Man Shot In Buckingham

by ARLnow.com March 9, 2012 at 11:14 pm 9,338 85 Comments

(Updated at 3:55 p.m.) A man was shot in Arlington Friday night by a suspect who remains at large.

Just before 8:00 p.m. on 4200 2nd Road N., in the Buckingham neighborhood, an unknown assailant wearing black clothing and a ski mask approached a man and shot him two times. The victim is described as a Hispanic male with gunshot wounds to the thigh and abdomen. He was reported to be in critical condition after the shooting. As of Saturday afternoon, police said he was still in the hospital.

The assailant, who is still at large, is described as a 5’8″ black male. He’s said to be armed and dangerous. Police say they’re not sure if the suspect knew the victim or if it was a random act of violence. As they continue to investigate the incident, police are encouraging anyone with information about the suspect to call them at 703-558-2222.

Photo courtesy Brendon L.

  • Dave

    This particular block is about as ghetto as it gets for North Arlington. Still, it’s surprising news. Hope the victim pulls through.

    • Casey P.

      The square defined by Lee Hwy, Culpeper, 17th, and Harrison gets a fair amount of police attention / action too.

  • Louise

    That explains the helicopter that hovered for over half an hour.

  • bobco85

    The incident occurred literally 50 feet from my apartment building at 7:48 p.m., and I had my windows open at the time. Heard about 3-4 gunshots, then a man yelling in pain. I hit the deck and called 911. Response was very quick (less than a minute). About 8 cop cars, 1 fire engine, and 1 ambulance were on the scene.

    I asked one of the officers if the victim would be okay, and he told me the ambulance was taking him to GW hospital instead of Virginia Hospital Center because it has a better trauma unit. The victim lives just around the corner on Thomas Street.

    FYI, the crime scene unit finished their investigation just a few minutes ago, and the block has been reopened to traffic. Things are quite again.

  • Sarcastic Individual

    Another argument for getting rid of “affordable housing”.

    • Jim


  • Gabriela

    I live one block from the crime scene and at the time, was walking home with 9 year old child from a basketball game. Have we left a few minutes before, we would have been on that block, at the time of the crime. It’s scary and I really hope the police can catch this assassin.
    It’s sad to see what is happening with our neighborhood.

  • Ashton Heights Bob

    We need to give a big thank you to the county board for introducing illiterate criminal thugs to the Buckingham area. Thank you, the diversity is great! Until the county board spent millions of our tax dollars to provide “affordable housing” in the Buckingham area there were not gansta thugs robbing people. The description of the gansta thugs are always the same for that area — maybe the police might want to compare notes.

    • NAI

      Ashton Heights Bob,
      You couldn’t be more correct. I live in Aston Heights as you do and this area is in decline and it’s being ignored by the county.

    • MarkB

      You seem very willing to make absurd generalizations. Using your logic, from my viewpoint outside this neighborhood, you live in or around affordable housing and are yourself an “illiterate gansta thug.”

      • Ashton Heights Bob

        Unfortunately, my comments are not generalizations.

      • Nope

        He didn’t say everyone that lives there is a thug. He said the thugs came with the affordable housing (which is probably true).

        Reading comprehension fail.

        • drax

          There’s really no difference, Nope.

          • Nope

            You’re kidding, right? You don’t know the difference between “All X’s come from Y” and “All from Y are X’s?”

          • drax

            Yes. Do you?

          • Nope

            Obviously I do – that’s why I posted the correction in the first place. So by “There’s really no difference,” you really meant “Yes, there really is a huge diffference.”

            Got it.

    • drax

      Bob, you’re welcome. You deserve it.

      • Waycroft Mike

        +1 Drax. People like Ashton Heights Bob are a larger problem, not just in Arlington, but across the country, than the “illiterate thugs” he describes.

        • Nope

          I think our definitions of “problems” are slightly different. I’d personally find armed robbery, assault, property crimes, and real or attempted murder just slightly larger problems than people complaining about them. But I guess I’m the crazy one.

          • drax

            But that wasn’t the comparison, Nope.

          • Arlington, Northside

            Seemed like what the comparison was to me, maybe you are reading more into it.

        • John K.

          Could you provide parameters on what defines “people like Ashton Heights Bob”? I’m curious.

    • HELP

      I agree with Ashton Heights Bob for the most part. This is not a literacy issue, this is an enabling issue. I can’t believe that this is being over looked as just an isolated incident. This neighborhood use to be safe and now we are accepting shooting as the norm and something to be over-looked. It is a sad day when the strongest and richest state (VA) is allowing thugs and gangs to take over.

      Please move a police substation in this area.

      Low income housing should be a stepping stone for people to get on their feet. We should help people when they are in need. But instead – Arlington is now making this a way of life. We should not take the inner city mentality.

