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Bike Meeting to Discuss Bollards — The Arlington County Bicycle Advisory Committee will discuss bollard installations and removals at its meeting tonight, June 4. The meeting is being held at 2100 Clarendon Blvd at 7:00 p.m. Bollards are posts put at the entrance to a trail to keep cars out; some believe they are a safety hazard to cyclists. [CommuterPage Blog]

A-Frame Sign Rules Enforced — Even though A-frame (sandwich board) signs are now allowed in Arlington, county zoning officials are beginning to enforce the the rules related to A-frame sign placement and size. [Arlington Mercury]

Froyo Store Coming to the Pike — Menchies Frozen Yogurt has signed a lease for a store at Penrose Square, along the 2500 block of Columbia Pike. The self-serve frozen yogurt chain currently has 185 locations worldwide. [CityBiz Real Estate]

Flickr pool photo by Divaknevil

  • novasteve

    One day there will be an explosion of fro yo in arlington, spilling into the streets and killing people like that mollasses accident in either NYC or Boston about a century ago. It won’t be pretty.

    • SoArl

      The molasses incident was in Boston – Google photos of it. Entire buildings were flattened.

  • CrystalMikey

    The picture looks like something out of Jurassic Park.

    • i’m diggin’ it, feel right at home!! *howls & darts off into the woods shown in picture*

    • JamesE

      Where’s the goat?

    • Nunya

      Looks like a jungle out there.

  • Southeast Ben

    Pretty interesting fact…that FroYo location is right off the bike trail where bicyclists must weave in and out of a bollard and an A-frame sign.

  • courthound

    My wife and I were wondering about the A-frame sign outside of Wilson Tavern Sunday which had a big Miller Lite logo on it. I thought displaying anything with a beer logo on it was an ABC violation?

    • novasteve

      Let’s not go naming places. I see lots of places that advertise their happy hour deals on the front window. Don’t want them getting in trouble.

      • CW

        I find myself agreeing with novasteve more and more these days.

        Some rules are made to be broken. Anyone who flouts the ABC regs by advertising happy hour schedules will have my approval of their civil disobedience.

        • drax


        • Elmer

          More happy hours = more drunks. More drunks = more fights/ destruction of property and vehicle accidents.
          Not arguing for prohibition but for common sense and good judgement. The ABC regs are there for a reason.

          • Homer

            mmmmm, beer

          • novasteve

            So why are they allowed to sell beer? The government wants thte revenues from the taxes but doesn’t want the consequences? The ABC regs are a violation of the 1st amendment.

          • SamsontheCat

            Not allowing advertising happy hours doesn’t mean there aren’t going to be happy hours so there will still be drunks, fights, chaos, dogs sleeping with cats, etc.

            Not allowing advertising of happy hours just hurts businesses, especially newer places who need to bring people in and don’t have the reputation of happy hour deals.

            Also, what constitutes a violation (? for laweyers)? If I advertise “Hot Wing Happy Hour” with no reference to drinks am I in violation? If not how does saying just, “Happy Hour” make it a violation. Also, is it illegal for a bar owner to post their drink specials and how do you differentiate between a violation and a menu?

          • novasteve

            Just listing alcohol. THey can list food deals. However, I assure you in the future, they will not only ban advertising of food deals, they will also ban food deals simply due to the “obesity epidemic”. But it’s for your “own good” like every other nanny state thing that very few complained about.

            You can’t even display happy hour prices of alcohol where it can be even seen outside. So for example if some bar had a big poster on the wall with happy hour alcohol deals, and it can be seen from outside of the bar, you’re in violation of the rules.

          • SamsontheCat

            Happy Hour Deals – Half Off All Beverages 5-7 pm*

            *excluding fountain drinks, water, milk, coffee, juices, and tea

          • drax

            Elmer, you offered exactly an argument for prohibition though.

          • WileE

            Like outlawing alcohol whilst sipping a Martini.

          • CW

            Ah, it all makes sense. It’s so hard to tell satire from trolling these days. Carry on.

          • Elmer

            So regulating the sale and on-premises consumption of alcohol is the equivalent of prohibition?

    • hah

      And all they had on there was booze advertisements too.1/2 priced wine on Sunday nights apparently

  • Chris Slatt

    Finally a frozen dessert place on the Pike. Now if someone would open a decent coffee that stays open late we’ll be set!

    • Las Delicias Neighbor

      Rappahanock closes at 7 pm. Shouldn’t you be in bed by then, anyways?

  • Bob

    What an annoying website that froyo place has!

  • YTK

    Bollards should be put on the sidewalks to keep cyclists from passing unsuspecting pedestrians and children at full speed.

    • dirty biker

      Cyclists shouldn’t be on the sidewalks and if you are actually talking about the trails, they are “Multi-Use” so stay to the right.

      • drax

        Cycling can be unwise on sidewalks, depending on the situation, but it’s legal except in downtown DC.

        • dirty biker

          Legal, yes. Unwise, usually. The exception is as an alternate to high speed road travel. I’m not going to fault someone for riding (carefully) on underpopulated sidewalks along Lee Hwy or Rt 1 but they have no business on the heavily traveled sidewalks in the R-B corridor.

  • Tabs

    There are no ingredients listed in the Menchie’s nutritional info. Just fat, calories, calcium.

    So I assume that the main ingredient is high-fructose corn syrup unless I hear otherwise.

  • Hattie McDaniel

    Love the pic.

  • roquer

    I agree w/the bikers that don’t want those little bollards. Ballston would be a LOT closer if I could drive on the bike trail!

  • Westover Leftover

    The County staff’s report on the amendments to the sign ordinance is now available at:

    The amendments will greatly expand the amount of clutter throughout the county by permitting anyone to post on sidewalks and medians during weekends signs directing potential customers to any type of commercial activity being conducted in residential neighborhoods. The signs can advertise businesses such as doctors’ , dentists’ and lawyers’ offices that have use permits, houses for rent or sale, yard sales, used car sales, car washes, estate sales or anything else that anyone conducts in areas with R or RA (residential) zoning. Non-commercial signs (lost dog, lost cat, political issues, etc.) can be posted on sidewalks and medians for seven days.

    The amendments assure that nobody except the sign owner will be able to remove illegal signs from parks, public landscaped areas, sidewalks, medians or other public right of ways that Arlington County controls or owns. That is because the amendments will delete a provision in the current sign ordinance that currently authorizes County officials and probably the public to remove illegal signs from public properties. As signs are private property even if illegally placed on public or private property, county employess and members of the public will be subject to criminal penalties if they remove any such signs. Further, nobody will be able to tell whether an advertised commercial activity is in R or RA district because signs will not need to provide the address of the activity or state that the activity is within an R or RA district.

    The County Board will vote on these amendments on Saturday, July 21, or Tuesday, July 24. Please therefore make plans to speak at this meeting, as well as at the Planning Commission meeting on Monday, July 9 or Wednesday, July 11. See the message below for more information.


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