Good Stuff Eatery Holds Party in Crystal City

by ARLnow.com May 7, 2012 at 10:00 am 5,190 33 Comments

Spike Mendelsohn brought some glitz and glamour to Crystal City Friday night at the private opening party for his newest Good Stuff Eatery location.

Between the the celebrity DJ inside (Josh Madden), the Ferrari parked outside (it belonged to one of Spike’s investors), and the reality show production crew that filmed the whole thing (we were told they were working on “Life After Top Chef”), the party was more Hollywood Boulevard than Crystal Drive. Taking in the excitement — and the beer, fries, burgers and milkshakes — was a capacity crowd that included young partiers, local notables, and Mendelsohn family members.

The restaurant, at 2110 Crystal Drive, is set to open to the public on Wednesday.

  • mockney

    fake celebrities drinking fake beer. Yummo.

    • Rick

      Peroni isn’t fake it’s just not very good

      • JamesE

        It’s the Italian bud light

        • CW

          I usually compare it to Old Milwaukee, myself.

        • Rick

          I’d rather have a bud light

    • neutrino

      local notables…

  • nom de guerre

    Is that FREDTERP in image #9?

  • CrystalMikey

    Can’t wait to try this.

  • run the other way

    it’s no wonder americans are fat pigs: yet another place pushing burgersfriesshakes. Maybe we should have left the 50s diet back in the 50s. i remember feeling vaguely sick after downing a dinner like that when i was a kid and now I know why.

    • JamesE

      Don’t eat there everyday

    • JB

      Get over yourself. I exercise regularly and eat a burger maybe once a month, and when I do I can choose to get it wherever I want without an ounce of guilt. Besides, at these prices it’s not places like this that are a problem – it’s when it’s cheaper and easier for people to eat fast food every meal that causes a problem.

      • The most interesting man in Arlington

        I don’t always eat burgers, but when I do I prefer Rays Hell Burger

    • Michael H.

      They have salads too. I eat pretty healthy most of the time, but I’d like to try this place out. If the food is good, I’ll probably head over there a few times a month. I’ll have the burgers for some meals. At others, I’ll stick to the salads. But I’ll stay away from the soda. I never drink sugary soda, at home or at a restaurant.

    • jackson

      “i remember feeling vaguely sick after downing a dinner like that when i was a kid and now I know why.”

      And you are 85 now and only eat local organic produce at the nunnery where you reside?

      • run the other way

        ha ha no, now I prefer beer..

        And i’m just a standard-issue boomer; but maybe when i’m 85 i’ll be back to drinking shakes again

        but really, i just find it a puzzling meal, burgers, fries, shakes. what a strange combo of foods. t

        this place probably doesn’t deserve the snark i gave it because i hear it’s pretty good. burgers, fries shake: choose one.

        • JB

          Agree with you there – I might like a burger and fries, or a shake, but I’m having a hard time thinking of when I’ve ever said hey give me all three. And remember, when you were a kid, a burger was probably a fraction of the size they are now (burgers from the 50s would pass for sliders in some places and would cost twice as much b/c they’re small and quaint).

          Hang in there – with all the burger places that have opened it’s a matter of time before it becomes trendy for people to want to cut the guilt with small thin patties instead of quarter to half pounders as the standard.

  • Arlington, Northside

    ACPD should have ticketed the Ferrari 458 for lack of front tag.

    • Rick

      How do you know it’s registered in VA?

      • Arlington, Northside

        Don’t, but DC and Maryland require a front tag too.

    • JamesE

      front plates are the devil

    • WeiQiang

      … and for not displaying VA safety insp & tax stickers. Oh … wait.

  • ShirliMan

    pic #2


  • nom de guerre

    Just a couple of questions.

    Will the opening of this restaurant bring at least 75 “new jobs” to Arlington?

    Is the building/restaurant LEED Certified?

    Will the employees be offered affordable housing so they can live near where they work?

    • ArLater

      When you say new jobs, you must be specific. Who/what/where is our reference point. New jobs to Arlington but losing them somewhere else? New jobs in general? Also please elaborate on the meaning of “bring.” Careless questioning like this just cannot be tolerated and I am prepared to insult your inteligance by talking down to you.

    • Volo

      That’s three questions.

  • Rey

    These pics look like a sitcom cast from a NBC Prime Time line up. very nice

    • WeiQiang


      What with all the ‘notable’ hoopla, I’m looking forward to the perfunctory photo spread in the local glossy society rag [do we have one?]. I love the captions in those: “Muffy Scheuvenschlager-Wortstein (L), Kyle-Joseph Truffalattori (C) and Mehdi Pourdastishahmedinejhad (R) at Spike’s opening in EBa [“East of Ball St”].

    • nom de guerre

      I had heard that this story will be featured on TMZ tonight and that the New Jersey Tanning Mom will be at the Good Stuff Eatery for the Wednesday opening to the public.

  • Carson Kressley

    There are ZERO good looking men in those photos.

  • Volo

    So…in the background of the second photo, there’s a big sign that says “goodnes gracious”…do they know they have a big typo on the wall?

  • What I See

    A bunch of fat, balding middle-aged people trying desperately to be cool by going to a restaurant opening.

    –A fat, balding middle-aged person

  • Michael H.

    The restaurant was open to the public yesterday. Moreover, they were giving all the food away! No joke. I walked by just to peek in the windows and see if they were getting ready for opening day, but the doors were open and the place was packed. So I went in, stood in line, ordered and tried to pay. They said everything was free that day. I wasn’t about to complain!

    The burger was good. The fries are better than McDonald’s-type fries, but there’s too much oil for me. Next time I’ll go with the small order of fries. I’ll probably alternate between a burger one time and a salad the next. Even though I run and bike a lot (9-13 hrs. a week), if I ate the burgers and fries there every day, I would still gain some weight.

    I think the restaurant is a good addition to Crystal Drive.

    • Michael H.

      I just read that the restaurant was only open for 90 minutes yesterday to help train the staff. The customers (including me) were guinea pigs. But we got a free dinner out of it, so it was a good deal. I guess the formal opening will still take place on Wednesday.


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