      I am in shock that we are lowering our standards as humans and accepting this behavior.

  • A.O. Karen

    I returned home today from a business trip and went to the cleaners. I was getting ready to do an indoors workout, when I heard 3 booms. I wasn’t sure if they were gun shots or something else. Then the neighborhood was flooded with cops, an ambulance and two news trucks. I stopped counting at 20 unmarked and marked police cars. I live on N. Thomas St. The crime scene was further up 2nd road and I couldn’t see what was going, but it was very unsettling to see my neighborhood flooded with cops. The Buckingham neighborhood has been in “transition” for years. I agree that the “affordable housing” is part of the problem with the crime and thuggery.

    • Arlington, Northside

      Good thing for us is that in NYC or across the river in P.G. County the shooting would be routine and only call for a Radio Patrol Car or two. The fact that we get this sort of responce is a good thing.

  • obamao2012

    Keeping voting for the incumbents and they will do what they want to your neighborhood.

    • drax

      Keep blaming the government for everything.

    • MC 703

      You misspelled Obama.

  • Louise

    Yeah. Let’s get rid of all the poor people and there won’t ever be any problems again in Arlington! Because rich people never commit crime. And be sure to keep in mind that ALL poor people are criminals, just like all rich people never break any laws. You guys are so smart!!

    • Southeast Jerome

      It’d be nice to live in the Utopia you imagine. Just look at the statistics. Zero murders in Arlington County in 2011. And look how high the median income is.

      Now compare that to Baltimore, Detroit, Prince William, Price Georges, Camden NJ, hell even Montgomery County MD.

      Sadly- there is a correlation between the # of serious crimes and income levels. Not saying its justified, but its true.

      • Geezer

        Let’s put up a big fence and check everyone’s bank balance before we let them in.

        • becky

          Exactly!! I live in N Arlington, in “affordable housing”, at Courthouse, and there has never been any trouble at all. Of course, it is a block from the police/detention center.

          It is not fair to lump all people who live in affordable housing as low lifes.

          • AllenB

            I agree, Becky. But there are several commenters on here who are frequently wrong but never in doubt. The good news is that most Arlingtonians don’t share their views.

          • Arlington, Northside

            Your affordable housing requires you to maintain a job and is aimed at lower paying professions, not at those on government assistance like the housing being discussed.

        • Arlington, Northside

          The bank balance should be self checking. If you can’t afford it, than you move to where you can afford. There is no reason to import issues like this with subsidized housing in the name of diversity.

      • LivesonthePike

        Preach on Jerome!!!

  • Toyo

    20 years ago and for 25 years before that (minimum) Buckingham was as big a ghetto as existed in Arlington. The situation there is 500% better. Always room for improvement but no where near what it was.

    • I’ve been here for a little longer than that and you are absolutely correct. The area has improved since then – just as Columbia Pike has improved. Also agree that improvement is always possible, but it’s much better.

      Have to assume it was a drug transaction gone wrong. At the corner of 2nd and Glebe I once saw a woman with a child next to her buying and receiving drugs in broad daylight. I knew it was something fishy because she and the dealer both looked around and looked nervous and the transaction was supposedly hidden from view. Kind of freaky to watch.

      Last night, when I heard the chopper flying overhead I decided to set the ADT. Love that gizmo!!

    • TJLinBallston

      You are so right. People don’t know what was.

  • Mitt Romney

    Silly poor people, money is for rich people!

    Rich people commit white collar crimes. No one gets hurt in insider trading!

    • Arlwhenver

      Actually, unfair as you might see it, nobody actually does get hurt in insider trading. The innocent buyer or seller would have been as happy to buy or sell to a noninsider, with no difference in the outcome. Heck we don’t punish people with an inside track transacting business most anywhere except the stock market. Indeed, to operate efficiently markets depend on people competing against each other to get that inside track.

      • drax

        Uh, yes, lots of people are hurt by insider trading. You don’t actually understand how it works, do you?

    • Aaron

      I think it’s adorable how the rich Arlingtonians are always so supportive of illegal immigration and affordable housing programs even though they get all of the benefits, while guys like this Buckingham resident get to suffer all of the consequences. Most illegal immigrant crime is perpetrated against other Hispanics, and very seldom against the moneyed liberals who are always advocating for more of it.

      • MC 703

        We must protect the Hispanics from themselves by not creating affordable housing in the first place.

        • besameyouknowwhere

          The bigotry here astounds me. The majority of the Latino population I know are hardworking, tax paying individuals who stay out of trouble.
          As a college educated New Yorker who lived in the projects for many years-I find your remark similar to those said by many before you, ignorant, bigoted, inhumane.

