Westover Market Butcher Shop Returns

by ARLnow.com December 7, 2011 at 3:57 pm 5,609 12 Comments

Westover Market’s butcher shop is expected to return tonight after a one week hiatus.

The shop — which offered gourmet cuts of locally-sourced meats — closed last week after butcher shop proprietor Bruce Saunders decided to call it quits. Now, we’re told, the shop is coming back with many of the same meat options, but under new management.

The Westover Market Facebook page says the shop will be offering a $16.99 special tonight on two cuts of beef and two sides, in celebration of the re-opening.

We were unable to reach anybody at Westover Market today to formally confirm the news, despite multiple calls to the store’s listed phone number.

Photo via Facebook

  • Glebe Roader

    This little “closed then open again” trick looks like a way to get a little free advertising, eh?

    • SomeGuy

      I thought the same thing when I read that a certain steak & cheese sandwich outfit was being restored to its original burger joint format.

  • Or

    Or maybe they were closed for a bad health inspection. Or maybe the guy that ran it didn’t want to run it anymore. Or maybe they wanted free advertising. Yeah, you’re probably right.

  • Beer Drinker

    A month or so ago I called numerous times to find out the hours for the beer garden. No one ever answered the phone.

  • Edgar

    They do not pick up the phone cause the sons are high all the time. I used to do business with these guys, but they were awful to work with, no attention to detail at all. I love small business, but am unsure how they are still in business.

    • beer enthusiast

      $15.99 per six pack.

    • Steamboat Willie

      +1 to Edgar. That was the EXACT experience that I have had with this place. The market has a great beer selection, but it’s run by a guy who got the job b/c he’s the son of the owners. And when he would screw up, he was either too stoned or apathetic to try to make it right for the customer.

      It’s a shame really.

  • Charlie

    This looks like horse meat. Who is running new pace?

    • Punctual by Nature
    • Mike

      Looks they’re still getting things back up and running but should be fully functional in a week or two. Of the two butchers who were running it previously, one decided to bow out and that’s why there was the “shut down”…the remaining guy decided he wanted to keep it going, and so here we are. They’ll still be selling high quality, local meat for reasonable prices and will provide the “butcherly” advice I’ve come to expect from them. As Arlington residents, we should all keep them going! Excited to see they will stick around after all.

  • HC Carey

    Glad to hear they will keep it running. I was a regular customer and would like to continue to be.

    It’s true, the whole Westover market operation has always been run in a less than “professional” way. They don’t always answer the phone, there’s often no one there.

    Everyone’s free to shop at target or go to a chain like the Cheesecake Factory. I’m willing to call the market “eccentric” and continue to walk there to buy food and beer I can’t get anywhere else

    • Larchmont



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