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by ARLnow.com May 8, 2012 at 9:00 am 1,957 17 Comments

Arlington Mill Student Gets Scholarship — Arlington Mill High School Continuation Program student Marleny Giron has been awarded a $10,000 “Founders Scholarship” from Comcast. The scholarship is intended to recognize students for their leadership, academic achievement and community service. It was created in honor of Comcast founder Ralph Roberts.

New Art on the ART Bus — A new “Art on the ART Bus” exhibit is up. The exhibit, by local artist Jenny Sidhu Mullins, explores the idea of national identity. [Facebook]

Flickr pool photo by Alex

  • CrystalMikey

    Nice pic…I live across the street from that thing.

  • Josh S

    I’d love to hear more about this photo. It’s great. It looks like the colors may have been adjusted? I especially like the electric blue in the windows to the upper left. Cool stuff.

    • CW

      Buy some tone mapping software and a cheap digital camera and you too can be a master artist. HDR…still hasn’t gotten old, somehow…

      • JamesE

        I’ve gotten a few hdr’s to come out nice and subtle and not overblown but it involves keeping the camera perfectly still and taking around 7-9 different exposures.

        • Thes

          The rocks in this sculpture are lodestones (natural magnets). Their patina comes from the metal content. The sculpture is really worth going to look at up close, because, unfortunately, it’s located about 4 feet above sidewalk level which makes part of it difficult to see. It’s a very cool place.

        • CW

          But overblown is what the people want!!!

    • bobco85

      As stated earlier in the comments, it is because it’s an HDR that you will get some surreal coloring. The view also seems to be somewhat wide-angle. I like the shot because even with the angle making the sculpture jump out at the viewer, it has a softer and calmer effect due to the coloring, and the details of the individual textures really show in the grass, trees, stone, and clouds.

      Haha, I just saw Alex’s photostream name: “It’s my whole damn raison d’etre!”

    • alex1138

      Thanks very much, I took 9 exposures and combine them all with my HDR Photomatix software. I used a few tools in Aperture software to brighten up the stone a bit too. If you bring a compass to this park it will not point North because the artist also buried several large lodestones in the ground!

  • Tre

    While visually interesting, I can’t seem to get over the HDR glow

    • chipotle_addict

      I love it. I can see non-glowy regular realistic-looking stuff all the time just by looking out the window, I prefer my pictures surreal and fake looking.

      • Swag

        You should try acid.

        • nom de guerre

          Or Sam’s Corner sauteed psilocybin mushrooms with baby spinach on a sourdough baguette topped with Gruyère cheese.

    • DarkHeart

      I tend to think the HDR thing will pass at some point. Looks too fakey.

      • CW

        Always just makes me feel like I’m playing an Elder Scrolls game.

        • JamesE

          I prefer Skyrim over real life.


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