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Coming Soon to Crystal City: Black Lime Cafe

by ARLnow.com March 26, 2012 at 2:52 pm 5,042 20 Comments

A new fast-casual Mediterranean restaurant concept is coming to Crystal City.

Building permit applications are in for Black Lime Mediterranean Cafe, which will be built on the ground floor of 2450 Crystal Drive, near Jimmy John’s. According to a menu on the restaurant’s website, customers will choose a base — either a pita, a salad bowl or a baked potato — then add a protein — chicken, steak, shrimp, falafel or grilled veggies — followed by a selection of toppings and sauces. Side dishes include eggplant fries, sweet potato fries, roasted veggies and chips and hummus.

Per the name of the restaurant, the website explains:

Black Lime is an authentic mediterranean spice, and it’s integral to our menu. Taste its flavor in our Grilled Black Lime Chicken, Home-made Black Lime Hummus and the Black Lime Aioli Sauce that will have you coming back for more. Black Lime is a flavor that is seldom found without a passport.

Though the restaurant has no official opening date planned, we expect it to open at some point this summer. In addition to opening in Crystal City, it appears that the Maryland-based owners are seeking to launch additional restaurant via franchising.

  • drax

    A bowl of base, with protein, topped with a topping. Sounds yummy.

    • george

      Hey, if it’s good enuf for KFC’s “Famous Bowl” its good enuf for Black Slime.

    • charles

      Pink slime. Black Lime. Yum.

  • Daniel

    The eggplant fries also sound yummy.

  • CrystalMikey

    Is lime the new cupcake?

    • JamesE

      lime froyo

      • CrystalMikey

        that doesn’t sound half bad

        • JamesE

          perfect topping for a cupcake on a hot day

          • Tabs

            A peanut butter cupcake! mmm

      • Beezlbub

        A giant lime cheesesteak can’t miss.

  • WeiQiang

    While the spate of new chain establishments in that building is welcome, I suppose, the execution is isn’t going well. Jimmy John’s sandwiches are expensive [$7 for a small, plain turkey sub?] and blah. Seattle’s Best Coffee (now open a month) might be re-named “Seattle’s Best Coffee … World’s Worst Service”.

    I’ll walk the two blocks to Pizzaiolo, Sports Pub, Freddie’s or the Tex-Mex place for some decent neighborhood grub.

  • geezer

    how does one tie a salad bow?

    • DarkHeart

      Bibb lettuce is the secret.

    • nom de guerre

      with two hands.

  • pennylane

    As long as it’s not all bathed in cilantro, I’m in.

  • OldTimer

    Falafel makes me feel awful. Next up… Brown Lemon Cafe and Creamery.

  • Suburban Not Urban

    I’d rather have a Lebanese Taverna Cafe(Express) good and not too expensive.

  • Wiz

    Anyone who orders the grilled vegetables as their protein is going to be sorely disappointed…

  • PUP

    AWESOME! i’m pumped.

  • sh9350a

    Can we please stop with all the crappy fast food restaurants on Crystal Dr. All I ask is for a decent bar without the overpriced menu and/or crappy service (BWW has cornered the market for crappy food, bad service, and ok beer prices).


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