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Expanded Pentagon Row Skating Rink Approved

by ARLnow.com March 12, 2012 at 11:30 am 4,677 9 Comments

On Saturday the Arlington County Board approved a plan to expand the size of the Pentagon Row skating rink while extending the length of time the rink is allowed to be open.

Under the approved site plan amendment, the privately-owned rink will be expanded by 40 feet — to 57 by 120 feet — and the rink will remain open for an additional month, opening in October instead of November. The rink will continue to operate through March.

“The bigger rink, operating a month longer each season, will be able to serve more neighbors and visitors looking for a low-cost, fun way to get some exercise in the late fall and winter,” County Board Chair Mary Hynes said in a statement. “This project will make an already popular public space even better.”

The revamped Pentagon Row plaza design also includes two free standing, 800 square foot retail structures, a fire pit, an interactive water display, year-round seating and elevated bleachers during the cold season to view the ice rink. During warmer months, the rink will be replaced by an artificial turf lawn and stage area.

The site plan amendment, which was supported by the local Aurora Highlands Civic Association, was approved on an unanimous 4-0 vote.

  • Jackson

    Is this to allow for more revenue through lessons?

    • WeiQiang

      Likely to generate more revenue from the two new retail kiosks. The rink may be the bait to generate more foot traffic to feed the kiosks and existing businesses. In summer, a purpose-designed stage area (previously an ad hoc affair) might serve the same traffic-generating purpose. I hope they did their homework, because the outdoor restaurant seating seemed to be a good draw in fair weather and the new design seems to eliminate that seating.

      • Michael H.

        The plans indicate that the outdoor restaurant seating will remain, in the area with the shade trees. I think that’s a smart move. Those tables are popular in the spring and summer.

  • WeiQiang

    Has anyone heard whether the residents of the apts above Pentagon Row weighed in regarding the noise generated by a stage surrounded by an echo chamber?

    • OldTimer

      PROBABLY NOT… Probably Not… probably not…

    • drax

      The residents already had a skating rink there when they moved in, not to mention restaurants and bars with outdoor seating. They’re quite aware of it.

  • OldTimer

    PROBABLY NOT… Probably Not… probably not…

    • Missing the Obvious

      What ??
      Speak up !!!

  • Charles

    I still wish they’d been clever enough to put in a play fountain, like the one in the Sliver Spring central courtyard area. A flat fountain with 1-inch-deep gentle water that kids can walk across. People always knee-jerk about how, oh, dearie, it’s a liability issue. B.S. If Silver Spring could work it out, what’s wrong with Arlington?


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