          You forget, there was a victim in this crime. A man whose family depends on him to work to be able to pay for this “affordable” housing. He was probably targeted because he was coming home with a week’s worth of pay….as my dad would have been doing 40 years ago.

          • HELP

            You make the most sense!

  • PikerGirl

    We don’t even know who the suspect is or if he is an Arlington County resident. An email put out on the District 4D listserv said the suspect was wearing a ski mask.

  • Willy

    Nobody at all was hurt by Bernie Madoff… I’ve lived in Arlington for 60 years, people have been talking smack about Buckingham ever since I can remember. Cherrydale and Bon Air used to be targets too, but they’ve been rehabilitated image wise.

    • Maria

      “Hurt” has more than one definition, you know.

    • Sam

      Ask the Mets if they’ve been hurt by Bernie Madoff.

  • Ashton heights dad

    Lets ask the question where violent crime has occurred in Arlington over the past 5 years. I am open to seeing the results but my guess is that it is relatively confined to a couple of zips and specifici neighborhoods.

    Arlington county: do we want to be a desirable place to raise families or do we want to be Alxandria?

    • Geezer

      The last murder was in Clarendon no? or doesn’t that count?

      • Maria

        Not if it doesn’t support his point. Duh.

    • stephanie

      I grew up in Arlington 2 blocks from Buckingham. I used to like my diverse neighborhood. My street is now full of “group housing.” A bunch of drunk, 20 somethings. Is that a better place to raise families? I never felt unsafe walking around. I don’t understand why you’re hating on Alexandria.

      I get that most people commenting here that are uncomfortable with affordable housing are just racist. Look, if you’re not comfortable with minorities, don’t move to a city. Arlington used to be a great place for people that wanted to work hard, live their lives, and raise families as you say. Latino, Asian, Black, whatever. If you’re really that worried, move to McLean. Or…anywhere else.

      • truth be told

        Great solution. Don’t debate the issue, just move.

        • HELP

          or make crime acceptable.

          this is not a race issue. this is accepting crime as the norm.

  • Gabriela

    For all of those who made comments about this crime and affordable housing/Latinos, people who apply for affordable housing are not necessarily criminals, gang members, lazy or worthless. To apply for affordable housing, you need to have a stable income in case you don’t know. Also, not only Latinos live in affordable housing.
    I love the diversity of the neighborhood and will continue to express my disgust for people who are racists and ignorants.
    You are turning this crime into an excuse to justify your personal prejudice against minority.

  • Super Immigrant

    Sad but true, this stuff takes the worst of the people. I read a lot of racism in here. Fact: if you are an illegal immigrant you can’t access any kind of benefit like affordable housing, I hope that all the people that it’s against affordable housing doesn’t go through a hardship in their lives and have to move into an affordable housing unit, I guess they will be pretty uncomfortable living among “criminals” and undesirable people..

  • Significant other

    Affodable housing decreases the crime rate….not increases! if everyone who live in these neighborhoods were homeless crime would increase 10 fold. You people are so clearly racist….even if you did vote for Obama! its 2012 and 2011 was a year with no Arlington Homicides! this is not the wire

  • Conflicted

    Just remeber that $50 and some traning will earned you the right to carry some concealed protection.

    • Conflicted

      Obviously I meant “training”.

      • Conflicted

        And “earn”, wow, coffee hasn’t kicked in yet.

        • drax

          Just “remeber” to drink two cups first.

  • SouthPikeGuy

    Place is a total slum.

    • besameyouknowwhere

      As a person who lived through the 70’s in the Bronx, I can tell you, “pobrecito”, you don’t know what a slum is! Aren’t you lucky. When you take the time to get to know individuals and their stories that’s when ill-informed generalizations melt away.

      I can tell you never will so you will always be ignorant of the truth. Great people come from everywhere and bad people can come from anywhere.

      • SouthPikeGuy

        Really don’t care about your background. Living in the now. It’s a slum.

        • ss3345

          Slum is relative. I’m sure there’s plenty of rich folks out there who would never want to live where you do.

  • Arlingtonian

    In my humble opinion, you know Arlington is in good shape when people seem to consider a place like Buckingham the ultimate slum or ghetto of the county. My fiance grew up in a South Bronx ghetto in an apartment with boards on the windows, rats and roaches everywhere, and surrounded by lots everyone used as an informal dump with garbage strewn everywhere (and that’s where the kids played). He showed me pics of his old neighborhood there and it looked like a bomb hit it. Sounds like there’s room for improvement in Buckingham, but man are we lucky if that’s the worst place we have around here.

    • jan

      thanks for injecting some reality into this racist discussion.

