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Columbia Pike Burger King Offers Delivery Service

by ARLnow.com January 17, 2012 at 5:00 pm 8,358 38 Comments

The Burger King at 3627 Columbia Pike is currently one of few Burger King restaurants in the United States offering an experimental delivery service.

The Columbia Pike Burger King is offering delivery between 11:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. seven days a week, for a $2 delivery charge. The minimum order is $10 and tip is not included in the delivery charge. Customers in a limited delivery area around the restaurant can order burgers, fries, bottled drinks and other lunch/dinner items via a new “BK Delivers” website or by calling 855-OrderBk (855-673-3725).

Burger King has told national news outlets that it’s planning to expand the delivery trial to 16 U.S. locations by next week. The company’s delivery experiment is currently limited to restaurants in the D.C. area and a “Whopper Bar” concept restaurant in Miami Beach.

Burger King says the delivery service is being made possible by a “proprietary thermal packaging technology” the company has developed, which allows burgers to be delivered hot and fresh and fries to remain hot and crispy.

A sign outside the Columbia Pike Burger King indicates that the restaurant is still hiring delivery drivers.

Hat tip to @shtickstickler

  • CW

    BK should open some food trucks.

  • OX4


  • John Fontain

    Just as long as it’s not delivered by “The King.”

    • Southeast Jerome


      Take that back. The King is a Legend.

  • John Fontain

    Is that guy in the white shirt sleeves dubstepping his way down Colombia Pike?

    • Tabs

      Ees Colombia Pike een Bogota?

  • DSS10

    It’s the end of the world as we know it…….

  • novasteve

    They won’t deliver to courthouse area?


    The delivery fee and tip defeat the purpose of fast food? FREDTERP

    • Why?

      Just curious: Why do you use all caps for your screen name? And why do you sign your screen name after every comment? Your screen name appears before your comment, so it’s kind of baffling.

      • I agree with FREDTERP. Fast food was invented to be cheap and fast. Not convenient. Not nutritional. I have no doubt folks will utilize the service, but I’d rather cook a burger on the grill at home first if I’m just sitting around. OVERGROWN BUSH

    • Daniel

      What if it’s delivered quickly? I’m not following how delivering and tips defeat the purpose of fast food. DANIEL

    • Josh S

      An increasingly rare FREDTERP sighting. Experts speculate that climate change and human settlement are squeezing the FREDTERP habitat. County board members will shortly take up a measure to designate Donaldson Run valley as a FERDTERP reserve, where FREDTERP will be free to live and, hopefully, multiply.

  • ArlForester

    Tip is not included, South Arlington.

  • zzzzz

    When I lived in Manhattan back in the ’90s, McDonalds started a delivery service. Your call went to a centralized call center and they forwarded the order to the McD’s nearest your address. I wonder how long that service lasted.

    • chuck

      I see McDs delivery often overseas.

      • Loggie

        You are right Chuck. Most western fast food places delivery in the majority of overseas big cities. KFC, Taco Bill and Pizza Hut (owned by Pepsi) seem to have the biggest footprint overseas.

        • er… check that

          KFC, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut are no longer owned by Pepsi. They were spun out years ago and are now under a parent called YUM! Brands. I kid you not. Stock ticker YUM.

  • Drink

    Hey way was my post deleted about this only working if they stay open until 4 am for the drunk crowd?

  • Drink

    correction, “why”

  • MC

    When I hear various politicians express concern about affordable housing disappearing along Columbia Pike, I wonder, why are there so many fast food joints and used car dealers and such taking up what should be valuable property that could be housing? If there was a street car, there wouldn’t be a Burger King that can’t get enough people to drive to it, so they need to send cars out to deliver their awful greasy food, clogging arteries of all kinds.

    • Josh

      You under estimate the laziness of some…

    • Southeast Jerome

      or how high some people get

  • JamesE

    Just ordered 50 triple stackers and a diet coke!

  • charlie

    god bless Form Based Code. it is saving Columbia Pike.

  • truth be told

    Splendid! Now I can sit on my a**, eat fast food, and get hugely fat. I don’t even have to walk to the restaurant anymore.

    • JammingEcono


      • jack

        Isn’t that true of ANY restaurant that delivers? Or if you drive to the restaurant?

        • truth be told

          Yes, but fast food puts on the pounds faster than something healthy. Too bad BK doesn’t deliver beer too.

          • Daniel

            I’m pretty sure the greasy pizza is just as bad as at the burgers.

          • jack

            Exactly. Maybe 2% of restaurants that deliver would fall under the category of “healthy.”

    • LOL!

  • Charles

    Now you can work on your personal Obesity Maintenance program in the exercise-free comfort of your home.

    Ahora usted puede trabajar en su programa personal de mantenimiento de obesidad en la comodidad por el ejercicio libre de su hogar.

  • Arlingtonian

    I was stopped behind one of these delivery drivers yesterday at the Pike and Glebe at lunch hour, BK sign on the roof and all, and thought, They deliver? Back at work my coworker sent me the WaPo article and crowed about how fat he’s going to make himself now

  • charlie

    why is that the pizza places required special use permits for delivery
    but Giant, Burger King and the corner chinese place don’t?

  • Paula Deen

    Y’all, I gotta tell you about this WONDERFUL new Burger King delivery. If you ask, y’all can get yourselves a Whopper slathered in butter, Velveeta, and sour cream, then frozen, and then dipped in batter and fried in bacon grease.

  • threecoldnoses

    The BK on Backlick Rd in Springfield has been delivering for months now. Why does the one on Columbia Pike get all the hype?

  • John Noble

    BK site says nothing abouT credit card encryption or security or even which cards they accept– SCARY


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