End of the Road for 10th Street Bridge

by ARLnow.com March 23, 2012 at 3:35 pm 6,502 61 Comments

It’s sayonara for the 10th Street bridge over Route 50.

Assuming rainy weather doesn’t interfere, the bridge is set to be torn down this weekend. Police closed the bridge this morning in anticipation of the demolition, which is being done as part of the Route 50/Courthouse Road interchange project. As a result of the demolition, drivers heading east on 10th Street will now only be able to take the ramp to westbound Route 50, instead of being able to take the bridge over to the eastbound lanes of Route 50 toward D.C.

Drivers should plan for westbound Route 50 to be closed throughout Saturday and Sunday, during this weekend’s demolition. VDOT is advising motorists to avoid the area and, if detoured, to use Washington Boulevard as an alternate route back to Route 50.


  • CW

    I’ll give $20 to anybody who jumps Rt. 50 in a General Lee replica…

    • nunya

      if anybody can do that, FREDTERP can.

      • drax


        • Josh S

          I guess now that brown flip flops are passe, everyone is jumping on the FREDTERP bandwagon.

          Which means it’s probably time for FRED to change his handle to Nova92 or something like that……

          • nunya

            FREDTERP is into basketball….so probably something like – ALBERTKING or RICKBERRY.

          • NOVA92


    • OldTimer

      Make it $25 and my cousin living on the redneck riviera in Florida may just drive on up and give it a try.

    • Bo

      You’re on.

    • Michael H.

      If anyone takes you up on the offer, the jump should be livestreamed on ARLnow! We need more live event coverage on the site.

    • Bluemontsince1961

      “I’ll give $20 to anybody who jumps Rt. 50 in a General Lee replica…”

      I can’t resist:

      “Just the good ol’ boys
      Never meaning no harm
      Beats all you never saw, getting in trouble with the law
      Since the day they was born

      Straightenin’ the curves
      Flattenin’ the hills
      Someday the mountain might do’em
      But the law never will

      Making their way, the only way they know how
      That’s just a little bit more than the law will allow


      I’m a good ol’ boy
      You know my mama loved me
      But she don’t understand they keep a showin my HANDS
      And not my face on TV

      Just good ol’ boys,
      Wouldn’t change if they could,
      Fightin’ the system like a true modern day Robin Hood.”

      Waylon Jennings

  • nom de guerre

    How about an Evel Knievel Harley-Davidson XR-750?

    • CW

      If you’ve got one, sure.

  • Brian K

    Traffic apocalypse

    • OldTimer

      IT IS!! Washington Blvd from Clarendon toward Pentagon is total gridlock to Pershing. Since there is no left turn arrow onto Pershing toward 50, one car gets through per light cycle.

      • Thes

        Why don’t people just proceed to the Washington Boulevard/Route 50 intersection, then?

  • cabbie

    Why are they doing this? It’s a very useful bridge. This is utterly asinine.

    • Brian K

      have you not paid attention to anything? They are redoing the entire intersection to make it useable, not the clusterf it is now

      • true dat

        That bridge and ramp eastbound is evil.

        • Ren

          Going to pay VDOT and County a compliment…if the end result is an improvement in the same way the 66W entry lane from Glebe/Arlington was improved, it will be well worth it. Longer acceleration/deceleration merge lanes are the best…I’d guess the merge will also come in to the left/from the right, as opposed to the right/from the left as now.

    • Josh S

      Given that the guy calls himself a cabbie but then manages to use the word asinine correctly —- I’d say this was a joke post.

    • nunya

      The project includes rebuilding the existing bridges, and improving the interchanges by adding dedicated acceleration/deceleration lanes separated from the main roadway. These new lanes will improve traffic flow by managing the merge of entering and exiting vehicles.

  • Tre


  • Um

    So how long is this whole taking Washington Boulevard to get back to eastbound 50 going to be in effect? This is no good.

    • Mindermast

      sign up for email alerts at Arlington County Transportation [[email protected]]

    • Josh S

      As long as it takes to build a new bridge. Months.

  • Hybrid Cabbie

    Go 10th. Go West 50. Get in left turn lane quick. Make U-turn onto East 50. Easy does it.

    • Kony Thornheiser

      Yeah, that won’t annoy anyone.

    • Josh S

      Again, cabbie post? I can easily see cab drivers being among those who attempt this stunt most regularly. Time to make that a no u-turn intersection, if it isn’t already.

  • Courthouse

    I agree this seems idiotic. And will jam up an already too busy was blvd.

