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Morning Notes

by ARLnow.com February 2, 2012 at 8:45 am 2,283 17 Comments

Obama to Appear in Arlington on Friday — President Obama will deliver a speech about the economy at Arlington’s Fire Station 5 on Friday. The fire station is located on S. Hayes Street in Aurora Highlands, a couple of blocks from Pentagon City mall. [Washington Post]

Three Candidates Running for School Board — There are now three Democratic candidates running for two open Arlington County School Board seats: Emma Violand-Sanchez (incumbent), Noah Simon and Larry Fishtahler. Arlington Democrats will endorse two candidates at a May caucus. [Sun Gazette]

Arlington Fire Hockey Team to Play Fairfax — The Arlington Fire Hockey Team, made up of personnel from Arlington County’s fire and police departments, will face off against the Fairfax County Fire team on Saturday, from about 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. The game is being played at Kettler Capitals Iceplex in Ballston (627 N. Glebe Road). Tickets are $5 for adults and benefit a hockey club for athletes with developmental disabilities. Kids 12 and under are free. [NOVA Cool Cats]

Board Won’t Consider Office Project This Month — The site plan for an office development in Courthouse, originally expected to be considered by the Arlington County Board this weekend month, is being pushed back a bit. It’s now expected to be voted on by the Board in March, April or even later.

  • Obamarama

    Anyone know what time POTUS is gonna speak? The campaign website doesn’t even list the event.

    • CW

      Don’t know. I also don’t know what goes on the White House official schedule on the website. It lists no public schedule for tomorrow. I’d imagine that, for security purposes, that schedule is usually pretty sparse (I don’t ever check it but I hear people refer to it).

    • Jax S

      It would not be on the campaign site because it is not a campaign event.

      Also, would you be interested purchasing a bridge I have for sale in New York?

      • Burger

        You kidding me, Clark. It is absolutely a campaign event.

      • drax

        It’s not an official campaign event, but of course everything the president does is about the campaign. And we all understand the difference.

    • Rebecky

      Aurora Highlands library sent out a notice that it will not open until 1:00 P.M. on Friday, which would me to guess POTUS will be at the firehouse late morning/noon timeframe.

  • Thes

    Why was the Courthouse development project pushed back? That seems like a pretty sudden turnaround…

    • Clarendon

      I have no idea, but my guess is that either something new came up relative to the site or someone noticed something about he plan that they need to review (like a giveaway that might set precedent). Relative to the site it might have to do with what parcels are included. I’m unclear about whether the buildings mid-block are included. The last posted site plan review report indcates that the mid-block buildings are not included but more recent released renderings seem to show that there was new structures there.


      Is there a more recent staff report ?

  • charlie

    glad to hear that the community opposition to the Courthouse project has stalled it.
    this is just one building too many.
    one shaded park too many.
    one ugly facade too many.
    preserve the historic buildings or we will have nothing.
    stall stall stall.

    • South Arlington

      What a historic and treasured building they’re “saving”. I’ll just be so happy when 20 years from now, I can tell my kids that thanks to the unselfish and magnanimous work of Lyon Village, those great, timeless, low-rise brick facades that held such treasured community resources like Listranis and Adams Corner were saved!

    • AllenB

      Unless you have some info that the rest of us aren’t privvy to, you have no idea why this was delayed.

      And if you think the whining/no growth complaints from a small bunch on Arlnow is going to kill a project, me thinks you’re a bit naive.

      • charlie

        well a handful of people did kill the nice hotel that was to be built next door. we do need more hotel rooms.

        • Clarendon

          I believe on that hotel, Schupp was requesting a GLUP change that wasn’t consistent with the existing Courthouse sector plan. It wasn’t a handful of people. This is a very different situation.

        • AllenB

          Agree that unless a legal issue was discovered by a small group, I doubt a few people complaining changed the course of the development. The same will happen here.

      • drax

        Nobody said “on Arlnow.”

    • This is just a matter of the site plan process taking a bit longer that anticipated a couple of months ago. There’s no indication it has anything to do with opposition to the project.

  • Tre

    This photo is strangely satisfying


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