooked their turkey on self clean. I love listening to the scanner on Thanksgiving!!!

  • Chris

    10. Always, and I cannot stress this enough, always, always, always make sure your emersion blender with the touch grip trigger is unplugged before sticking your finger in to clean the blade. 11 stitches on the top of your index finger is painful and I don’t want to spend the evening in the ER, again.


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