  • Craig

    They started this construction at 7:00AM on a Saturday morning and it’s the loudest thing I’ve ever heard… I live right up the street on 10th and it woke everyone up. Are there no rules around what times they can begin loudly demolishing a bridge in a residential area?!

    • Josh S

      I believe the rule is 7 AM.

      • Noise

        7am weekdays. 10am weekends.

    • John K.

      Actually, as a Pike resident who lost a lot of sleep – if the sponsoring gubmental parties (be in county, state, or Fed) deem it necessary, they can do it whenever they damn well please – at least according to the County Board.

  • Nelda

    I also live nearby and can see it from my window. The sound is defeating and constant.

    • Max

      This is what happens when you live around other things/people.

    • brown before green

      I suggest you close your window. Plus, it is chilly.

      • it was noisy

        Even with windows closed, it was loud enough to be heard.

        • Josh S

          Really? That’s very interesting.

  • novasteve

    The traffic on 50 really sucks. They’ve torn down about 25% of it so far.

  • EatingPopcorn

    For the people complaining about this, get over it. It’s so pathetic to see grown people complain about loud noises, too much traffic WOMP, WOMP, WOMP. Have you not noticed the area where you live in?

    • FourEyes

      We’re aware that it’s a busy area, but is it beyond consideration for them to begin loud construction later than 7am on a Saturday?????

  • Just me

    Does Libby have an opinion on the blown up bridge? Why is her photo at the top?

  • barry

    You media guys missed the biggest event of the weekend…massive meeting today of the faith-based affordable housing group at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church.

    • Media Guy

      Please give details of the meeting of the Masses. Do you have to be a believer to qualify for affordable hosing?

      • geezer

        I’ll gladly give you an affordable hosing

        • nom de guerre

          Sounds like an affordable hosing could be considered a low cost alternative to the sprayground/spraypark.

        • dk


  • car-free diet

    Hey!!! I woke up at 7:30 this morning from the wailing and gnashing of teeth rising up from my neighbors in Arlington complaining about the roadwork taking place over the weekend (how dare VDOT does not maximize the pain for commuters by scheduling the demolition during rush-hour) and the architectual designs of a new development that would replace a drab, ill-looking edifice (those horrific developers, why can’t they invest their millions of dollars in another community).

    It’s now official, USA TODAY is reporting the residents of Arlington, VA have been the most pampered in the entire USA during this Great Recession; and each will have delivered a pre-owned “Pamper” courtesy of the rest of the USA.

    • db


    • it was noisy

      The road improvement is much needed. It’s the deafening noise at 7am that sounded like gunshots at first that is the issue. Waiting an hour or two probably wouldn’t have killed them, although I assume they were trying to beat the rain.

      I don’t stand outside these guys windows at 7am jackhammering and firing airtools any day of the week. It’s called courtesy…

      • Josh S

        Please see above post about being pampered.

        You have got to be kidding, right?

  • Dan

    I believe this may incease traffic in Donaldson Run since most of the roads are still washed out..

  • Sunny617

    I lived at 10th/Barton for 7 years…moved away last summer. I’m torn between being so glad to not have to deal with the impending nightmare and sad to miss watching the bridge be torn down.

    Traffic near my old building must be a massive cluster right now. Yowsa. Can’t wait to come see it when it’s all finished, though. Much needed improvements.

    • Josh S

      Went through around 5PM on Saturday. Didn’t seem that bad. Although I was pretty surprised there were no detour signs at Fillmore and 10th. I’m sure several people must have made that left and then slammed on the brakes.

      Also, followed a guy down the ramp westbound who put his left turn indicator on and stopped at the end of the ramp to check for traffic. Arrgh.

      • Hybrid Cabbie

        Yes. Very good people following my advice for 50E detour by making u-turn. Always wait for traffic to clear so no accident.

  • Arlingtron

    Just drove past the work site. Old bridge is gone.

    • CrystalMikey

      Ditto, such a strange sight.

  • arlingtonliver

    **bias comment as i was hungover as hell**
    I live at Sheffield Court..the noise at 7am was ridiculous. I understand them doing that project on the wknd…but 7am on a wknd right next to a few different apartments? I think 9am start time would have been a little better.

    • Josh S

      Or maybe they could have moved the work down a little bit so it wasn’t next to an apartment building. Yeah, that would have been more considerate.

      • FourEyes

        Josh S, just shut up. You’re being ridiculous. Tell me you wouldn’t be angry with loud construction outside your window at 7am on a Saturday.

  • ArlingtonNative

    Making it that much more difficult for me to get to the cheap beers (and low % brown flip-flop crowd) over at the Quarterdeck.

    Yes, I know … plenty of other paths to that establishment, however that was the one my car had memorized!


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