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County Prepping for Possible Snow on Sunday

by Katie Pyzyk — February 17, 2012 at 1:42 pm 1,964 20 Comments

(Updated at 2:05 p.m.) Here we go again. Right in the midst of a stretch of mild weather, we’re bracing for the possibility of snow this weekend.

Forecasters have been predicting some sort of precipitation on Sunday, but it’s unclear whether it will be mainly snow or rain. As is often the case in our area, weather models are changing by the hour. Don’t get your hopes up for a repeat of the Presidents Day Blizzard of 2003 — but do plan on the chance of the season’s most significant snowfall.

In advance of the possible storm, the Arlington County Department of Environmental Services has issued a Phase 1 Alert, meaning crews will pre-treat roads with salt or brine as necessary. They’re also preparing snow removal equipment and personnel for the weekend.

Dominion Virginia Power also reports making preparations. Trucks are being stocked and fueled, and crews are ready to respond to outages. Customers can call 1-866-DOM-HELP to report outages and downed lines.

  • va^2


  • yequalsy

    Well I guess they won’t need to put much salt down.

    • Hokie

      Seriously. they put enough down last weekend that on Sunday morning I felt more like I was driving through blowing salt than blowing snow.

    • Hokie

      Seriously. they put enough down last weekend that on Sunday morning I felt more like I was driving through blowing salt than blowing snow.

  • CrystalMikey

    Quick! Clear the shelves of bread and milk!

    • drax

      You must have missed it: this cliche has been banned from ArlNow.

      • Tabs

        The only thing I fear running out of is cat food.

        • Hope

          I only fear running out of heat.

        • Arlingtonian

          I fear running out of cat litter more

  • http://www.11points.com/Books/11_Things_The_Bible_Bans,_But_You_Do_Anyway Flying Spaghetti Monster

    Let the chemical salts rain down from the skies until throats are parched and the earth is barren!

    Oh yeah, and buy a year’s supply of toilet paper and bottled water. Just in case you can’t drive for a few hours.

  • Tabs

    Off-topic but wow–there are tons of emergency vehicles around Columbia Pike and Walter Reed right now .

  • lizdi

    I hope we get lots and lots of snow.

  • novasteve

    I WILL BREAK into all of your homes and steal your TP if there is a run on TP!

    • Cornholio

      Are you threatening me? Bunghole!

    • Hope

      We all know you need it, you are so full of it. LOL!

      • b0rk

        +1,000 I’ll even donate some to him for the colossal BS he spews.

  • Swag

    omg, not a PHASE 1 ALERT!!!!!!

  • OldTimer

    Just saw Jim Cantore fly into DCA. This storm gonna be featured on TWC.

  • Cate

    Today alone I’ve read about four different reports on this thing – lots of snow, little snow, rain, no precipitation whatsoever…I kind of wish the meteorologists would stop changing the predictions and just say “yeah, we have no idea, if you need to know Sunday’s weather, look out the window on Sunday.”

  • Garden City

    Do they have any salt left? I think they used it all the last time.


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