El Manantial Restaurant Coming to Walter Reed Drive

by ARLnow.com March 27, 2012 at 1:57 pm 8,219 27 Comments

The former Las Delicias Restaurante at 1621 S. Walter Reed Drive has a new sign and a new name.

El Manantial III, a Guatemalan/Mexican restaurant apparently associated with the El Manantial restaurant in Lyon Park (2618 N. Pershing Drive), is expected to open in the Las Delicias space soon.

County inspectors were spotted parked outside the restaurant earlier today. It’s unclear when exactly the restaurant is going to open, though. A woman who answered the phone at the Lyon Park El Manantial restaurant referred us to a phone number that went straight to voicemail.

Las Delicias closed not too long after a brawl in January. We haven’t heard of any major fights breaking out at El Manantial, but a man did recently bite off part of his friend’s finger in the parking lot outside El Manantial and several other businesses.

Hat tip to Don H.

  • OldTimer

    Ah, finger foods may be the new trend. Hold the tequila.

  • Tabs

    So basically, same same.


    • Ren

      Hold on now – thinking outside the box, I see marketing gold…

      “KFC may be finger-lickin’ good, but at El Manantial III, you’ll want to bite ’em clean off!”

      • nom de guerre

        If Jeffrey Dahmer was still alive he could be the spokesperson.

    • Josh S

      I’m with you. Very disappointing. This represents no change.

  • yo yo

    bite off part of his friend’s finger? i doubt they were friends after or before that. Maybe we should say ” bite off part of his amigo’s finger” instead

    • They were drinking together, and it sounds like they were friends and/or related to one another.

      • yo yo

        i guess tequila is a hell of a drug

      • PUP

        if a dude does that w/ his friend, i hope i’m not his enemy.

  • Tabs

    Was his friend holding his pupusa at the time?

    • AllenB

      That sounds a little personal.

  • Wiz

    That’s what you get for not giving your buddy “the precious” back.

  • bobco85

    I looked at their menu, and it seems like an authentic menu save for one thing: the pupusas revueltas have mozzarella cheese in them?! Must be for those Italian-Guatemalans 😉

    That said, I look forward to checking out “The Spring” (meaning a water source, not the season nor a jump) when it opens, but only during daytime since I want to keep my fingers.


    El Manantial’s menu has chicken soup for $12.60? FREDTERP


      And a salad for $9.40?? Should have checked out the menu earlier. Holy guacamole! OLDTIMER

      • WOW

        So $22 for Soup and Salad? WOW

        • Plunkitt of Clarendon Blvd

          You are paying for the atmosphere…….

    • Josh S

      Maybe you get a whole chicken?



        The sides are awesome.

  • SouthArlington

    That location spells trouble: every restaurant there has failed.

    • thatguy

      Because it looks like the backdrop of a triple homicide.

      • Tabs

        Yes, with future customers as the next victims.

        Just like that big faux-sandstone building on Columbia Pike. Now it’s Italian.

      • nom de guerre

        A triple homicide occurred in 1995 only blocks from this location. Christopher James Beck, who was convicted of this crime was executed in 2001.


        • Tabs

          Wow, what a cheery read.

          “Beck stole several guns, cash and two bicycles from the victims”

          And people think they’re safer with guns in the house.

  • j

    My vote for a WaWa stil stands.

    • Tabs

      Or a 2nd Italian Store.

      • JC

        Oh hell yes. A second Italian store would be great.

        Hell, I’d even be happy with a restaurant as planned, but give it a face lift. Get rid of that tacky sign on the front, or at the least pay a local artist to turn it into an amazing Trompe L’oeil mural. (there’s one in the neighborhood by the way) Do something for that $22 soup and salad mentioned above.

        At the least, we should all help create the atmosphere with some neighborhood activism, show up, tell the owners about our concerns. If they are good business people, They will listen and want us as customers.


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