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Board to Address Permits for William Jeffrey’s Tavern

by Katie Pyzyk April 17, 2012 at 11:40 am 4,937 29 Comments

(Updated at 11:25 a.m.) William Jeffrey’s Tavern (2301 Columbia Pike) is expected to be a topic of conversation at Saturday’s Arlington County Board meeting. The restaurant has requested a permit for live entertainment and dancing, in addition to a permit to have outdoor seating.

The entertainment permit would cover the hours of 11:00 a.m. to 1:30 a.m. every day of the week. However, restaurant owners indicate they only intend to provide live entertainment and dancing during late evenings on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, and for brunch on Sundays.

Although the restaurant is in a mixed-use building, county staff points out it is not directly adjacent to any housing, and would therefore not disturb residents. Permit reviewers also believe allowing William Jeffrey’s Tavern to have live entertainment would assist in achieving the county’s goal of revitalizing Columbia Pike. For these reasons, the recommendation is to allow the permit.

One of the requirements for obtaining the permit is to provide dedicated security during times when there is live entertainment. The restaurant will also have to keep its doors and windows shut during performances, to comply with the county noise ordinance. The permit will come up for review in one year.

The recommendation for the outdoor cafe permit, however, is to defer the issue until the board’s May 19 meeting. At issue is compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, due to a grade change where the outdoor cafe would be on the sidewalk. Staff also wants to ensure that the seating will be only for temporary use, which the county typically defines as nine months of the year.

The recommendation to defer until the May 19 meeting is to give the owners of William Jeffrey’s Tavern adequate time to address the county’s concerns.

  • Swag

    “The entertainment permit would cover the hours of 11:00 a.m. through 1:30 p.m. every day of the week. However, restaurant owners indicate they only intend to provide live entertainment and dancing during late evenings on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, and for brunch on Sundays.”


    • Apologies, corrected to “1:30 a.m.”

  • Gormley

    laissez faire

    • Josh S

      Right. Because this is Deadwood, South Dakota. You don’t like our noise? Whattya gonna do about it?!?

  • Numbers Sense

    Parking has become unbearable for the community around this building as people are now parking on the street instead of in the lot and the base continues to have parking areas under construction. Not against people using the on street parking for businesses…. to a degree…. they have, unfortunately, taken over the neighborhood during the day and are now creeping into the evening hours to the degree that people who live in the neighborhood have difficultly getting parking near their homes.

    I vote NO on this proposal unless the patrons can park inside and until the base no longer is pushing their workers into the neighborhood for parking, giving residents a shot at parking in the evening before the crowd who wants to enjoy the live entertainment would arrive.

    • spaghetti

      This is from their website:

      PARKING: Turn onto S. Adams or S. Wayne Streets for access to parking in the Siena Park Garage. Parking permitted on the 1st level, in any spot not marked for XSport.

      Bring in your parking ticket – 3 hours Validated, 7 days a week. Use the elevator for street level, front door access.

    • CrystalMikey

      Which base are you referring to? Fort Myer or the Naval Support (old DISA bldg)?

      • Numbers Sense

        Naval support.

        Wish that people were actually using the parking structure noted on their website. The practical end of this is that people are parking in the neighborhood for the restaurant, the gym and the Giant. When the additional restaurant is added plus the other smaller businesses the parking will be of even more concern.

        Neighborhood has been told by officials of that the construction would be over soon… no real definition of that… and lots of people parking up and down all of the adjoining streets… so much that others are driving people to their cars, even in good weather. Should anyone in my house come home before 5 there has not been a spot in front of our own house (or that of a nearby neighbor) in weeks.

        • FedUp

          A solution would be zoned parking on neighborhood streets. Also, the County should not be charging residents for any zone parking passes. It should be free and match the vehicles at your address, since you’re already paying tax!

          • spaghetti

            Free? How is it fair that residents in other neighborhoods without zoned parking should pay (through property taxes) to enforce it in another?

          • Clarendon

            The “already paying tax” argument should then apply to any Arlington resident who wants to park on any Arlington street. But, the residential parking permit program seeks to exclude even Arlington residents from parking on streets that they are paying for.

