Crime Report: Creepy Behavior at Ballston Mall

by March 7, 2012 at 3:13 pm 9,870 32 Comments

There were two incidents of men arrested for downright creepy behavior at Ballston Common Mall on Monday.

First, a man was arrested for allegedly masturbating while watching women work out at the Ballston Sport & Health Club in the mall.

INDECENT EXPOSURE, 03/05/12, 4200 block of Wilson Boulevard. At 6:20 am on March 5, a subject was seen masturbating in a public area of the mall while he was watching women exercise through a gym window. Alexei Rodriguez, 37, of no fixed address, was charged with indecent exposure and trespassing. He is being held without bond.

Just three hours later, a man was arrested for allegedly hiding inside a stall in the women’s bathroom.

PEEPING TOM, 03/05/12, 4200 block of Wilson Boulevard. On March 5 at 9:40 am, a male subject was found in a female bathroom stall peeping into the remaining area by Mall Security. Jacques Toube, 50, of Riverdale, MD, was charged with peeping and was held on a secured bond.

The rest of this week’s crime report, after the jump.

ARMED ROBBERY, 03/03/12, 1700 block of N. George Mason Drive. On March 3 at 3:30 pm, a cafeteria worker at Virginia Hospital Center held a co-worker at knifepoint and demanded the combination to the office safe. The suspect bound the victims hands and feet with an electrical cord and rolled the safe out of the office on a chair. The suspect attempted to flee the scene in a taxi, but was apprehended by police without further incident. Albert Murray, 48, of Alexandria, was charged with Armed Robbery, Abduction, Robbery by Force, Grand Larceny of Auto and Possession of PCP. He is being held without bond.

ARMED ROBBERY, 03/04/12, 5200 block of S. 8th Road. At 10:54 pm on March 4, a victim was lured to the courtyard area of an apartment complex by two females he had met earlier in the day on a phone “chat” line. When the victim arrived, three subjects armed with handguns robbed the man for $300 cash, his jacket, shoes and cell phone. The suspects were all described as black males, approximately 5’8″ tall with average builds. At the time of the robbery, each suspect was wearing a black hoodie sweatshirt tied tight around their face and black pants.

BURGLARY, 03/05/12, 2600 block of S. Wayne Court. An unknown suspect entered a residence and stole a laptop computer. The victim had arrived home to find the front door ajar and contacted police. There were no additional items reported missing. There is no suspect description.

BURGLARY, 03/03/12, 2700 block of S. Veitch Street. Between 8:30 pm on March 2, and 1:30 pm on March 3, an unknown suspect(s) forced entry into an apartment by cutting open a screen to gain access to a window. The suspect(s) stole various items to include jewelry, laptops, electronics, purses and clothing items. There is no suspect description.

LARCENY FROM AUTO (SERIES), 03/04/12, 5000 block of N. 33rd Street. Between 6 pm on March 3, and 7:30 am on March 4, an unknown subject(s) entered several unlocked vehicles and stole various items. Stolen items include a GPS, sunglasses, and money. There is no suspect description.


03/03/12, WA B90080E, 2008 Chevy Colorado, White, 500 block of S. 24th Street
03/04/12, VA XDP4170, 2009 Volvo XC70 T6, Green, 3700 block of N. Vernon Street

  • LP

    Par for the course at Ballston Mall.

    • Southeast Jerome

      Wonder if the guy was trying to re-live the blue ball days from the putt putt that used to be there.

  • novasteve

    No fixed address eh? Won’t there be more of those types with the year round homeless shelter? I guess guys masturbating to women working out is a small price to pay to have a year round homeless shelter.

    • drax

      Is it creepy to just think about masturbating while watching women work out? I need to know for a friend. Not me. A friend.

      • T.G.E.0.A….

        Does your friend like soiled garments in public laundromats too?

        • Not your bro

          aw man, don’t we all?

        • drax

          I’ll ask him.

          No, he doesn’t.

    • KalashniKEV

      I can deal with Bums having a public wank much better than I can the price tag of their Bum Mansion or the hit my property value would take.

  • nunya

    no fixed address. must me a gypsy.

    aren’t there more salacious images on the net, or even tv.

    • nunya

      must *be*

  • Quoth the Raven

    ARMED ROBBERY, 03/04/12, 5200 block of S. 8th Road

    And I thought all the women you meet on phone chat lines were safe, honest and reliable! I’m shocked and appalled that the rendevous went poorly!

    • Matt

      Apparantly the women were escorted by ninjas.

      • Leonardo

        All at 5’8…..must be teenage, mutant, ninjas. Should be easy for ACPD to spot……unless they’re robbing a bank.

    • Arlwhat

      I hope novasteve is ok

      • speonjosh


  • banjo

    He needs to hire a lawyer and invoke the “strumming on an imaginary banjo” defence:

  • Chinny McChipstah

    “Keep Arlington Creepy”

  • OldTimer

    Oh this masturbation epidemic is getting out of hand!

    • drax

      That guy was such a jerk.

    • BallstonNOTBoston

      I see what you did there, I’ll “hand” it to ya “job” well done.

      • OldTimer

        Caught me red-handed trying to pull one over.

      • yayasisterhood

        If it was my girl that he was pleasuring himself to… I would have “Punched” that “Clown.”

    • Andy

      It’s hard to beat that one.

      • Not your bro

        Is that hair I see on my palm?

  • JamesE

    Another reason to destroy the mall

    • zzzzz

      The mall does not create pervs. They exist anyway, in all sorts of places.

      • Dan

        “The mall does not create pervs. They exist”

        So that answers the age old question of which came first….the flashers or the malls ??

  • Ballston Irish

    Whats wrong with this guy, has he not seen the gigantic poster outside Victoria’s Secret

  • mickey644

    This was just his idea of working out. Nothing like a few meat lifts!


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