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Bluemercury Store Set to Open in Clarendon

by Katie Pyzyk March 16, 2012 at 10:30 am 7,082 27 Comments

Update at 3:55 p.m. — Bluemercury did open to the public this afternoon, as scheduled.

Clarendon is getting its first store dedicated solely to cosmetics, skincare and scents, plus a spa. Bluemercury is set to open to the public today.

An employee told us if all goes well, the store will open at noon. The store is located at 2855 Clarendon Blvd, where Best Cellars was located until closing last July.

Bluemercury touts its high end beauty products, including what it calls hard to find imports. Unlike other cosmetics stores, the chain also provides spa services such as facials, waxing and massages.

“We love the young professional, young family vibe of the Clarendon neighborhood,” Bluemercury Co-Founder Marla Beck said in a statement.

Spokesman Dan Brashear echoed the excitement, saying the company had been looking for the right location in Arlington for years. The company is based in the District, and the Clarendon store is Bluemercury’s first in Virginia. Brashear said the company is growing rapidly and there’s potential for more Bluemercury stores to open in Northern Virginia.

The store hopes to hold a grand opening celebration in about a month when things settle down, but so far no formal plans have been made.

  • jen

    I think Origins might disagree about Blue Mercury being the first store in Clarendon “dedicated solely to cosmetics, skincare and scents”.

    • sue

      I Agree, Origins has been dedicated solely to skincare, cosmetics and scents in Clarendon for about 10 years.

  • OldTimer

    May have to shuffle on down there this afternoon for a good manscaping and massage.

  • FunReadArlNow

    Is it just me, or is there something unsettling about a cosmetics and skincare store with the word Mercury in its name?

    • drax

      Bluearsenic was already taken.

    • Curious George

      Not just you.

      First thing that I thought of as well.

      • CourthouseChris


    • Agreed


    • nom de guerre


      • OldTimer


        • FREDTERP


    • I agree with you that it’s unsettling but apparently using mercury or a synonym as a brand name is catchy and most people don’t associate it with an element which has been known to have toxic effects. Consider the surf oriented clothes line Quicksilver, although the term is dated, mercury and quicksilver are synonymous. Individuals are intelligent, people are dumb.

      • CW

        Surf brand is “Quiksilver” so maybe “BluMerkury” would have been a better idea?

    • CW

      You’re giving me second thoughts about my new snack venture, “Leadpaintchips”.

    • JamesE

      Blue Steel or Magnum would have been better names.

      • Trojan

        We’ve already used that one.

        • Flush

          Then please dispose of it properly.

    • Zelora

      HA HA HA — good one!

    • Marie

      Yes, that and the fact that products with mercury are still making it to unsuspecting consumers. See FDA daily digest bulletin from just today!


  • DarkHeart

    Relocation from the Days Inn on Highland?

  • Customer

    They are definitely open now! Stopped in and talked to a few staff members – they have regular BlueMercury staff on hand as well as the brand specialists/ambassadors for some brands, there for the opening. Got a spa services list. OldTimer, FYI, there is nothing specifically branded for men a la Grooming Lounge, but massage and waxing are available!

    • JamesE

      How much for a full body wax?

      • Customer

        “using gentle poetic-lycon aloe wax from Australia:
        Arms – $50
        Legs – $70
        Chest – $60
        Back – $60
        Does that cover it? $240?
        Or would “Hands – $20, Shoulders – $30, Feet – $25, Neck – $25, Bikini – $40, Upper Lip – $20, Face Sides – $30, Chin – $20, Underarms – $30” need to be added?

  • TheLiberator

    Excellent ! Luv the BM !! and now dont have to schlepp to GT to get ma frag on

  • MakeupFanatic

    Wish it was a Sephora!

  • Heh Heh

    I’m going to open a food-truck type spa establishment called “Nothing but Facials.”

    • Happy Endings

      Hope you give your workers ample time to re-charge.


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