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Photos: Clarendon Mardi Gras Parade

by ARLnow.com February 22, 2012 at 11:00 am 6,233 46 Comments

Clarendon’s annual Mardi Gras parade marched up Wilson Boulevard last night, to the delight of hundreds of paradegoers.

Among the those marching in this year’s parade were the Ballou High School Band, Washington Nationals mascot Screech, the D.C. Rollergirls, and the all-women, Afro-Brazilian/samba-reggae percussion band Batala Washington. Local businesses, churches, nonprofits and political parties also took part.

Photos by Erin Schwartz Sutherland

  • CrystalMikey

    Thanks for the great pictures ArlNOW! It was nice to have this taste of NOLA here in ARL.

    • Charles

      I appreciate ARLNOW correctly referring to this as the Clarendon Mardi Gras. It was certainly not Arlington’s.

  • Wilbur

    Good pics! Great night!

  • BigSam

    Did any ladies “earn” there beads?

    • RCW

      “Their” beads. Stay classy.

      • SomeGuy

        Overlook the typo. Let’s focus on the question and assumed photo evidence at hand.

        • Tabs

          The bead givers were focusing on children, so…grow up.

          • R0bespierre

            How do you think the children came about? Grow down.

          • SomeGuy

            I concur with R0bespierre. And it’s not unreasonable to suggest a commenter stay on topic instead of playing grammar police.

    • nom de guerre

      I assumed BS meant ‘dem there beads.

  • arlmama

    wonder why no band from one of the Arlington schools was there.

    • drax

      I’ve never seen an Arlington band in an Arlington parade. It’s weird.

    • We called all the high schools, to invite them, but evidently our parade comes at a bad time for the schools. There are band tournaments they participate in.

  • Suburban Not Urban

    Yea cause we want to be N.O. – ever been there?

    • CrystalMikey

      Yes…and I love it. You?

      • Suburban Not Urban

        Yea – it’s fun to party in and eat, but it’s a hole to live in, with crime and corruption second to none.

        • Clarendon

          Don’t forget the Jazz music, that’s also a great thing about NO.

          So by your way of thinking we can’t eat Jambalaya, listen to Jazz or have fun parades because then we would “be N.O.” ?

  • OldTimer

    Oh my. Dat drag queen from Freddie’s was HOT. I know where happy hour is tonite. Time for my ashes…

    • awh hells bells

      Hahaha! Someone from the LBGT community should fabric image 18 into a postcard and send it to Fred Phelps, glitter-bombs optional. It’s fun to prod and cajole basketcases (hence the appeal of these boards) inducing various levels of butthurt. Maybe the postcard will induce him to pay Arlington a visit and we can really skewer him.

  • charlie

    yawn, hu, what up? where did all these beads come from that are splayed across the pillow on my bed. huh? what.?

  • nunya

    a good time had by all.

  • John Fontain

    For the randomness factor alone, the highlight of the parade had to be Trader Joe’s throwing boxes of stuffing mix into the crowd.

    This year’s parade was the biggest and best yet. Thanks to all the participants and to the organizers.

    • SomeGuy

      John Fontain, why not take to insulting the parade goers for wearing their “costumes” which provide no functional value. Or do you only ridicule people who wear *functional* “costumes,” like in this thread?


      • Josh S

        Ya gotta love the saved up dig.

        Of course, he deserves it, and more for the completely inane comments about what other people wear while biking.

      • awh hells bells

        “WTF…stuffing?! Where the hell are my beads?!” That is random yet
        similarly awesome.

        @SomeGuy – even the Hatfield’s and the McCoy’s buried the hatchet.

      • John Fontain

        Non sequitur. Try again.

  • PotentialSlacker

    Are there any other picture albums online? I saw the one on the Patch’s website….was hoping someone got a picture of our puppy walking in the parade 😉

  • Tabs

    The folks on the Whitlow’s float, among others, needed to be told not to throw gently underhand, not CHUCK beads at people’s (including kids’) faces.

    • NovaDweller

      Considering the amount of people mobbing the floats on the street it’s no surprise some people got hit in the face. I stood back on the curb and didn’t encounter this problem, but had the opportunity to catch beads that were actually thrown instead of just handed out. Hopefully next year the police can work on keeping the crowds moved back so they don’t get hit….luckily it was only by beads.

    • awh hells bells

      Perhaps next year parade organizers will have floats dedicated to nonsensical curmudgeons who can’t make up their minds how to allocate beads at all.

      • Clarendon

        The organizer (Clarendon Alliance) don’t design the floats, but I love the idea of an Arlington Curmudgeon Float ! It could be plastered with all sorts of curmudgeon cliches. How big would it have to be though?

        • OldTimer

          Based on the posters on arlnow, a few blocks long.

          • John K.


  • Mellow Yellow

    Fun times had by all. But please, try to keep spectators on the sidewalks as much as possible! I was driving in the parade and there were a couple of times where I had to stop until space was made, or my car barely made it through the crowd. Somebody is going to get hit sooner or later. My riders said the band behind us was being totally mobbed.

    Also, apologies for my car’s minor overheating issue – I definitely need to get a radiator shroud fabbed up. Is there any reliable place in Arlington that works on older cars?

    • Tabs

      Auto Stop on Four Mile Run.

      And yeah, *cough cough cough* thanks

  • radftmyer

    soooo fun! looking forward to next years!

  • awesome

    Can someone please tell me who the people in the big scary masks with what appeared to be a yeti wearing a spider are? They were amazing. and kind of terrifying. i want to see that again.

    • Tabs

      Bolivian group. I don’t know the name.

      • JBS

        Would love to find out who they were – their costumes were awesome

        • Tabs

          They were. I went to Whole Foods and there were employees out of the sidewalk dancing away to the beat.

  • Save some green beads for me. I need them for St Patrick’s Day.

  • John Andre

    How is it that the band from D.C.-based Ballou High marched in the parade while no bands from the Arlington high schools [Wakefield, Washington-Lee, Yorktown, O’Connell] were there??? There should have been at least ONE Arlington high school band there.

  • Clrndn

    I’ve been around for this parade since it’s inception and I’ve been told that the organizer (Clarendon Alliance) has reached out numerous times to the different high schools in Arlington but they’ve never been interested in participating because they have marching bands in the fall and concert bands in the spring.

    • Clarendon

      This is true. What I wonder is if the Arlington schools are looking at it as having to be some big production. They wouldn’t even need to have the marching band, just get the Jazz band or any assemblage of anybody, stuck them in a decorated pickup and have fun. Ballou is nice because they are pretty much a professional-class parade band – just throw them onto the street and they seem to know what to do.

      • Arlington NC

        No band, but APS’s Escuela Key School was there this year in celebration of their 25th year of Spanish immersion. Key’s principals, Dr. Myers & Sra. Fernandez, were in a convertible with many teachers following in a truck, and many students and alumni marching behind.

  • Artbyjared

    So, where’s the photo of Countdown To Yuri’s Night float? (the one with the dancing robot?)


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