Man Charged for Accidental Gunshot in Rosslyn

by ARLnow.com June 1, 2012 at 10:50 am 6,038 75 Comments

A Rosslyn man is facing criminal charges after accidentally shooting his television.

The incident happened last night (May 31) around 10:45 p.m. on the 1500 block of N. Key Boulevard.

Police say the suspect was cleaning his .40 caliber Sig Sauer handgun when it accidentally discharged. The bullet went through the suspect’s TV, through a window, and across the street in the direction of an office building. Officers searched for the bullet but were ultimately unable to locate it.

The man was charged with reckless handling of a firearm.

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  • Arlingtoon

    I could better understand this if he had deliberately shot his television. I’ve had the temptation myself, but have never yielded to it.

  • FrenchyB

    Elvis has left the building.

  • RK

    Our well-regulated militia strikes again.

    • esmith69

      Seriously. Handguns are the worst. Fine if you want a gun in your home to make you feel safe, but wouldn’t a rifle or shotgun do just fine?

      • Quoth the Raven

        I suppose if the burglar is a foot away from you, then no, a rifle or a shotgun wouldn’t do just fine.

        • courthound

          Because people face burglars so often. And burglars actively look for houses where people are home. Keep spouting your “scared white people” rhetoric.

          • Quoth the Raven

            ?? What’s that about? “scared white people”??? I was answering the comment about whether or not a rifle would suffice to make you feel safe in your home. Where exactly did I say that one often faces burglars? Or that burglars do or do not look for occupied houses? Or that I’m white? Think before you write.

          • courthound

            It’s that tired old BS from the gun lobby – “when the burglars break into your house you will want to have a gun in your hand.” Boogeyman tales.

          • yep

            very effective bogeyman tales though….no politician on either side has the balls to stand up to to NRA for this crap, desplite all the evidence to the contrary an the endless stream of innocent gun victims.

          • DERPHERP

            I’ve actually been in a house when someone broke in through the door window to unlock the deadbolt. Not a fun experience. Being armed is a good thing in those situations. Some crackhead trying to steal your stuff… not in my house. DERPHERP

      • novasteve

        I know gun grabbers have a hard time understanding anything about guns since your hatred gets in the way, but if he accidentally fired a rifle, the bullet would have had a lot more velocity, so this accident would be potentially a lot worse with a rifle given how much more high powered they are.

      • bert

        ….i’m guessing you don’t know much about guns

        • novasteve

          I know a lot about guns, and rifle bullets are a lot more powerful. Hence why with body armor, the standard issue they wear only protects against handguns, and they have to add plates for protection against assault weapon caliber, and I don’t even know if those could stop a full rifle caliber bullet.

          • JohnB2

            There was a girl killed in OK Saturday night demonstrating the much higher power of rifles:

            “the one that hit Kayla pierced the license plate on the back of the car, shot through the trunk and hit her in the back before passing through her.” (Yahoo/GMA)


          • johnny b

            Maybe not as much as you think. A ‘bullet’ is the projectile component of the ‘cartridge’. It has no ‘power’.

            An ‘assault weapon’ or ‘assault rifle’ is a military designation denoting selective fire capability. The use of the term by the anti-gun media is almost always wrong, and it is then picked up and mis-used by the dumb masses. Cartridge sizes are also varied for ‘assault rifles’, from ‘medium power’ such as the M4 or AK 47, to ‘full power’ such as the M14 or FN-FAL.

            The civilian semi-auto version of the M4, also known as the AR15 carbine is actually a very good choice for home defense…it’s a ‘medium power’ cartridge with a lightweight 22 caliber ‘bullet’ that breaks up readily in walls.

            As to vests with plates…yes they can stop ‘full rifle caliber bullets’. The ceramic plates in use today have saved many a soldier from sniper hits from full power rifle cartridges.

            As to the nitwit in the original story…this ‘accidental discharge’ was a people issue, not a gun issue. A few years back when Washington DC police changed over from revolvers to pistols, they had many ‘accidental discharges’ including officers being shot inside their precinct offices by other officers. The problem was lack of training…a people issue, not a gun issue.

          • drax

            Yes, a bullet has power when it is in flight.

            Let’s not get ultra-picky about language. We all know what steve meant.

      • Zoning Victim

        Your statement makes no sense. Rifle calibers are way more powerful than handgun calibers, shotguns offer no precision whatsoever and both are as equally likely as any handgun to suffer an accidental discharge when handled negligently.

        Why should someone only feel safe when in their home? When you’re out and about, you’re actually more likely to end up a victim of violent crime than when you’re at home (where only about 1/3rd of violent crime incidents occur).

        • novasteve

          Also given how large a rifle is, a burgler could grab part of the rifle and direct it elsewhere. You have to keep really far away from someone when holding a rifle.

        • marie antoinette

          Shotguns are the best for home defense. My Mossberg SPF Tactic pretty much guarantees that all i need do is pull the trigger. No need to aim.

          • Robespierre

            Ineffective against the guillotine, however.

          • St Just

            Only virtue can save you against the guillotine.

      • Cletus McHillbilly

        Shotguns is fer weddins ‘n’ varmints ‘n’ gittin’ the tax man off’n my propity.

      • marie antoinette

        Handguns are just fine. It’s the people.

  • Garden City

    Nice Sig. I use one just like it.

    • Garden City

      But not for shooting TVs.

    • Zoning Victim

      Sigs are great guns, but if you want to see a really nice Sig, checkout the X-Five.

  • Bluemontsince1961

    Dang! Granted, there is a lot of trash on television, but just change the channel, man! Don’t go all postal on the poor TV set!

    • James


  • billj

    Who cleans a loaded gun?

