Permits Issued for Naked Pizza in Virginia Square

by ARLnow.com March 27, 2012 at 10:15 am 6,013 75 Comments

The final building permits were granted earlier this month for a new Naked Pizza shop in Virginia Square.

Located at 933 N. Quincy Street, on the ground floor of the Quincy Plaza Apartments in the former Daily Grind coffee shop space, Naked Pizza is expected to offer its signature all-natural pies to dine-in, walk-up and delivery customers. In July 2011 the Arlington County Board approved a site plan amendment that will allow the restaurant to operate a delivery service.

According to the building permits, the new Naked location — the fast-growing company’s second in Arlington County — will have 28 interior seats. That’s in contrast to the existing Naked Pizza store in Pentagon City, which offers carryout and delivery but has little to no indoor seating space.

Although interior construction is being performed at the new location, the storefront’s exterior facade will not be changing. No official opening date has been announced, but barring any major delays we anticipate the restaurant will open at some point this summer.

Hat tip to @MavsX

  • Fred Jr

    Isisn’t this more Ballston? I live in Ballston and it;’s a three min walk for me. That said, a good friend got real bad food poisoning from a DC Naked Pizza so I’ll be hesitant to try it.

    • Maria

      Why would food poisoning at a place in DC imply the same risk here, chain or not? Or, for that matter, the same risk at the same exact place? There is such a thing as an “isolated incident.”

      • Ballstonian

        True, but I dont see how that invalidates someone’s concerns. I didnt eat Dairy Queen for years after I got sick, despite it being the only time I got sick. You can apply the “isolated incident” argument to people not enjoying the food as well, but I wouldn’t expect people to go back somewhere they didn’t enjoy.

        • Fred Jr

          Chains have set standards …Also a select few Yelp reviews show other people of the say. “Two bouts of sickness.” That said, maybe this location will have top shelf hygiene standards, I don’t want to kill their business before they even begin. Just sharing my 2 cents

          • Arlingtonian

            For what it’s worth, I’ve eaten pizza from their Pentagon City location multiple times and have never gotten sick from it.

        • Maria

          I didn’t say it invalidates his concerns… his friend had a bad experience, and if he doesn’t want to go there, that’s totally fine. However, he came on a website and posted a public comment putting down the establishment to others, and my personal opinion is that that is not the right thing to do.
          To compare to your example, it’s like not enjoying the food the single time you go to a restaurant and then writing a review saying it’s horrible and no one should ever go there. YOU might not want to go back, but just because you had a bad experience that one time doesn’t mean it’s like that all the time. It certainly might be, but I’d guess that much of the time, that isn’t the case.

          (for the record, I know he didn’t say no one should ever go there, but I’m using hyperbole to make a point… that’s how the internet works, right?)

      • nom de guerre

        I know a lot of former tequila drinkers. Isolated incident?

        • OldTimer

          Oh that brought back some horrific memories. I pronounce tequlia… “to-kill-ya” and will now pour myself a neat scotch to clear those memories.

  • JohnB2

    My impression is that VA SQ starts on the eastern side of Quincy St, on which Quincy Plaza is located.

  • E

    snark police in 5..4…3…2….

  • KalashniKEV

    What’s the story with Bronx Pizza???

    Can a brotha get a decent slice around here?

    • JamesE

      Pupatella is the best if you are willing to drive, terrible parking though.

      • KalashniKEV

        No Way!!!!

        I’m talking about a Proper Slice.

        • nom de guerre

          Have you ever tried the pizza at Chuck E. Cheese’s? Yum! It’s almost at good as the pizza you find at a bowling alley.

      • Maria

        But you can’t actually get “slices” there, at least as of the summer.

        • JamesE

          I count the entire pizza as one slice

          • Greaseman

            A slice is nice!

          • Southeast Jerome

            Italian Store bro.

          • Maria

            Fair enough!

