Bronx Pizza Hopes to Open in July

by ARLnow.com May 21, 2012 at 2:56 pm 5,275 35 Comments

Bronx Pizza in Clarendon may open as soon as July, according to owner Mike Cordero.

At yesterday’s Taste of Arlington event, Cordero told ARLnow.com that he hopes to open the new pizzeria on the weekend after the Fourth of July (which falls on a Wednesday this year). Cordero said the opening of the restaurant — which has had a “coming soon” sign in the window along Clarendon Boulevard since early 2011 — has been delayed due to issues related to the installation of vents and exhaust for the pizza ovens.

We reported last month that Bronx Pizza plans to be open during breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night, and will feature a menu that includes New York-style pizza, subs and pastas. It’s also expected to offer a delivery service.

Cordero, who also owns Caribbean Breeze restaurant in Ballston, grew up in the South Bronx.

  • NrNy2ArlVa

    what year???

    • drax

      Beat me to it.

  • novasteve

    Any news on that Darna place by the Urgent Care? All I saw was the sign with some arabic or farsi or whatever on it.

    • Modwop

      There appears to be one review of it on Yelp already, so I’m guessing some part of it must be open.

  • NrNy2ArlVa

    7-11 will have some competition for their $1 a slice.

    • nom de guerre

      But will it be a PROPER SLICE? Whatever that is.

      • CW

        How did you beat me to this?!!!

      • JamesE

        Only if they use the finest water imported from the Hudson

  • Arlingtonian

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • Tre

    Looks like it’s already finished based on the HDR photo

    • Ballston Resident

      Pretty sure that is just a computer rendering. And a poor one, at that.

      • Tre

        That’s the joke…

  • DeportEmAll


  • novasteve

    My mom’s from NYC too, doesn’t mean she knows how to make a pizza. But let’s be optimistic and pray they can make decent pizza.

    • .T.G.E^OA

      Goodys has the best slice in Arlington

    • That’s why claims of ethnic food only being good if it’s authentic (i.e., made by people of that ethnicity) is such BS. I know plenty of Americans that can cook authentically BAD American food. I also eaten lots of poorly cooked Chinese food made by Chinese people, bad Indian made by Indians, etc.

  • Andy

    It took over a year to figure out the vents?

    • CW

      I wonder if it had to do with the other tenants of the building, that is, the super duper high security folks. They probably had to go through tons of procedural review and such to make sure that no spies would be climbing up into their super secret place through the ductwork.

      • Clarendon Resident

        Weren’t they relocating to Reston?

        • CW

          I think they are/were at some point but was not sure of the timeline and too lazy to look it up. I think it’s certainly sometime in the future.

  • John

    The interior looks very 90s.

  • novasteve

    Will Orioles fans be welcome there?

  • nom de guerre

    But will they have powdered garlic in a shaker to dump on top of your slice, brah?

  • ArLater

    Rumor has it that they would have already opened however they had to order last minute supplies of garlic, which are now backordered in Arlington, once they caught wind of Trevor and his non bro ways.

  • Mongo

    Oh golly! I can’t wait to vomit in one of their sinks at 2:30am after about a dozen jagerbombs at the Ballroom. FREDTERP

    • novasteve

      I was drinking some soda when I read your comment you jerk!

  • Michael

    Why when I look at this picture do I hear “the Sign” by Ace of Base playing in my head. Arlington needs to get some interior decorating standards in place. All of the new place look like sister stores to Loudoun County!

  • Andrew

    Any idea how many new jobs this will create?

    • ACDC Hack


    • CW

      75-100 depending on whether or not they let Trev out by the time it opens.

  • Mike

    Will it be as good as a New York slice from Goody’s? They make a good jumbo slice over there.

  • First

    Two mentions of pizza this morning and both have Trev commentary. Awesome!

    Keep up the good work.

    Nominating for Arlnow quote of the year


    “Honestly, that wasn’t even the worst part because the good people at Goodies were chill out you pot head we got another pizza in the oven!

    This made me happy, but I still couldn’t forgive Trevor.”

    Will the new place be as customer friendly as Goody’s?

  • YTK

    And It better be REAL BRONX PIZZA!!!

  • karzai

    I hope they have outdoor tables to eat on, to bring some more life to that building/plaza area.

  • karzai

    What no one has commented on is the fact that the Penzance construction people have now torn down the former Eleventh Lounge building, which we all clearly understood was to be preserved and incorporated into the new site. Guess it had become unstable, but hopefully the County will enforce its policies and insist it be rebuilt to look exactly as it was.


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