    • Bob

      You’ve never run a round through the chamber to see if you got the action nice and smooth?

      • curious george

        I am assuming sarcasm on your part. If not….

        If you want to check the action use a dummy round like a snap cap. Never, ever chamber a live round just to test the action.

      • DaveG

        That is the exact reason you use “dry fire” rounds. Or at least I do, and apparently so should this moron.

    • Jennifer

      Darwin Award nominees, I reckon.

      • Michael H.

        The problem here is that the guy’s stupidity could have gotten someone else killed.

        • Trayvon M.

          Tell me about it.

    • arlington gun owner


      someone never took a gun safety class. always ALWAYS check visually and physically if the chamber is empty.

      amateur…. *scoffs*

      • sam

        yup. exactly. Not that hard.

      • dk

        I feel so much safer knowing people like this are carrying!

  • ringo
  • Charlton Heston

    You pried the wrong Sig from my cold, dead hands. The one in the picture is a 9mm not a .40.

  • Southeast Ben

    He might have been a San Antonio Spurs fan? They didn’t look good last night against OKC.

  • JimPB

    A righteous shot (to the TV) — salute the man, whose bullet velocity, alas, took the projectile too far. Better to trash the TV via ARLCo pick-up or e-item recycling.

    Would your quality of life be lifted or lowered without a TV in your residence?

  • Hattie McDaniel

    Was it KEV?

    • KalashniKEV

      Haven’t ND’d yet, but I’m sure if I ever do you guys will have my linkedin posted in <30min.

  • WeiQiang

    Did ACPD not find the bullet because they didn’t establish the correct radius from the point of discharge?

  • barry

    I bought a TASER. Why? MY interior-exterior walls are not capable of stopping a 9 mm .45, or .40 caliber handgun bullet.

    • JohnB2

      Don’t they have special “apartment bullets” designed to disintegrate when they hit drywall? I thought I heard of those but I may have imagined them…

      • FrenchyB

        Glaser Safety Slugs – basically a plastic bullet filled with lead birdshot. It breaks apart when it hits a hard surface.

      • Dave

        Frangible rounds will break apart once they hit a hard surface. They were developed specifically with urban settings in mind.

        Hollow points would also do a better job of cutting down how far the round traveled.

    • novasteve

      What happens if your burgler does have a gun and doesn’t care about what your walls can stop? I’d bet the gun wins over your taser.

    • Juanita de Talmas

      You should have bought one of the new “luxury” condos built in Clarendon. That particleboard and tyvek wrap could stop a speeding locomotive.

      • novasteve

        Post of the day.

      • marie antoinette


    • Zoning Victim

      Don’t worry, the intruder’s body will stop the bullet.

    • marie antoinette

      Don’t taz me bro!

      • marie antoinette

        i suppose an ‘e’ would help…

  • courthound

    This kills the television.

  • HollaArl

    Watching a little too much Hatfield & McCoys last night?

  • jigga

    should of cleaned a brick, instead of a gun

    • Trev

      That hits a little close to home, brah.

  • CW

    My mother always used to say that things happened in threes. Oddball stuff like this always seems to prove her right. First, the mystery bullet in the house, then Mr. National Security and his message from God, now the very deliberate gun cleaner. Hopefully Arlingtonians can fix up their premature discharge issues.

  • novasteve

    If people still had CRT TVs the bullet would probably have been stopped by the wall. But with these LCD things, not the case.

  • Guy LeDouche

    Now I am making an assumption here that the guy had a flat panel TV as most individuals have these days, so my feeling is that we should blame the TV manufacturers for this mishap. Easy to shoot a bullet through an inch thick flat panel, but no way that a bullet is making it all the way through my old school 36″ Sony Wega. That sucker must be 18 inches deep and weigh 300 lbs. So obviously the way to prevent a similar incident is to have the government intervene and ban flat panel TVs. Problem solved.

    • marie antoinette


  • Daniel

    The first step in cleaning a weapon is to get the ammo out and away from the area.
    If you do not know how to safely unload your weapon, step back and call someone who does. You are a danger to yourself and everyone around you.

    Guns are completely safe if you know WTF you are doing and a concious of each and every thing you are doing with it.

    • CW

      First step…accomplished!

      • marie antoinette

        Daniel–Amen. Can’t protect against stupidity.

  • Roquer

    If I ever shot my TV it sure wouldn’t be an accident!

  • G::TheNativeArlingtonian

    Actually it does happen. Maybe not always a thief. A guy tried to get into my parents house once. My mom called the police. While waiting for the police to arrive, my mom heard him again at the side door trying to get in. He knew she was home alone. So she loaded up my dad’s .38 special and waited. When the cops arrived they found him hiding in our backyard. Had he gotten in I have no doubt my mother would have protected herself.

    Any more expert testimony there smart guy?

  • Liza

    The reason the bullet shot across the street was because the units have immaculate floor to ceiling windows. The walls are concrete. I know this because I live here. Not only do I live here, I live on the same floor and heard nothing at all. In fact, I didn’t know it happened until reading the story here and confirming with the Conceirge. I hope this “neighbor” of mine pays for being dumb enough to set off that gun and is forced to move.

    • KalashniKEV

      Accidents do happen, and we can all learn from this.

      • dk

        What can we learn?

        • KalashniKEV

          Always treat a gun as if it’s loaded.
          Check clear.
          Safe direction, safe backstop.
          Finger off the trigger.
          Don’t become complacent.

      • Liza

        And had it “accidently” hit someone, the person would have a murder charge. Accident or not, the person was dealing with a deadly weapon and should have proceeded with the necessary precautions by unloading the weapon.


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