          • dirty biker

            The process is pretty straightforward- submit a petition with X% of the residents on a block (75%?) along with the requested hours of restricted parking. The county will come out a few random times during the restriction times to count cars and spaces; if density is over Y% they grant the restriction and post the signs.

            Then all you have to do is endure the vitriol on ArlNow for demanding that you be able to park somewhere near your home and not have drunk a’holes pooping on your lawn.

    • esmith69

      I don’t think most of those people parking in the neighborhood are going to WJT. My guess would be Giant or Xsport. It’s especially irritating that people going to Giant don’t just park in the Penrose garage, as that one is free for them as long as they’re only there 1 hour.

      If it really bugs you though, reach out to the managers of the establishments and get your neighbors to do the same. I’m sure WJT for example might consider instructing the wait staff to add to their “daily specials” speech a bit reminding patrons to park in the garage.

      In the end though, the only way this will really be fixed is by hitting people where it really hurts — their wallets. Until they start having to pay to park along the streets, many will always choose the street rather than the garage (even if the garage is free).

      Adding meters or one of those electronic parking station things along Wayne would do the trick. The obvious problem with that though is that the county would also need to implement some kind of permit system for the homeowners so that they wouldn’t have to pay to park in front of their own house every night.

      • ACDC

        Better still……everybody will pay !!


    • No Sense

      Both WJT and XSport offer it’s patrons free parking in the Siena Park garage. People just chose not to park in there. I live in the neighborhood (in Siena Park) and 99% of the homes in the neighborhood have a driveway. Before you vote to limit a businesses earning potential why don’t you try parking in your driveway.

      • esmith69

        Just speculation, but the person who originally posted the complaint may be a resident of that small area of townhomes across the street from the bank.

        • avlg

          The townhouses have parking and entrance to homes in the back.

  • Alicia

    Where would they put outdoor seating?

    • Numbers Sense

      Also a good question as the sidewalk in front of the building is too narrow for seating… was built incorrectly is what I heard making it impossible to have the on street parking on Columbia Pike that was once promised to the residents of the neighborhood.

      That must leave the side street that faces the other new building?

      • Numbers Sense

        Plus that would leave no space for the number of smokers that hover outside the door of the restaurant, sometimes sitting on the building’s edge.

      • (another) Greg


        As I recall, both Siena Park and Penrose Square were supposed to have wider sidewalks to accommodate outdoor seating. Part of the whole “building a more vibrant, walkable community” thing.

        Surprise, surprise. It didn’t happen.

        • Plunkitt of Clarendon Blvd

          Just depends upon your definition of vibrant…..the county board sees this as being “vibrant” !!!

  • laurie Orlov

    You must be kidding. There are no residents nearby? Those apartments are filled with people who are stuck with talking, smoking, and drinking-related racket now, but of course the new racket will be limited to 1:30 am Thursday through Sunday, so that’s a relief. On the positive side, should drive people out of these unfortunate locations and drive rents down.

    If you are at this hearing, please speak.


    • avlg

      ???? What are you talking about???
      There are no residents nearby? Do you have your eyes open…or is it only your mouth!
      “Unfortunate locations” I am happy to live only 3 lights away from DT Washington!

    • Captain Obvious

      I can’t imagine that the people living directly above the restaurant agree with county staff that there are no residents nearby.

      • JohnB

        Directly above the restaurant is office space.

  • Jay-nonamous

    Why do all good restaurants wreck things by adding live music? Makes so much sense to go out with your friends so you can sit there and not be able to talk over garbage music…or worse, irish music…and fyi, I imagine it’s the giant causing the parking issues…asn hour is plenty of tome for me, but I have it on good authority that most people shopping for more than 1 person need more than an hour…it’s so dumb for them to only validate 1 hour!

  • 1234

    I understand that much of the street parking overflow is from the people working at the complex. While the first hour is free, parking in the garage for an 8 hour shift can get very expensive for someone bagging groceries or cutting hair. Consequently, they’re taking the surface parking option.

  • YTK

    You REALLY want to sit outdoors and enjoy your food in the wake of the Metrobuses rumbling by???


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