Arrest Made in Clarendon Bank Robbery

by ARLnow.com December 22, 2011 at 2:32 pm 5,328 35 Comments

Arlington County Police have made an arrest following this morning’s bank robbery in the Clarendon/Courthouse area.

A suspect has been arrested in connection with the robbery of the PNC Bank at 2601 Clarendon Boulevard, police spokeswoman Det. Crystal Nosal confirmed this afternoon. In an earlier press release, police said the suspect entered the bank around 9:50 a.m., implied that he had a weapon and demanded money. He then fled on foot after receiving cash. Police released surveillance images taken from the bank, above.

The suspect’s identity is not being released at this time, but detectives are investigating whether he may have also been responsible for other bank robberies in Arlington.

The description of the suspect released by police today — “white Middle Eastern male in his early 20’s, 5’7” to 5’8” with a medium build” — is similar to that of the suspect in last week’s robbery of a Bank of America on Columbia Pike.

Photo courtesy Arlington County Police Department

  • E


    • bob

      dont make him feel bad everyone makes mistakes! god bless

  • KalashniKEV

    Allah kareem.

    • you two

      must be feeling pretty stupid righ now

      • E

        nah. when a batter is 0 for 19 on the year, then gets a hit, still doesn’t mean he’s a ball player. Congrats, but still, TIGHTEN UP ACPD!!!

        • CourthouseChris
          • E


            but we can admit, the overall batting avg by acpd is low. plus, a lot of other people are noticing and posting about inefficient cops. they are really taking it easy as a whole for the most part.

          • CourthouseChris
          • E

            I just have great, unreal expectations I guess.

          • KalashniKEV

            You all win. Behind-the-glass, passive strategy works. Forget community policing.

            Some day ACPD might chalk-out you or a loved one, and so long as they eventually capture the person responsible it will be a-OK!

            You can read about in on ARLnow, on your heavenly iPad, perched on a cloud… LOL!

          • MC 703

            The likelihood of being murdered randomly in Arlington is pretty low.

          • Josh S

            I like the constant walk-back by E.

            The dude clearly has no idea what he’s talking about.

          • CourthouseChris

            Hey E, why don’t you become one of these CCW vigilantes that KKKev raves about, clean up these streets.

          • Twit

            E- You are such an incredible Tool, it defies description. Go play in traffic.

          • E

            Haha, no way, you are a tool. And a big loser!

  • Louise

    Wow, that was fast! And yes, I agree that he looks just like the guy in the last robbery. I was surprised when that man was described as Hispanic. Way to go Arlington Police!

    • JamesE

      South Park showed that taking a Hispanic and slicking his hair back and putting on a gold chain makes him middle eastern*

      *I’m Persian I can say this.

  • guess

    I guess that purple and black striped hoodies do not lend themselves to blending in with the general crowd.

    • Tabby

      Clean up on aisle 5.

  • CrystalMikey

    Good job ACPD!!

  • CW

    This is what I am talking about. I previously criticized ACPD for its seeming inaction in past instances, but this quick arrest makes it seem clear they at least care. In that line of business, perception is more important than actions.

    • Josh S

      Gosh I just can’t imagine how that could possibly be true.

      It’s like the old saw about a stranger walking into town, needing a haircut and trying to decide between the only two barbershops available – one is neat as a pin, clean and the barber looks great – clean shaven, great haricut, etc. The other shop is a complete mess, hair everywhere, and the barber has a terrible haircut, unkempt, etc. Which one do you got to? The messy one, obviously.

      Actual deeds are far more important than perception.

      Also, you take one arrest for one crime that you know about and you are able to (generously, I imagine) judge that it “makes it seem clear they at least care?” I’m sure you’ll be getting a personal call from the police chief thanking you for your generosity and kind words. He can probably sleep soundly tonight.

      • CW

        And what will you get?

        I am happy that they caught a bank robber.

        You seem to be indifferent to crime and happy to chalk these robberies up to being within the realm of statistical normalcy.

        I believe that catching and punishing offenders will help to deter future crime. I am fairly sure that this is a fairly fundemental principle of most justice systems. What do you think?

        Yes, perception is important. Do you think criminals and potential criminals spend their time combing through statistics, or listening to the word on the street of what areas are and aren’t easy targets?

  • Stillwell87

    Good job ACPD! Finally making real arrests. Now let’s get this man tried through a fair trial, and hopefully convicted.

    Glad I didn’t make that morning trip to this PNC this morning. Had some coins to deposiit and was thinking of doing it right around this time.

  • Common Minter

    “White Middle Eastern male in his early 20’s, 5’7” to 5’8” with a medium build” = Remy!

    (Just kidding. I LOVE Remy. Plus I think he’s around 30. He should do a rap about the bank robberies.)

    • demonfafa

      If he needs convincing, just tell him that bank robberies are part of the free market system. Anything to support libertarianism (and alienate your fanbase in the “Peoples Democratic Republic of Arlington.”)

      • Common Minter

        He hasn’t alienated me. I’m the opposite of a libertarian–I want the government to regulate just about everything–but I don’t care about his political views. He has a right to them. And while I disagree with his libertarianism, fiscal conservatism doesn’t scare me, unlike social conservatism. Plus, the dude is FUNNY.

        At least libertarianism isn’t motivated by malice or religious fervor–just a philosophy about the role of government.

        Anyway. Glad they caught the bandit.

  • Just Me

    Good job ACPD and thank you.

    E, could you do a better job as a police officer? I don’t think it is that easy to find bank robbers and other criminals, this is not Mayberry. The crime rate in this county is much lower than other areas inside the beltway.

    • Just Me

      Also they do a lot that does not make the news or the weekly crime report. If there is something lacking it may be we need more officers.

  • novasteve

    Paging Arlington Banks: You are on notice there are lots of bank robberies here. Now why don’t you invest in the $30 for a higher resolution security camera?

  • Ivy

    He looks like a kid

  • R0bespierre

    Pretty sad attempt at a disguise. It’s like today’s bank robber knows that employees are instructed to hand over the money without the perp having to produce a weapon, so they try to be low key and hedge their odds of being identified against the value of not causing panic by pulling a weapon or wearing a ski mask. This might be a neat strategy, were it not for dye packs.

  • A.B

    I know who that is thats insane!

  • A.B

    This is who that is which he has been arrested


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