Pollen Spike Causing Allergy Misery

by Katie Pyzyk March 8, 2012 at 1:30 pm 4,181 17 Comments

Although most people throughout Arlington seem to be enjoying the warmer weather, not everyone is happy with it. Allergy sufferers are getting bombarded with a spike in pollen thanks to some early blooms.

The tree pollen level shot up to high today due to the warm and windy conditions.

Local doctors say typically the first couple weeks of April mark the start of heavy allergy season. That increases throughout the month as more trees release pollen spores, which can be seen blanketing the area.

This year, allergy sufferers have already been reporting symptoms for weeks, thanks to a mild winter. In fact, the Capital Weather Gang reports this has been the third warmest meteorological winter on record for the region.

Don’t worry, there is relief in sight. Lower temperatures and expected showers should push pollen back into the moderate level tomorrow.

Until then, here are some tips for lessening allergy suffering:

  • Keep windows closed at home and in the car. Use the air conditioner if necessary, and be sure to change air filters.
  • Stay inside on windy days.
  • Avoid outdoor activity in the morning when pollen counts are highest, usually from 5:00-10:00 a.m.
  • Change clothes after being outside. Take a shower to wash off pollen spores, especially before going to bed.
  • Use a machine to dry laundry instead of hanging it outside.

  • Lee-n-Glebe

    No kidding. My allergies have been going crazy for about a month.

  • Rachel

    In other news, man lands on the moon!

    • Keith

      Drivers around here have no idea how to drive in the pollen either. Might as well shut down the whole city.

      • novasteve


      • Rachel

        Haha. Come on arlnow, gotta be some news to report!

      • drax

        Automatic transmissions make it even worse!

    • Lloyd Christmas

      Nooo way!! That’s GREAT

  • nunya

    i was just wondering. went for a run and now my eyes are all scratchy

  • OldTimer

    High pollen levels affect visas for Prague performers… tonite on AC360 with follow-up interviews of denied performers on Piers Morgan!

  • CrystalMikey

    I’ve been on Allegra for the last week or so already. Felt the itching so I’m going for the preemptive strike!


    my eyes are scratchy

    • nunya

      my FREDTERP is itchy.

    • ReverseCommute


  • Skeptical

    Yeah, I kind of didn’t need to be told this but it’s nice to know I’m not getting worse allergies as time goes on.

    I’ve even seen cats and dogs sneezing.

    • PL25rd

      Yep, my dog is all kinds of congested now. His snoring is remarkable.

      • OldTimer

        Had a squirrel on my back deck this morning and I thought he was choking, but it was just a sneezing fit. That was a first. Aaaaaaaah


  • John Andre

    Since we never really had winter this year, the usual respite from mold spores & pollen never really happened. The trees started blooming before Feb. 1st, and the mold never quit…we never had a ground freeze during this poor excuse for a “winter”.


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