School Board to Appoint Successor to Garvey

by ARLnow.com March 28, 2012 at 11:11 am 2,866 15 Comments

Libby Garvey officially resigned from the Arlington School Board this morning following her election to the Arlington County Board yesterday. That opens up Garvey’s seat to an appointee to be named by the School Board.

Per Virginia law, anybody interested in replacing Garvey on the School Board must be a qualified Arlington voter and must not be a School Board employee. Interested parties are asked to submit a resume and a letter of interest to the School Board by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, April 11.

A public hearing on the School Board vacancy will be held on the evening of April 17. The appointment itself is scheduled to take place during the School Board meeting on April 26. The appointee won’t be in the unelected office for very long — Garvey’s term is up at the end of December and the seat will be up for grabs in November’s general election.

Garvey is set to be sworn in as a County Board member at 5:00 tonight. Like her appointed School Board successor, Garvey will have to run to keep her seat in the November general election.

  • gymmyray

    Not going to miss the Libby on the school board. She doesn’t support teachers and they don’t support her.

    • geezer

      care to elaborate on that personal attack?

      • drax

        Not a personal attack. Elaboration would be appropriate though.

        • geezer

          well it’s an attack on a person…..I’d just like to hear what’s behind it…y’know some facts 🙂

    • Good Grief

      The School Board didn’t endorse her either did they (correct me if I’m wrong)? Anyone know why?

      • AllenB

        Does the school board or its members ever make endorsements? They’re supposed to be non-political.

      • drax

        Because school boards don’t endorse people?

      • Car-Free Diet

        The School Board wanted Libby to stay because she carried the work load for many of its members, they don’t know how they can continue without her.

    • dave schutz

      I’m a little baffled that you seem to think the function of school board members is to support teachers. I think the function of school board members is to ensure that the kids get the best education the County can reasonably manage. Usually, that should go with making things good for teachers, but good for teachers should not be the Board’s top priority.

  • bob

    “…Supposed to be non-political.” Now I don’t care who you are, THAT is some funny [manure]!

  • AllenB

    “supposed to be non-political” Which part of that statement is manure? They are supposed to be nonpolitical. I didn’t say that they actually were. Though making an endorsement would be pretty blatantly political.

  • Ashton Height Bob

    Sun Gazette has an article stating that Superintendent proposed to increase class size by 1 student to save $3.5 million. School Board rejected the proposal.

    It must be nice to be able to make decisions without regard to fiscal sanity.

    • Car-Free Diet

      Hey Bob, do you have any school age children in Arlington County’s schools? I have read comments on this website from parents using four letter words to describe the school board because it has not done enough to increase the schools’ capacity. If you think being a school board member is so easy, why don’t you volunteer?

      • Ashton Height Bob

        CFD: Thanks, but your comment does not sound like an endorsement. Many people, maybe even you, would not like me because I let facts and realty get in the way before making decisions. That’s how my personal life operates and I would feel even more obligated to operate in that manner if the decisions involved other peoples money.

        Increasing class size minimally versus hundreds of millions for new schools?

        • jackson

          You let buildings get in the way before making decisions?


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