    • Harry

      Yeah, nothing’s happened in there in at least 6 months. I doubt that it could be better than Faccia, Pete’s, or Sette Bello (RIP), but I’d be willing to give it a try.

      Possible investigative report, ArlNow?

      • KalashniKEV

        All it has to do is offer a Proper Slice at a decent price.
        (OMG… I should open my own pizzeria!)

        There is currently no place in Arlington County to get a Proper Slice. The closest is Valentino’s.

        • Mmm…

          That’s right by my office. I’m going there for lunch, thanks! 🙂

        • JamesE

          PizzaRoma at 1 am while highly intoxicated.

          • Lola

            You would have to be highly intoxicated to enjoy that!

        • Will

          Goody’s near the Claredon Metro stop sells a Proper Slice at a decent price.

          • KalashniKEV

            That’s a ratty slice, bro. I’m not talking about drunk pizza here.

    • drax

      Saw a stroller parked inside yesterday.

      Doesn’t look like much progress on construction.

  • CourthouseChris

    Has anyone tried Naked Pizza? I’ve seen it a few times and wondered about it; is it anything special? Comparable to any other chain around here?

    • yo yo

      i had it in McLean on sunday. It was awesome. can’t wait for this one to open up.

    • ho hum

      i’ve had it a couple of times from the Pentagon City store thru groupon. They market it as healthy; maybe but who knows. Crust is unimpressive, which to me is everything: not crisp NY style, not thick Chicago style, just kind of basic thin floppy run-of-the-mill crust

    • SamsontheCat

      Have had it a few times. Not very filling and very “natural” tasting. Kind of pricey, but they do have lots of deals you can get via email. Not the pizza for you if it’s 1 am and you just want the greasiest pie you can find.

  • nudist

    about time we had a clothing optional restaurant in the area!

    • Joehoya

      Bring your own sausage!

  • Great

    Just what I wanted in my neighborhood, another pizza joint. There is a Pizza Autentica a block up from here.
    I love Arlington but am really starting to hate what it’s turning into.

    • KalashniKEV

      …and yet it is still improper!

      We need to keep opening pizzerias until someone gets it right!

      • SamsontheCat

        Setting aside what the “right” kind of pizza is cause I’ve had lots that are different but very good in their own way, what is the food the VA/DC/MD Beltway area does best? It ain’t burgers, it ain’t pizza, and a half-smoke is a bad version of a sausage/hot dog you can get most anywhere.

        • nom de guerre

          Clarendon is the center of the VA/DC/MD universe and here it is cupcakes and froyo.

    • Ballstonian

      I think its strange that burger places/pizza joints keep trying to enter what, to me, seems to be a saturated market. Its not my money, but I would probably seek out a location that doesnt have a lot of the same thing within a few block radius.

      • jackson

        Burgers and pizza are staples in this country. It’s a safer economic bet to offer more of the same in a slightly different way than, say, trying to make a West African restaurant appeal to Arlingtonians.

        • Ballstonian

          Ok, but this isnt a case of “gee, what kind of restaurant should we open” but rather “we are a pizza place, where should we go.” Were I a pizza place (or a burger place or a tex-mex place), i would probably look to go somewhere other than ballston/vsquare where there are already several similar establishments. Will their “natural” pizza be different enough to attract enough business to stay afloat? I dont know, but my point is that I wouldnt risk it.

    • jackson

      Really? THIS is the straw that breaks the camel’s back for you? I’m not trying to single you out, but holy moly, people complain about EVERYTHING on this website!

      • Great

        No, this was just another thorn in my side about what the area is turning into as a whole.

        • Tre

          ,,,and what exactly is that? A place to live, eat and socialize? Sounds like you need to ship out to San Fran or NYC. FREDTERP

    • JohnB2

      So what do we need more of in the Ballson-VA Square corridor?

      I’d like some plain old above-ground fast food stores. Arlington tries to be too trendy/fancy. Keep it simple, IMO.

      • Ballstonian

        I’m surprised there arent [m]any seafood restaurants in the area.

