Courthouse Plaza Construction Progressing, but Slowly

There’s progress on the brick work construction that has left Courthouse Plaza torn up for more than a year. But not enough progress that visitors can expect to walk through anytime soon without dodging fences.

A section near N. 15th Street, close to the AMC Theatres, appears to be finished and crews have moved farther into the plaza. Just looking around the area reveals that there’s a significant amount of brick that hasn’t even been torn up yet, much less replaced. The project is already nearly a year behind schedule.

Some business and restaurant owners are frustrated with how long the project has taken, and how it has driven away customers. Toscana Grill Operating Partner Joe Smith said the construction has definitely hurt his business. With the warm weather, the restaurant has set up tables outdoors. However, the usual area for outdoor dining is currently reduced because it’s partially blocked by the brick work.

“I knew there were going to be things that I have to overcome, and this is just one of those things. We’re just trying to bide our time and stay optimistic,” Smith said. “We’re looking forward to the brand new patio.”

Smith says customers have commented on the construction, but many dedicated patrons continue to show up despite the mess. He notes there’s been a lot of progress recently and hopes crews will move on to a new section in a week or so, and Toscana Grill will be able to reclaim its full outdoor space.

We contacted Vornado, which owns Courthouse Plaza, but did not receive a call back.