Naked Pizza Opens in Pentagon City, Plans Va. Square Location

by ARLnow.com July 5, 2011 at 2:56 pm 7,754 24 Comments

The first Arlington outpost of the all-natural pizza chain Naked Pizza opened in Pentagon City over the weekend.

The store, located in the old Pizza Milano space near Harris Teeter, features signature pies like the Ragin’ Cajun (sausage, chicken, garlic bell pepper onion), the Superbiotic (artichoke, spinach, bell pepper, mushroom, garlic, red onion, cliantro) and the Smokehouse (hickory-smoked BBQ sauce, onion, chicken), as well as specialized options like gluten-free crust.

As we reported in March, the New Orleans-based chain says it’s trying to be “part of the solution to the global epidemic of obesity and chronic disease” by making fast food “healthful instead of harmful.”

About a dozen employees in bright green shirts were working inside and outside the store this afternoon. Those not manning the kitchen or the counter held signs directing passersby to their 1101 S. Joyce Street storefront. The eatery will be seven days a week from 10:30 a.m. to midnight.

A second Arlington location is planned for the ground floor of the Quincy Plaza Apartments (3900 Fairfax Drive) in Virginia Square. This weekend the County Board is expected to grant the future pizzeria permission to establish a pizza delivery service.

  • Shocked

    Wow, I’m shocked, a pizza place.

  • Chris

    I hate to not hate on the hate-able subject of hate-worthy pizza joints but their Gluten Free Pizza is far from hate inducing. Now having Celiac disease in Arlington VA, the unquestioned pizza, cup cake and burger capital of the universe, that will make you hateful.

    • AllenB

      I never tried it, Fireworks has gluten-free pizza as well. I’ve become more aware of gluten-free stuff since my nephew was diagnosed with celiac.

    • VA

      Rustico and Lost Dog both offer gluten free crusts too.

      • Ballstonia

        As does Pete’s in Clarendon.

        • Gluten

          and Zpizza

          • nothing special

            …just about everywhere you pay WAY TOO much for a pizza, has gluten-free on the menu….so its def nothing unique.

            News Flash: ***7-11 has +2+ DiGiorno’s for $10***

  • Matt

    This place is really good. I ordered delivery and the driver was at my door 20 minutes later. Got the 14 inch cheese/pepperoni and unlike other pizzas, I didn’t have the after-pizza crash.

  • Adam Smith

    “This weekend the County Board is expected to grant the future pizzeria permission to establish a pizza delivery service”

    Why would this require the county board’s approval ??

    • PhilL

      Good question.

    • Chris

      I think I might know this one. Arlington Country is one of only two VA counties to have both the power of the purse and the responsibility of maintenance for all its own roads. They are allowed to require a developer to contribute to the county’s road maintenance fund if they are going to put an additional burden on those roads. I doubt a pizza delivery guy constitutes a burden, but the paperwork must no less be filed in triplicate, signed and counter signed in blood and black ink should a business wish to use the county roads like that. The other county is Henrico county by Richmond.

      It’s that, or the delivery van has a sign on it.

    • Wildhair

      Click the link in the article and you can view the “site plan amendment” request. To operate a delivery service they’ll have 4-8 delivey vehicles…..which need parking and access to the store location.

      • NomNom

        Wow – 4 to 8 vehicles. Maybe they should follow their pizza-tossing cousins in Clarendon and get some segways.

      • novanglus

        They need a use permit to operate a food delivery service. Generally, they get a six-month probationary permit, and tehn it gets renewed for years at a time without much fuss. But the probation’s important: they need to establish that they sufficiently monitor and enforce their driver’s safety records; they need to show that their delivery area and their location don’t put too much of a burden on one or two streets. 4-8 cars doesn’t sound like a lot, but the constant quick maneuvers and u-turns get real annoying to the neighbors.

  • QPGirl

    A coffee shop and a pretty good sandwich shop didn’t succeed at the Quincy Plaza location, so I have my doubts about a pizza place, especially one that is just pick-up/delivery. But we’ll see.

  • curious george

    The virginia square location is a bit odd. Sort of tucked out of sight. There was a non-Starbucks coffee place there for a while that didn’t make it. Hopefully these folks will do better.

    • BallstonNOTBoston


      Man that place could make a mean roast beef sammich! Super bummed they moved out – but I’ll take a hippie pizza place over nothin!

  • Shocked

    I just wish we could get a variety in Arlington, that’s all. I know it’s a running joke about pizza and burger joints but honestly it’s true. I guess these business owners go for the business with the highest profit margin. Ugh.
    At least CAVA is opening soon, that’s something different.

  • hillz

    We tried Naked tonight and the comments above were pretty dead on. Good pizza with good taste and delivered super fast. Not the best pizza I have has but it sure beats Dominoes or other chains. The PC location might be doomed, this is the third pizza joint for that space and obviously the two previous stores were unsuccessful.

  • arlingtondoood

    the virginia square location isn’t all that great an idea, but i don’t think it will fail. the pentagon row location on the other hand is excellent. and just being a takeout place doesn’t matter because how fast they deliver, the great customer service, and the speed of deliveries is what’s gonna make naked pizza succeed.

  • Chris Slatt

    Hopefully these guys are less frustrating on the phone that Milano (the previous tenant at the Pentagon Row location). Every time I called them I had to spend 5 minutes convincing them that I really did live well within their delivery area.

  • Nisha

    re: GF pizza. Yeah, those other places offer GF pizzas, but a lot of GF pizza crusts taste like cheez-its. The GF pizza I got from Naked last night was the first time in a year that I had a pizza that tasted like pizza. And I have eaten a few from the places listed above. And at least one if those places has had cross contamination issues as well. I, for one, am just happy to have pizza back. 🙂

  • Mike

    From the name, “Naked Pizza,” I was expecting a rather different sort of business from what it turns out to be, perhaps a restaurant taking the Hooters concept to the next level. But it still sounds good, and at least this one doesn’t require a special license for “adult entertainment.” ;-).

  • oh really?

    this is news!!!

    News Flash: ***7-11 has +2+ DiGiorno’s for $10***


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