Rocky Run Park Revamp Includes Area for Skaters

by Katie Pyzyk May 31, 2012 at 10:55 am 7,043 34 Comments

A plan to improve Rocky Run Park — located along N. Barton Street in the Clarendon-Courthouse neighborhood — appears close to moving forward.

One notable aspect of the plan features an area specifically designed for skateboarders. The lower portion of the park is the area aimed at skaters, where special “sculptures” will be installed. The “skateable art” is meant to be functional for skateboarding, as well as visually appealing for other visitors.

Two basketball courts will sit in the middle of the park; they will be striped both for basketball and other sports like volleyball and futbol sala. The courts will be lit at night, as will the adjacent revamped field. The current stone dust field will be redone with a synthetic turf surface.

An existing playground for older (5-12 year old) children will be relocated to the upper end of the park along N. Barton Street, to be next to the tot (2-5 year old) playground. Both will receive some new play equipment.

Additional seating and picnic tables will be installed throughout the park, along with new trash cans, recycling containers and bicycle parking. The plans also include increased accessibility with the construction of Americans with Disabilities Act compliant walkways. During the revamp, grading and drainage will be improved, additional landscaping added, and numerous trees will be planted.

County staff started meeting with residents in the area in 2010 to develop the plan. Funding is coming from pay-as-you-go and park bond funds, as well as Neighborhood Conservation Program funding.

A landscape architect with the Department of Parks and Recreation said the construction documents are 90 percent complete and currently under review. Staff members believe the project will go to bid sometime this summer, and construction will begin in the fall.

  • Cletus Van Damme

    I first read, “Rocky Run Park Revamp Includes Area for STREAKERS.”

    • Fido

      Not much infrastructure is required for that sport …..

      • sunflower

        wonder what the insurance liability is?

      • Ray Stevens

        coupla coat hooks

  • Bocce court?

  • Tre

    The design looks like it’ll fix the problem of me having to chase my own air balls down the hill.

    • malaka

      Are we still talking about streaking here?

      • malaka

        oh…”air” not “hairy”….my mistake

        • Tre

          I prefer streaking at dog parks for obvious reasons

  • John Fontain

    My only suggestion – use simple, old-fashioned playground equipment that the tykes will actually use (rather than the equipment that looks cool and funky but that the kids hate, such as Lyon Village park).

    • CW

      I don’t think you can buy the good stuff anymore, can you? For liability purposes. And that chopped-tire mulch they have at places is terrible in the summer, man does it get hot.

    • QuangTri1967

      Bring back the log cities.

      • John

        The one at Mckinley was the best. Wood playgrounds were safe and fun. Except for maybe the massive tire swings. The safety freaks are delusional.

        • QuangTri1967

          And rocket slides.

      • DERPHERP

        +1,000 I have such fond memories of these places. Big tractor tires stacked up in pea gravel, long tunnels to crawl through, cargo nets made of truck tires, suspension bridges… such good times. So what if Jr. gets a splinter? It’s much more fun than the plastic ones they make now-a-days. I really feel bad for kids that don’t get to experience old school. DERPHERP

  • Elmer

    “Skateable Art”?
    Terrific addition to the dictionary of Arlington Speak!

  • WM

    No water feature?

  • jigga

    no brick throwing area?

    • MC 703


    • mr t


  • D'oh!

    This is awesome. When I was a skater kid in the 80s we had nowhere to skate but places that would get is in trouble with law enforcement (parking garages, private commercial property), which contributed to the bad rap we got. It’s terrific that local governments are recognizing that skate parks are just as warranted as basketball and tennis courts.

    • D'oh!

      is –> us

  • barry

    Another that will be off-limits to adults who want to sit and read a book on a nice late spring day like today. The mommies won’t allow it.

    • Yup

      I’m with you. Why does every park have to have some planned activity? What happened to just benches and trees? Now there has to be a soccer field, “sprayground,” bocce court (can’t believe I’m typing that), and now a skate park. (I thought mild lawbreaking was part of the fun of skateboarding!)

      • Elmer

        ” Why does every park have to have some planned activity? What happened to just benches and trees?”

        Easy to answer that one: Our county central planners need to justify their employment; and, the pompous among them need to come up with such nonsense as “artistic fences” and “skateable art” to justify their existence.
        Better get the checkbook when you hear these silly things coming from our fearless leaders.

        • Louise

          Why weren’t neighbors allowed to comment on this? I live across the street and I was never asked about it. The noise is already so loud that I have to keep my windows closed most of the time. Now, with skateboards, a second basketball court, and bleachers, it will be even worse, hurting the value of my property.

          • not your bro

            Neighbors were definitely asked to comment, via the CCCA, your civic association. CCCA regularly meets on issues such as this one. If you want to get involved, the website is http://groups.yahoo.com/group/arlington-ccca/, and you can email for membership info, it’s like $5 a year. The CCCA discussed this park numerous times, and your neighbors all helped devise this plan. We’re very happy that we’ll have an improved park, and even happier that our property values will go up as a result.

        • Danny

          If you don’t like the way the county chooses to spend it’s money, then either get involved in making your disappointment heard by our “fearless” leaders or move.

  • courthound

    Do I sledding hill? Which will do away with my hammock trees. Dislike.

  • Resident and teacher

    That park is just fine as is. Let’s spend money where needed, and maybe pay down debt or lower tax rate.

    • Elmer

      “That park is just fine as is. Let’s spend money where needed, and maybe pay down debt or lower tax rate.”

      Sorry. That’s not the Arlington Way.

  • Tim

    Park plans look great! I think all the new design is just what the park needs, including the skating area! Can’t wait to see it when it’s done.

  • Regular Park Goer

    First off, what is happening to the existing trees? There are beautiful mature trees surrounding the basketball court…I don’t see them in the plans at all. Please don’t tell me they’re being cut down.


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