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Dogs and Humans Welcome at Fundraising Walk

by Katie Pyzyk May 9, 2012 at 11:00 am 3,159 20 Comments

The pitter patter of many little feet will be filling the air on Saturday, during the Animal Welfare League of Arlington’s 17th Annual Walk for the Animals.

AWLA considers this one of its most important fundraisers of the year. Money raised will help care for all the homeless animals brought to AWLA every day, from dogs to hamsters to birds.

The three mile walk or one mile stroll will start and finish at Bluemont Park (329 N. Manchester Street). Registration will begin at 8:30 a.m. and the walk starts at 9:30 a.m. In addition to sponsor booths, there will be demonstrations by WOOFS! Dog Training Center of Shirlington, and by the Arlington County Sheriff’s Department K-9 Unit.

Humans are encouraged to bring any canine walking partners older than four months. Dogs must be on a flat leash, not a flexible leash. Cats and other pets must stay at home. All pre-registered human walkers will receive a t-shirt, and dogs will receive a bandana.

You can register for the race on AWLA’s website. The cost for the walk is $25 in advance and $40 the day of the event. Special prizes will be awarded to participants who raise the most money.

  • Ashton Heights

    Are pittbulls allowed? Because I they are me and my dog won’t come. Too dangerous by far.

    • really?

      I love when people perpetuate misconceptions. I understand all the issues with temper based on years of bad breeding and raising, but pit bulls (like all dogs) really are a product of their environment… there are honorable pit bull breeders and owners that work very hard to educate others on the different behaviors and characteristics of all dog breeds. I personally seen more small dogs bite or nip at a human or other animal WAY more than I’ve seen pit bulls do this. Sure, the ones that are raised to be tough are mistreated and often are mean and scary, but don’t make the first comment on this thread so ignorant and negative. I own 3 pit bulls 1 since he was a puppy and the others adopted raised in totally different environments. I have one that seems much more protective than the others but he’s also really very smart and well trained and although I would likely not take him to this event because it might be a high stimulation factor which is outside of his comfort level, I would easily take my other 2 who play regularly with other dogs and small children.

      Don’t worry, I’m out of town so you don’t have to worry about your little fiffy around my pups.

    • Rebecca

      What an igorant comment. My dog was attacked by an Australian Cattle Dog off leash. Any dog can have anger issues.

      • Tabs

        And that’s why all dogs must be on a leash.

        It’s Arlington County law, by the way.

    • Sam

      It’s “pitbulls” – with one “t”.
      It’s “if” they are – not “I” they are (probably just a typo)

      It’s not “me and my dog” – it’s ” my dog and I”

      Ignorance of a particular breed and of the English language.

      Your kind doesn’t need to be there; it’s for those who want to help raise money for all animals assisted by the shelter and to help educate people on responsible pet ownership. You might want to take advantage of some of the offerings so you can better educated.

      • Sam

        Aww shoot – now I messed up. “So you CAN be better educated.” My bad.

        • jackson

          You mean, “…so you can BE better educated,” if you’re trying to stress the word you originally omitted.

          • Frank

            Ugh. I’m an idiot.

    • WeiQiang

      All breeds are welcome. In fact, the AWLA ‘Pit Crew’ will be represented.

      If you are fearful, your dog may be fearful … or may have usurped you as the pack leader, if I infer correctly from your post. In either case, it may be less enjoyable for your pet if your dog’s behavior reflects either or both of the conditions above. Any breed of dog could react adversely to your dog’s expression of fear.

      I adopted my pit mix from AWLA when she was two months old and she has been socialized and solely trained with postive methods. These are things that any owner should do. Maybe you could leave your pooch at home on Sat and get some info on training or socializing your pet.

  • bemused bystander

    Will there be a walk some day for cats?

    • Elmer

      A cat walk?
      OK with me if they are on a leash.
      Too many loose cats stalking around in my neighborhood killing the birds left and right. Our cat owners are so quick to inform me when I bring it up (even show them pixs of the cat with bird in mouth) that “…my little puddy wouldn’t do such a thing”.
      Yeah, Right!

      • Tabs

        Arlington County leash laws only apply to dogs.
        As it should be.

        Can you provide a link to your photos of cats with birds in their mouths?

        Mine announces his kills. Always rodents. And people in the ‘hood say “wow, it’s great we don’t have a rat or mouse problem around here.”

        I say, yes, that’s right. My cat knows where their nests are…

        • drax
          • Tabs

            I’m not about to claim they don’t kill birds. It’s not my favorite aspect of cat behavior. However, those of an anti-feline bent exaggerate the effect, while ignoring the vastly more detrimental effects on wildlife caused by human beings.

        • Elmer

          Tabs, For your education begin with this link to the Virginia Wildlife Center. You should also stop by the Long Branch Nature Center on S. Carlin Springs Rd. in Arlington. If its still there, you’ll see a pix of cat with bird in mouth in the restroom area. It’s in that area as I assume its a bit too graphic for the kids.
          In the meantime, I’ll dig up my pixs.

        • James

          What I really like about Arlington is that there’s an understanding that what you put on the books is not the be all and end all when it comes to the day-to-day environment.

          I generally don’t have a problem with the flat leash requirement for the AWLA walk. You have a lot of dogs in a limited area, and too much trouble if video shows up on YouTube of dogs off-leash at a sponsored AWLA event.

          However, I really appreciate the good sense the AWLA uses when it comes to animal control issues. The “Animal Control” officers they manage are best used to catch foxes, remove confused deer from neighborhoods, and similar issues like that. They shouldn’t be used to harass well-meaning property owners who want to get in a nice walk off-leash before heading to work or when they get home after work before the sun goes down.

          Every so often I see a bicyclist or walker yell at a dog owner for walking dogs off leash and “violating the leash law”. Yet this dog owner likely lives in a SFH or condo and pays at least $6,000 annually to the County in property taxes. Not to mention any contributions they give directly to AWLA.

          It would be pennywise and pound-foolish for AWLA to enforce the leash law. Given that they don’t put out statistics and given what my friends and I have experienced, I’m confident they have better sense than to infuriate the dog-lover community. After all, it would be pretty stupid to give out 5 or 10 leash law violations if you make your constituency hate you in response.

          • doggiewalker

            the leash law saves lives, don’t be dumb

  • Hank

    Man, that dog looks delicious.

    • Sam’s Corner

      Thanks for not posting the special today !!

  • Bluemontsince1961

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