        • Great

          Yeah, I’d like a nice seafood restaurant as well, that is something lacking around here.

        • JamesE

          A nice sit down (not fancy) seafood place would be good.

          • Ballstonian

            I think an oyster bar/seafood place would be nice, but I dont know where a logical place would be (or if it would do well).

          • Great

            There used to be an oyster bar in the current location of Willow, I guess that didn’t do too well.

        • nom de guerre

          Bring back the Chesapeake Bay Seafood House!

        • JohnB2

          Gaffney’s was a seafood-ish type place and oyster bar. It was in the Willow spot. I’m not certain why it went under but the rumor was it was a cursed spot that had multiple failures before WIllow arrived. Maybe if it were more centrally located in B-VSq, Gaffney’s would have survived.

          • Ballstonian

            There’s space in the new buildings on Glebe between Wilson and Fairfax, which might be a decent spot. I dont see anything like that replacing Chevys, and I’m not sure where else a place like that would work.

          • JamesE

            Will the new buildings going up next to Darpa have ground floor retail space?

          • Zer

            I know at least the office building will. Not sure about the hotel

          • Rick

            Around the DARPA building yes, in DARPA no

          • Unbeeweebable

            Wrong. Place isn’t cursed. Gaffney’s had a 10+ year run there. Before it was Gaffney’s it was DeAngelos – IIRC owned by the same people who owned Gaffney’s. DeAngelo’s lasted at least 5-7 years.

      • Car-Free Diet

        No happy meals for you!

        • Loggie

          Don’t blame all the pizza and burger joints on Arlington. It’s a free market and and if independent owner/operators can’t make a lving then they are not going to open a store. It’s easier for franchies to make ends. It doesn’t matter if a franchise loses money as long as one of the others can make it up….

  • Ballston4years

    I wonder if they’ll get an ABC licence to serve booze.

  • yo yo

    Looks like Mark Cuban is an investor or some sort of owner of Naked Pizza….either way he is involved somehow…which i really like. He is a smart dude

    • Antwon Fisher

      But do he know how to make pizza?

  • Tre

    Jumbo slice conquers all

    • Great

      Yeah, for the 20 something crowd that’s hammered off their a$$, the jumbo slice is the slice of choice. But for me, I’d rather not have a paper thin slice of flavorless pizza. That’s just me though, I’m not judging.

      • JamesE

        Why even go to Jumbo Slice when Amsterdam Falafel is right there and far superior.

      • Tre

        Clearly you didn’t go to the ORIGINAL Jumbo Slice. And I prefer to be judged.

  • drax


    • suck

      and yours was integral

      • PUP

        my favorite one.

  • PUP

    at least something is moving in there… but not what i was hoping for (was hoping for strip club/buffalo wings/hookah lounge).

    • KITTEN

      That would be Naked Pizza and Pie…

    • PUPPY

      Well the strip clubs in Virginia are useless anyway with their bottoms and pasty laws.

      • don’t judge me

        speaking of strip clubs. I went to Camelot’s this past weekend in DC…waste of time. Worst strip club ever…although it sounds like va’s laws would make their clubs even worse

        • Anon

          Having been to both Crystal City Restaurant and Camelots, I’d say its a toss up. Both places are terrible. So terrible I actually find them funny and mildly entertaining.

  • PardonMe

    My boyfriend is a Manager for Naked Pizza so I have eaten it a good bit and have never gotten sick. As far as I know there are only locations in Pentagon, Reston, McLean, Bethesda so far. None in DC. Maybe you meant…DC metro area? The food is good and it is comforting to know that it is healthier than most other pizza. I feel like no one on here has anything positive to say.

  • Klepjax

    Hey Fred Jr, if your friend got sick from pizza whatever why don’t you let him speak for himself. Me and the pussy cats are going down to a syndicated pizza joint tonight and we will have a puke party afterwards. Let me know if you have time. and oh yes, bring your friend.


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