Arlington County Asks: How Are We Doing?

Check your mailboxes, because Arlington County is conducting its third countywide survey of residents.

The survey is an effort to “measure residents’ satisfaction with major County services and to gather input about issues facing the community,” according to a press release. The survey asks residents to weigh in on a number of topics, including public safety, parks and recreation, public works, transportation, and human services. The survey also asks residents about their perceptions of Arlington County, how safe they feel in their neighborhood, and how they get news and information about Arlington.

A market research firm out of Kansas City is conducting the survey on behalf of the county by mailing survey forms to 3,600 randomly selected Arlington residents. An online version of this year’s survey is also available. Results from the survey will be published this summer on the Arlington County website.

The last survey, in 2008, concluded that 87 percent of residents were satisfied with the quality of county services and overall quality of life in Arlington. (See chart of specific satisfaction responses, above.)

“This important research will help us find out how we’re doing across many different service areas — and also pinpoint where we need to improve,” County Manager Barbara Donnellan said in a statement. “The survey will provide information to guide future decision-making, long-range priorities, and strategic planning.”