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Will Chevys Restaurant in Pentagon City Close Next?

by ARLnow.com February 23, 2012 at 10:30 am 7,315 59 Comments

With the Chevys Fresh Mex restaurant in Ballston Common Mall (pictured) now permanently closed, is the Chevys location in Pentagon City (1201 S Hayes Street) far behind?

A source who had advance knowledge of the closing of the Ballston Chevys tells ARLnow.com that the financially-troubled restaurant chain is indeed planning on closing the Pentagon City location, perhaps as soon as this weekend or next week.

That’s contrary to what employees at the restaurant told us. A Chevys Pentagon City employee said earlier this week that the eatery was “going strong” and would remain open.

Chevys Pentagon City is one of the county’s larger restaurants, with a seating capacity of over 150.

  • DSS10

    Lets hope so, their food is neither Mexican, fresh, and no Chevy’s are associated with their restaurant. I will say that I had perhaps the worst meal I have ever had was at the Chevy’s in pentagon city and I am not a picky “want to be restaurant critic.” The combination of horrible food, nasty (yes nasty) service, and food poisoning make me hope that this Chevy’s dies quickly…

    • skrampton

      The only time I ever went there, I ordered some pork tamale dish. I think you could have driven those tamales through a 2×4 with a hammer.

  • A little google news search turned up lots of Chevy’s closing abruptly around the nation.

    And look here: http://www.thedailymeal.com/bankruptcy-court-approves-real-mex-sale

    • Arlingtonian

      Are all the Chevys going to wind up like all the Chi-Chi’s (minus the hepatitis)? http://creepyabandonedchichis.blogspot.com/

      • CW

        I got AMAZING food poisoning at a Chi-Chi’s once.

        I wish Don Pablo’s would come over here…of the chain faux-mex, I find them to be the most palatable.

        • Arlingtonian

          There’s the one in Potomac Yard next to Hops … not in Arlington, but not too far.

          • CW

            Wow, did not know. Might head over there one day soon, sadly.

          • Arlingtonian

            I kind of wish they would bring Ninfa’s out here. It’s a chain they have out in Texas. AWESOME margaritas.

  • I’d miss it

    I know it’s not good and it’s not fancy, but having worked in Pentagon City for almost 10 years, Chevy’s became a quick HH hang out for me and my coworkers. If you actually sit at the bar and they know you, they’ll make a killer marg. for $3 (if they don’t know you it’s the regular mostly sugar/sour mix HH drink for $3 with a measured shot, etc.). I guess I get why no one else likes it but a couple orders of half price steak and chicken nachos and a handful of HH margs and my friends and I could actually unwind and enjoy an afternoon even if we had a crappy day with cheap tippers who only care about themselves. Slip the bartenders a few bucks extra cash and you certainly get well over your money’s worth. 🙂

    • I know, I’ve loved the $3 ritas. And the fact that they had HH on the weekends. Nothing like Sunday afternoon down time at the bar.

      • Arlingtonian

        I wasn’t a fan of the Ballston Chevys, but I eat at the Pentagon City one pretty often. I’d be sad to see it go. As long as no one gets rid of Uncle Julio’s I’m okay though.

        • ArlingtonChick

          I still don’t get why people like Uncle Julios–it’s over priced and tastes microwaved.

          • LP

            Wow. I’m pretty sure everyone else will disagree, Uncle Julio’s is some of the best tex-mex we have in the area.

          • AllenB

            Agree with LP. Great food at Uncle Julios.

          • Arlingtonian

            And great service and atmosphere too. It’s hard to find all three of those things in one place sometimes.

          • Southeast Jerome

            yea how is Uncle Julio’s overpriced?

            There is a taco bell on 29 if you want crap food.

          • CW

            Hey, easy now.

          • While I don’t understand the popularity of Uncle Julio’s either, you can’t say the food is bad. Tex-mex is not for everyone–including myself–but Uncle Julio’s is good Tex-Mex.

  • Frivolous

    On the Border and Uncle Julio’s (not in that order) are much better Mexican chain restaurants. Lets hope we get something interesting in it’s spot.

    • DSS10

      I wish we could get a real Mexican restaurant here. Not a chain, not a subsidiary of Pepsi, not a place where all of the food arrives frozen from the North Dakota plant but where the food tastes like it does in mexico and it is made fresh (I mean really “fresh” not the marketing term).

      • JamesE

        Taco Bell !

        • nom de guerre

          Now featuring Doritos Locos Tacos – A New Doritos taco shell!

          • JamesE

            Good lord I know, I am ready for it!

      • Arlingtonian

        I hear El Paso in South Arlington is awesome. Can’t vouch for it myself, but one of these days I’ll get over there and try it.

        • nom de guerre

          Are you possibly referring to El Paso Cafe? It is located at 4235 North Pershing Drive, which is technically in North Arlington.

          • DSS10


            I’ll check it out!

          • Arlingtonian

            That’s the one! Is it as good as they say?

          • nom de guerre

            I think it is good, but I don’t get out much.

          • John Fontain

            El Paso is good and many people will swear it is way better than any local Mexican chain. But they’ll say this for the simple reason that it isn’t a chain, not because the food actually tastes any different (although they won’t admit this).

            If you served their food and any other chain’s mex food in a blind taste test, I’ll guarantee you that most wouldn’t discern a difference.

            The drinks at El Paso are good, but a bit pricey.

            On Columbia Pike (next the McDonalds and near Bangkok 54) is a mexican place called Abi’s. Food is similar to El Paso’s and prices are slightly better. And margarita’s are only $3.50 on Sunday.

