Clarendon, Courthouse Stations to Close Over Weekend

by ARLnow.com February 15, 2012 at 2:46 pm 5,148 45 Comments

Major work on the Orange Line will close the Courthouse and Clarendon Metro stations over the long holiday weekend.

The Orange Line will be split into two segments from 10:00 p.m. on Friday to system closing on Monday. Trains will run between Vienna and Virginia Square, and from Rosslyn to New Carrollton. Trains will run at normal weekend service levels. Shuttle buses will run between Rosslyn, Courthouse, Clarendon and Virginia Square.

Metro advises riders to expect an additional 20-30 minutes of travel time when traveling through the Rosslyn-Ballston corridor. The agency says the extended closure will allow it to perform an NTSB-recommended switch replacement near Clarendon.

No work is scheduled on the Blue or Yellow lines this weekend.

  • outoftowner

    Hell yeah!

  • Allie

    I’m so glad this is the weekend I decided to go to NYC. Whew!

    • Carmen

      My thoughts exactly, except it is San Francisco for me.

  • vasq

    What a pain! Definitely going to negatively impact my weekend plans.

    • Tabs

      Can’t be good for all the businesses in that corridor.

  • CW

    Would be a GREAT weekend to set up a DUI checkpoint in Clarendon Circle.

    Mercifully, I’ll be out of town.

  • R. Griffon

    ARGH!!! I offload my kids for ONE friggin’ night in order to do something nice with my wife (planning on going downtown for dinner & drinks), and this is what they do.

    Effing WMATA.

    • vasq

      Exact same situation with me! No kid and a nice night out with my wife. I guess we’ll call Red Top instead, since i’m not about to experiment with the “shuttle”

    • ClarendonFoodie

      Griffon – If you have a car and were planning a nice dinner, try 2941 in Falls Church (right off of 50). My fiance took me there for my birthday last year and it was a tucked away gem. Expensive, but worth every penny – more than some of the expensive places we’ve gone to in DC!

      • R. Griffon

        An excellent recommendation, thank you. Have been there a few times and enjoyed it. But we were kind of hoping to get out and be able to have a few drinks without worrying about it.

        I’ll most likely do as vasq and just hop in a cab. It’s not THAT bad, it’s just the injustice of it all for those of us who rarely get a chance to go out. *grumble, grumble*

        • charlie

          you could slum it on the bus. 38B serves Georgetown with great regularity at nights and on the weekends.

  • mickey644

    In the past two years, I traveled extensively in Europe: Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin, Copenhagen, Paris, etc. and by far, with no equal, the DC Metro is the worst! Escalators out for months! Elevators out, escalators out during peak use, repairs on the weekend when tourists in town, lazy employees, etc. The Metro is a shame to this country and there is no excuse for it.

    • CW

      Yeah but in those countries they’re allowed to tax people.

      • Southeast Jerome

        And the taxing is working so well, their economies are doing great!

        • Hattie McDaniel

          Just like you employer MF Global is doing great.

      • Choogirl

        Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin…all in Germany. Germany has not had the problems many other countries have had.

        • CW

          I don’t think any of the countries containing the cities mentioned have had any problems. If they’d been on their own they’d be fine. The EU took a couple bad bets and got dragged down. Never trust Greeks bearing IOUs…

      • itsalllove

        Pretty sure Metro receives quite a bit of funding from the government and it’s not like it’s cheap. It’s a total disaster and a misuse of funds. If it were privatized I’m sure it would be MUCH better, taxes fix nothing.

        • Thes

          Please identify the subway system, anywhere in the world, that is privatized, so we can see how it compares.

        • CW

          No, that’s not exactly the issue. The problem is that Metro is, as far as I know, the only system that’s split between jurisdictions. That is really the root of all metro evil, not the unions, not the federal govt., nothing else.

  • veeta

    Just wondering when people will realize the bus system is vastly superior to subway.

    • rosslynresident

      Not in Arlington it’s not. The 38B service is so infrequent, even during rush hour, that it’s not a very viable alternative to the Orange line unless you enjoy waiting 20 minutes in the cold for the next bus. Might as well take the Metro in most cases.

      The shuttle service that will be running instead of the trains is probably the fastest way to get from station to station. Pity that Metro hasn’t figured out yet that it’s more efficient to have fewer stops for buses. In London the buses don’t stop on every other corner the way buses like 38B do here.

      • charlie

        the 38b gets hung up in afternoon rush hour and also the tail end of morning rush hour.
        but during the day and on the weekends it is pretty reliable.

        i agree that 38b having a stop every block just doesn’t make sense.

        • veeta

          I agree about the too many stops–on metro buses and on ART buses–but I’m the type of person who walks from courthouse to ballston. I think the buses may do a better job of transporting people from south to north, but I find I am able to get around quite well from east to west in Arlington using a combo of the ART buses and occasionally the 38b.

    • diabeticinarlington

      I’ve found this to be true as well. I’m a daily rider on the Arlington bus lines and have never had an issue. Let alone, the drivers are always nice and considerate, willing to aide if needed. I find the bus lines in Arlington far superior to the Metro system. However, yes, it does take more time to take a bus from Courthouse to Vienna, but if you’re just skipping around town, I highly recommend the ART lines.

  • Justin

    “Trains will run at normal weekend service levels.”

    How reassuring! 🙁

  • thecharlesriver

    So if you live closer to courthouse, you use the rosslyn stop and if closer to Clarendon you use Virginia Square.


    • Brendan

      no you fool, if you live closer to Clarendon you still have to use Rosslyn. va square won’t take you into dc.

      • thecharlesriver

        Where do you think the Orange line goes after Rosslyn you big dummy?

        • thecharlesriver

          And even if they sh-t it off at Vienna what’s the big deal about going from Clarendon to Rosslyn for one weekend? Waaaaaaaah

      • thecharlesriver

        And even if they shut it down at Vienna what’s the big deal about going to Rosslyn? Waaaaah

      • thecharlesriver

        God forbid you take a shuttle bus huh? lol

        • Calm down

          Wow, four posts in seven minutes because some guy corrected you? U mad bro?

          • nom de guerre

            He appears to be functioning at his baseline.

          • thecharlesriver

            No, because it was morning….having coffee…multitasking…..and multi-thinking. Why do you ask, does that make YOU mad?

  • Joe

    Court House (two words) is the name of the Metro station.

  • BMXbandit

    Use Cap Bike share…bike to rosslyn park bike get on metro

    • Fat Boy

      But then I have to go up the hill. Waaaah

  • Steve

    Metro deliberately refuses to take procedures to preserve the escalators for a single reason, to protect union jobs. In Germany they don’t have covers for escalators, and the elements also can impact them. The main thing they do that we do not do, besides employ competent people, is they use motion sensors on escalators. If nobody uses them, they go into power save mode and shut down. once someone walks by the sensor, they start up again. It reduces wear and tear

    • Hoffa

      It’s a good thing they don’t have unions in Germany. Oh, wait…

  • Steve

    I bet the “car free diet” people really like to prevent the weekend metro nightmares don’t exist. This is going to go on for YEARS. Metro is WHY YOU NEED A CAR.

    • Richard Cranium

      I think you just hit upon a new Metro Slogan:

      “Metro – Why People Drive”

      • SouthPikeGuy

        +eleventy billion

    • ModestProposal

      We save so much on payments and gas that we can afford cabs on the weekends.

  • Chipper J.

    Took me 2 hours to metro from McPherson Sq to Ballston last night. Got stuck for over an hour waiting on an orange line train in Rosslyn as they were sharing 1 track. UNREAL. Worst run public transit system on the planet.


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