      • truth be told

        Yeah. Don’t forget the people living in the slums of Pakistan. We have it so much better, so we shouldn’t complain about crime in our community.

        • drax

          Complaints about crime are fine. Racism isn’t. Don’t mix up the two.

      • LivesonthePike

        Its not a racist discussion. Why is wanting to preserve our county and keep it safe and orderly racist? Please show me the racist notion in that.

        • Maria

          I often feel that accusations of racism (or underlying racial implications, perhaps) are exaggerated, but I’ll ask you this: if this story had described a white man shooting another white man with all the other circumstances the same, do you TRULY believe the comments on the story would have gone the same way?

          • LivesonthePike

            I cant speak for others however for my part yes. At heart is the issue of low income housing and what poverty usually brings with it. I personally could care less about the race of the two individuals.

          • Maria

            If you personally feel that way, that’s good. But let’s please not bury our heads in the sand, here. There are quite a few other comments on this story that are most certainly not speaking purely about income level.

            My point is also that if the two people involved were white, I’m not so sure the discussion would have even GONE to the point of assuming they were from low income housing. Obviously there’s no way to know that for sure, but that’s why people are saying it’s racist.

          • Arlingtonian

            Thank you!!!!!

          • Yes…

            Sometimes it’s a class thing and people assume racism. The make up of different classes by race might say that a majority of lower class households are also minority races, but that doesn’t make them one in the same.

            I’m white and was raised in the Buckingham apartments in the early-mid 80s. My parents were told when they started renting there that they were going to convert to condos “shortly” and the closeness to the Ballston area would make the values huge long after the current tenants bought into the property. Nothing but lies. They may have eventually turned some of the buildings condo and the prices are probably outrageous (those that they didn’t make low income rentals) but that never changed the “value”. Not until the last 5-10 years had anyone considered that neighborhood valuable at all.

            My parents chose not to wait it out to buy there for the convenience of Arlington and worked really hard to buy somewhere else in a better neighborhood after various reports of gang rapes throughout the properties of young girls in the early teens.

            This area may have gotten “better” and it may not be the “worst” compared to other areas, but it’s still flawed big time and not good.

        • drax

          See Ashton Heights Bob’s comment above. Read it carefully.

        • SouthPikeGuy

          Yeah, really don’t understand why people jump on the word slum as being racist. Oh well, yes I probably do understand them, better than they understand themselves actually.

  • R0bespierre

    Guy gets shot once a year, everyone freaks out and points political and economic fingers all over the place…I used to live in the Waverly/Alameda/North Ave parts of of Baltimore, and also in Prince Georges County, where we had about 5-7 murders a year in our zipcode…this is about some spoiled mofos…first world problems!

    • HELP

      so we should just accept shootings, drug deals, and muggings as the norm.. Don’t complain, just accept it?

  • Tabs

    My wealthy suburb-dwelling nephew came to visit me in S. Arlington and deemed it a bad ‘hood. “I see thugs,” he said.

  • Former Resident

    I lived right their where it happened. It was my first place and had that affordable housing not been their my family and I would have been homeless not everyone can afford $3000 apartments in Arlington. All this racial talk is uncalled for their is ignorance in every race. If you can judge someone for not having money pack your sh*t and move you can afford it. And I am white before you assume otherwise. I love Arlington. I was born and raised their but I had to move because they are running us “poor” people out, THAT’S WHY PEOPLE ARE BEING ROBBED AND SHOT. the stress of losing your home because your rent is raised to more than what you make a month will make you do anything to feed an house your family. I know people living their working 3 jobs and still struggling, people can only take so much… (No I’m not saying its right I’m just saying don’t put down a whole class of people for one idiots move) US “POOR” PEOPLE ARE NOT ALL THUGS!

    • Love Thy Neighbor

      I know what you mean. Did you read this Sunday’s Post? Please tell your story. A lot of people feel just like you do. It sucks to be poor and be struggling. It doesn’t mean we’re all thugs that we deserve to be shot. BTW I just read there was an armed robbery elsewhere in Arlington. I guess crime can happen anywhere. I think the race of the suspect was not mentioned.

      To Tabs- the character of a man is in his heart not in the clothes he wears. Perhaps your nephew is a tad bit shallow? Perhaps he’d consider a summer internship at homeless shelter. Stereo types are broken down by the formation of personal relationships.

  • CMoney

    These areas are being ignored by the county bc the county is too busy running speed traps on the other side of North Arlington and making plans for red light cameras to catch all the speeding villians of Arlington. How can they possibly patrol neighborhoods that are on the decline when all they ever do is run speed traps on the “rich” side of Arlington. Proud day for Arlington County Police. Keep collecting that ticket money, because at least you are providing protection to the people of Arlington,…ohhh wait,..you’re not!


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