          • Clarendon

            I don’t get to the Pike much, but I’ve eaten at Abi a few times and it was excellent. I think I’ve only had the Carne a la Mexicana (twice) and some kind of Burrito.

          • Wish-to-be food critic

            The nachos at El Paso are fantastic, especially chicken. Other non-standard dishes are great, too. Their regular mexican restaurant enchillada/taco/etc dishes are average, though. And the ritas are only OK.

            Mexicali Blues and Taqueria Poblano have good margaritas – with Mexicali being pretty cheap for the house version. The food at both places is above average. The tacos at Poblano are really, really good.

          • nom de guerre

            Los Tios Grill in the Del Ray section of Alexandria is well worth the trip, especially from LA (South Arlington/Lower Arlington).

        • John B

          Supposedly they have great margaritas at El Paso Cafe too.

          • Frito Pie

            They’re horrible – very mixy. Much better margaritas are served at Taqueria Poblano on Lee Highway. The limes are freshly squeezed each day, and lime zest is added for extra . . . zest!

          • Arlingtonian

            That sounds delicious. We should have a Taqueria Poblano on the Pike soon.

      • rob

        District Taco is good

        • John Fontain

          After hearing loads of hype for months on end, I finally checked this place out two times recently. The prices on the tacos are good. The chips and queso is great. Overall, I’d say the food is a very Americanized version of mexican food (not casting judgment, just stating a fact). Even more Americanized than the various chain mexican restaurants that everyone seems to disparage.

          I like their food, but after having gotten hooked on more authentic styles such as that served as El Charrito, I’d have to stick with El Charrito as my favorite taco place.

          • JamesE

            Do they use corn or flour tortillas? From people I know in the lone star state apparently corn is the way to go for real authentic Mexican tacos.

          • John Fontain


            Beef, chicken, tongue, goat, pork, chorizo, etc., topped with chopped herbs.

            Try the #2 for a good sampler. One beef taco, one chicken taco, one mix pupusa (yum), and beans and rice. $7.

          • Arlingtonian

            I love District Taco but don’t get out there that much. Their chorizo is delicious.

      • I just want to get authentic Mexican tacos without having to visit a taco truck. No, District Tacos and El Chilango aren’t it.

        • Oops, meant El Charrito Caminando off Washington Blvd. El Chilango is authentic.

  • Clarendon

    In these situations, the employees are the last to know. The restaurant doesn’t want to say – hey we will be closing in a month because then everyone leaves to find new jobs.

    • SouthPikeGuy

      And the ones that do not leave right away start stealing stuff.

  • Good Grief

    Guajillo is, in my opinion, the best non-cheap eats Mexican in Arlington. Margaritas hit the spot perfectly as well!!

  • Steve S

    I’m ok with losing Chevy’s so long as something else (with a bar) took its place.

    What will become of the “secret” public restroom down the Chevy’s hallway near the inside entrance to Starbucks?

  • Abe Froman

    I am fine with Chevy’s going away, it was a poor product that couldn’t keep up with the competition. I just hope something decent replaces it, not another shlocky chain restaurant.

    • nom de guerre

      schlocky-adjective; of decidedly inferior quality: cheap, lousy, miserable, paltry, poor, rotten, shoddy, sleazy, trashy. See also Ballston Common Mall.

  • CW

    Can el Charrito get a liquor license and some folding chairs out front? I would live there if that were the case.

  • el crapito!

    Noooooo huge loss for the “community”.


  • Debster

    Yesterday at the Ballston location, someone was handing out coupons for a free entree at either the Pentagon City location or Merrifield. I can’t imagine they would be planning to close if they went to the trouble to print nice flyers. Of course, the coupon expires on March 4th. so it could be their last hurrah.

  • thecharlesriver

    Close the whole mall.

    • Link Tower

      Yes gentrify Ballston Mall. Start with demolition.

  • Sean

    Back about 12-13 years ago, Chevy’s used to be great. Really fantastic fajitas, made with a sizable portion of quality meat. The service was also very good. My wife and I used to go there every weekend for at least a couple of years.

    Then it very suddenly changed. The meat quantity was noticeably reduced and the meat became tough and dry. The employees started turning over much more frequently and the level of service quickly dropped. We stopped going every weekend but would pop in every so often to see if they straightened out whatever was going on. They never did.

    Then Rio Grande/Uncle Julio’s opened. They were very much like the old Chevy’s. We haven’t gone back to Chevy’s since Rio Grande opened. I’m kind of sad to see Chevy’s go, but they’ve been on borrowed time for a long time.

  • JJ

    Chevy’s isn’t bad, not sure why people beat up on it, but I rarely ate meat dishes there to be fair. Good value overall for OK tex-mex.

    Abi’s is not Mexican, although they have a few Mexican items. Taqueria Poblano is a good taqueria in Del Ray that has a new branch under construction on Columbia Pike. Don Julio’s is very overpriced tex-mex – and the drinks in particular are outrageously expensive. It’s reputation remains a mystery.

    The worst thing about all of these places is that they use HFCS/Yellow No.5 sours mix, which is foul. Once you’ve started drinking margaritas with sugar and real citrus juice, it’s impossible to go back.

    • Michael H.

      I think Chevys is OK. I like them better than California Pizza Kitchen.

      It’ll be too bad if the Pentagon City location does close. I haven’t checked to see if they already closed this weekend.

  • Stacy Norris

    Los Tios in Del Ray Alexandria is by far the best Tex Mex in my opinion.

    • nom de guerre

      I agree-please see my previous post above on 2/23/12 @4:58pm.

  • KD

    If it closes, I hope it will be replaced by Panera.


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